(Note: This version is now considered non-canon to Jaredthefox92's current series, Flawed Deities continuity. However, this version of Cyrus is still used for roleplaying and random story purpose s.)

Cyrus ain't fucking around

A super-sized Cyrus about to wreck some poor villain's shit.

Cyrus Daniel  is the primal brother of Grief the fox, and the son of Jared the fox and Ophelia the fox. Like his brother, Cyrus has the ability to self-magnify his body to become a mighty and imposing giant, however unlike his brother Cyrus uses his natural half-Cavarian gifts for good instead of evil.
Adult Cyrus the fox (Classic Version)
Picture of Adult Cyrus the fox (Classic Version).






Half-Cavarian vulpine


Chaotic Good

Ablity Type

Self-magnification, strength enhancement, durability enhancement, decelerated aging (due to Cavarian genetics.)


Varies due to powers


Varies due to powers






Grief the fox (His brother)

The amazing colossal cyrus by jaredthefox92-dar7l7d

A giant sized Cyrus blocking the road.


Numerous updates have been given to Classic Cyrus since his latest reboot, most notably he has been updated in age to be a young adult at age of 24 and his design has been given an update as well. Unlike his kid version this Cyrus is more defined in his overly stylized appearance with such additions as eye gloss, golden bracelets around his wrists and legs, as well as a skirt and belt which he finds adorable. Like his brother's update this version of Cyrus forgoes footwear and socks for a more 'giant' like barefoot appearance. He also has forgone his chest fur and tail dying for his grey an natural color to complement his pink color he inherited genetically from his mother, Ophelia.

Cyrus By Me


"I maybe a faggot, but I'm the biggest and strongest faggot around!"~ Cyrus speaking out against a group of thugs.

Much of Cyrus's personality has been retained however, Cyrus is still the inverse of his brother in that he is more gentle, open to his feelings, and 'girly'. Cyrus is known to be heroic antagonist to Grief's villainous protagonist.Cyrus is known to be more cuddly and compassionate, often not trying to crush people on purpose. He also is known to be very self-secure about his sexual orientation to the point of cross dressing,(much to the comical annoyance of his brother).


Most of Cyrus's powers stem from his mother's dominant Cavarian xenon genes, hence why he takes on traits from his mother like his fur color, his high amounts of Testosterone, and Estrogen, and other genetic factors. The ability to self-magnify himself comes from her, as well as his decelerated aging that is common for many citizens of the planet Cavari.

How Cyrus's powers work

How Cyrus's powers work.

Cyrus Running

While running straight forward at giant size, Cyrus's longer and over all bigger legs allow him to travel much father per-step, however he is far slower at turning than your average Mobian or human.


  • Self-Magnification: Cyrus's natural Cavarian power, he grows and shrinks just like Grief, (mostly growing and reverting back to normal though)
  • Enhanced Strength: The bigger Cyrus gets, the mightier he becomes!
  • Enhanced Durability: Just like his brother, the bigger he gets the more resilient to pain he becomes as well as immune to kinetic projectiles and concussive blasts.
  • Slow Decelerated Aging: A common Cavarian genetic trait.


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is very strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStarBPStar 2
Speed BPStarBPStar 2
Strength BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 9
Defence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 10
Evasiveness BPStar 1
Dexterity BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 4
Intelligence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 7
Skill BPStarBPStarBPStar 3
Total BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 38


Leonti Aksenoil
Cyrus and leonti comission by cassidythehedgehog1-da9bjjh

A super-sized Cyrus and a normal Leonti enjoy the view together. Art made by Cassidythehedgehog1

Leonti is Cyrus's homosexual male lover. While the two met by an unexpected visit from his brother Grief beforehand, (after Leonti became Grief's on de-facto sidekick), the two fell in love. However it is unknown whether anything physically intimate other than kissing and hugging has taken place between them.


Cyrus is Grief's primal self, and Grief is Cyrus's anti self. Thus both of them are in actuality the same person.

Jaredthefox92 by k chaoticgamer-db37p3w.png

Cyrus fighting his evil anti-brother, Grief. Art made by: k-chaoticGamer


Cyrus has the exact same weaknesses as his brother Grief, thus he is doomed to face several of the limitations of his brother as well. Most notable are:

1.       1.When Cyrus is giant sized he becomes a huge and impossible to miss target. Unless something is a big as him or larger he more than likely can only block attacks and/ or take them head on and try to overcome them with his endurance. Cyrus is a sitting duck when giant sized.

2.       2.Cyrus’s reflexes when larger decrease meaning he has to use more force to move around his massive body, even while used to this he still will have very slow reaction time and agility as compared to faster and more agile Mobians.

3.       3.While Cyrus  is immune to some kinetic attacks he is not immune to most unconventional or non-kinetic attacks. Cyrus can take damage from just about anything from lasers, to electricity, to magic and even fire.

4.       4.Cyrus is sensitive at his ears and eyes, attacks at them are often successful at deafening him or blinding him.

5.       5.Cyrus’s’s powers can be affected by emotion, he can grow prematurely if he gets excited or angry, and shrink if he gets scared or sad.</p> <p class="MsoListParagraphCxSpMiddle" style="text-indent:-.25in;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1">6.       6.A major flaw in his powers is that he needs a lot of fuel for his monstrous metabolism. If Cyrus gets hungry he will start to shrink until he is normal size and maybe even faint.</p> <p class="MsoListParagraphCxSpMiddle" style="text-indent:-.25in;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1">'7.       7.Shoot at his eyes! (Go down to your local Radioshack, pick up a laser pointer and aim it at him, it will affect him and disorient him/blind him.)</p> <p class="MsoListParagraphCxSpLast" style="text-indent:-.25in;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1">8.       8.Cyrus can be surrounded by all sides or hit with long range attacks, he’s best at melee but can get overwhelmed by multiple opponents really easy.</p>

Cyrus Vs Grief Theme Song:

It Has to Be This Way - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Music Extended

It Has to Be This Way - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Music Extended


  • Cyrus's voice would be akin to James from the earilest versions of English version of Pokemon.
  • Cyrus is indeed homosexual, and maybe in a relationship with a lion named Leon.
  • Cyrus loves to go on vacations, especially in tropical regions and islands.
  • It is believed that if Grief ever started to become good or heroic that deep down inside Cyrus in turn would become more sinister and devious inside due the the opposing dimensional laws that each respective version would have.


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