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Blaze the Cat
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"I understand now... My inherit power over fire... As princess, it is my duty to protect the Sol emeralds... But because of my duty, I shut people out, and kept to myself.,, By trying to make it solely my responsibility, I almost out my world in danger. But then... Sonic the Hedgehog..."

Full Name:

Blaze the Cat


Blaze, Cat Woman, Queen Blaze, Her Majesty, Your Highness, Honey, Mother, Mom, Aunt Blaze, Blazey








Queen of the Sol Kingdom, Guardian of the Sol emeralds


Viola [Father], Flama the Cat [Mother]

Familial Relations:

Fumus Impetus [Grandmother] Unnamed King [Uncle-once-removed], Sonic [Husband], Zipper [Daughter], Whisk [Daughter], Pippin [Daughter], Bounder [Son]


Pyrokinesis, Super Speed


Sonic, Cream [Best Friend], Marine, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Shadow [Somewhat], Silver [Best Friend], Zipper, Whisk, Pippin, Bounder, Sanguine, Ruby, Jeremy

Blaze the Cat:

Please note: I do not read nor care for the Archie Comics. I also did not follow some of the older classic Sonic shows such as Underground or SatAM, so pairings here do not reflect any content except what has been hinted in the game universe alone or my own personal preferences. Also, I do not claim ownership over Blaze, this is only a Wiki for MY adult version of the character for story purposes alone!

If anyone is confused why Blaze is a queen in my canon, its due to the Japanese version of her. If I recall right, she is referred to as a queen, so I took the first language of it instead of the English one. That and a queen sounds more awesome~

Thank you and drive through!

Early Life:

Blaze was the sole child between Queen Flama and her Prince Consort Viola. The moment she was born her flames were a problem, she'd taken her first breath and already fire erupted from both hands and mouth. Flama, Viola and grandmother Fumus Impetus had been shocked, the few who'd witnessed it quickly spread rumors about the newborn princess. Only a monster could be so destructive and it only became worse as she got older. Fumus had never seen nor heard of a more terrible case of control over the royal flame before, Blaze was the first in generations it seemed to have trouble over mastery. At the tender age of three, Blaze unintentionally kills Flama and Viola when she sets the castle ablaze. Fumus saves her but its too late for her parents. Its simply another strike toward the royal family, as if a higher power were questioning the legitimacy of their right to the throne, especially where Fumus is concerned.

However the Royal Council of Sol has no choice but to keep Blaze as the future queen. There are no other royal members left to inherit and as much as they hate to admit it, they'd prefer the line to stay the same in terms of its blood. The law is altered so members with the royal flame are able to take the throne. Fumus is elected regent in Blaze's stead until the kitten is of age to inherit. Fumus raises Blaze as her own over the years but keeps the girl at arm's length her entire life. From a combination of bullying from both the council, kids her age, fearful adults and Fumus' harsh lessons, Blaze grows up to be a isolated, lonely, harsh young cat. Her flames are a curse that take everything away in the end, rouse fear in the eyes of others and damns you to a life of painful isolation. By the time Blaze is twelve, she is quickly given her ceremony to become queen, as Fumus suddenly falls ill to a sickness with no name. The night Blaze is crowned, Fumus passes away.