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Alaina is an anthropomorphic orange fox made by Mr.gameandfight.


Alaina is usually jubilant and cheerful even though she was born in spectral realm. Alaina is also an extremely friendly person and non-violent towards everyone around her, and she would barely get angry about anything. Alaina Can also neglect anything negative said to her or anyone or her friends. Although Alaina is a highly positive being, she always knows what's going on, what's right, and what is wrong. 

By the time Alaina turns to the age of 19, she starts to become an outgoing girl and often hangs out with her sister Colina, her friends, and her boyfriend, Rico, whenever she has free time. She still keeps her positive and non-violent attitudes.


Alaina possesses no mystical or magical powers. However, she is very intelligent and can find a way to help anyone who needs help.


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"H-hi I'm Alaina!" ~ Main Quote


Appears In....

Hollow Valkeries (Under Construction)

Various Fan-Games as an Store Clerk



One Piece Opening 14 "Fight Together" (Brilliant English Fandub by MidiGuyFDdp21)


Pokemon X & Y OST Anistar City Music

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