Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Race: Solian

R. Interests: Kotana the Cat- Wife

Alignment: Neutral,(leaning towards Good)


'Amagumo' Tyro: Twin Brother

Shallan Tyro: Father

Miranda Tyro: Younger Sister

Wife: Kotana the Cat

Son: Storm the Hedgecat

Sister-In-Law: Naomi the Cat

Niece: Ivory the Cat


Voltio, as his nickname shows, is fulgurkinetic, being able to control electricity to it's full extent.


Voltio has a tan muzzle, with no fur on either side of his cheeks. This tan coloring extends only to the inside of his ears, as everywhere else is covered in fur. Speaking of which, most of his body is covered in ebony black fur, with his muzzle, ears, and chest not covered in this coloring. On his body, are gold colored markings; markings that can be found on his arms, legs, on his ears, and his tails. On his chest is a mound of fur that shares this gold coloring, and the lower half of his hair fades into the same gold coloring. Speaking of which, Voltio's hair is quite long; reaching down to the lower area of his back. However, he tends to keep his hair tied up in a ponytail; though the front section of his hair usually is messy. He has glossy white sclera, amber irises, and black pupils.

Like his brother, Voltio was often mistaken as a girl when he was younger. Unfortunately, as he keeps his body in a physical state meant for agility; he's not quite as muscular as Amagumo. This sadly has cursed him with the same fate as before; sometimes being mistaken for a woman. He's as tall as his brother and sister.


The hothead of the Tyro triplets, Voltio is often times someone who is extremely passionate about his goals in life.






He's had quite a lot of name changes. From Shade, to Volt, to Lightning, and then to his current name. Voltio; which is spanish for Volt. Quite the throwback huh?

Interestingly enough he shares his black coloring and his name with the default black handgun in the Devil May Cry series.

His design has been changed numerous times, this being his current and possibly not last design.

In recent redesigns, his 'Diablo' persona has been toned down a great deal. He still exists, just not as a separate persona anymore. 

He is also one of my oldest characters, actually having been one of my first sonic characters.


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