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Sonic the Hedgehog:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Full Name:

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic, Blue Blur, The Fastest Thing Alive, King Arthur [Sonic and the Black Knight], Blue Hedgehog, Rodent, Big Blue, Dear, Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Uncle Sonic, Prince Sonic, Your Majesty, King Sonic, Your Highness








Self-declared Hero, Prince Consort of the Sol Kingdom


Unknown Male [Father], Unknown Female [Mother]

Familial Relations:

Blaze [Wife], Zipper [Daughter], Whisk [Daughter], Pippin [Daughter], Bounder [Son]


Super Speed, Chaos Powers


Tails [Best Friend], Knuckles [Best Friend/Rival], Blaze, Amy Rose, Shadow [Rival], Tikal, Rouge, Team Chaotix, Cream, Big, Zipper, Whisk, Pippin, Bounder, Sanguine, Ruby, Jeremy

Please note: I do not read nor care for the Archie Comics. I also did not follow some of the older classic Sonic shows such as Underground or SatAM, so pairings here do not reflect any content except what has been hinted in the game universe alone or my own personal preferences. Also, I do not claim ownership over Sonic, this is only a Wiki for MY adult version of the character for story purposes alone!

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Early Life:

Sonic couldn't tell you much about his life from its beginning. All he remembers is waking up one day upon the shore of a beach and he was just there, a kid all alone with a blank slate and nothing to his name. Speaking of names, he didn't even remember if he had a name but the moment he suddenly shot off with inhuman speed he just knew. He was Sonic the Hedgehog, nothing more and nothing less. The young boy discovered many things during his travels, finding things out about himself every step of the way. Its then he stumbles across Eggman for the first time, seeing the man harassing a bunch of small forest critters with bots lined at his side. He'd never thought fighting was something he was capable at but without a thought, he sprung into action and surprised everyone when he saved the day for the very first time. The fat doctor was sent running and without words, a iron clad tug-o-war of hero vs. villain dynamic was born, much like Sonic himself through action alone. He liked the feeling of freedom and justice, Sonic making it his job to stop Eggman's plans of enslaving the defenseless. His plans grew bigger over the years as did Sonic, each time, he was defeated. During his many adventures he ran into many friends, one of the most important being a orphaned fox kit he picked up one day. Sonic had been used to being alone at the time. Sonic felt strangely about it, he didn't think himself as a loner, he was a stranger to himself and the act itself of being alone felt entirely unnatural. So when stray little Tails decided to stumble into his life, Sonic didn't do much to fight it. He was young and alone, much like he but far less accepting of it. He'd cried for his mother the first few nights the hedgehog let Tails into his company, Sonic was miffed at it. Sonic never had a mother, or at least, he didn't remember having one but Tails exclaimed he had to have had one, everyone is born with a mommy and a daddy.