Alice the hedgehog
Alice is purple/pink hedgehog who is 14 years old.She used to be the princess of the hedgehog kingdom but left as she hated it.Alice likes to be alone most of her life no sure if was bad for her to leave or good.As dark as alice looks she is still friendly :D.


She has purple/pink fur and a white muzzle,She wears a shirt with bubble shelves,She wears a shirt with panys underneath,she wears yellow shoes like mighty's,and 2 pony tails


Name: Alice

Nicknames: none

Gender: female

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 14

Likes: Peace and quiet,Reading,Friends,Her family

Dislikes: War,loud,Rock music,Being a princess,getting captured Voice Actor: Princess luna(mlp)

Theme: Raise your glass [1]


Pinky the hedgehog,Lily the wolf,Tara the echidna,Chum the chipmuck,Orange the cat,Katey the armadillo,Violet the chameleon,Alex the monkey,Fire coat the unicorn,Jade the lion

Love interest:no one

Neutral:no one

Rivals:Mora the swallow,Nightmare the pony


Alice was born in hedgehog city she was the princess.But she hated it people were telling her where to go what to where what to do she couldn't go anyway but school.a few week after pinky went on her journey hedgehogs all over freaked out.Alice wanted to join pinky to see if she was alright her parent told her no.Alice was very upset she wanted to go with them and join pinky.At night fall she sneaked out of the claste.She cimbed over the gates.She started her journey it was dusty and hot but Alice ketped going.Until she bumped in a bat and black hedgehog and a robot.The black hedgehog asked to forgive them alice forgave them.The bat asked where she was going.Alice told them everything.after getting to know eachother Shadow the black hedgehog's name asked her to stay with them.Alice said yes.after a while they asked a few questions.Shadow told them about what happened to pinky and her adventures.Alice told them that she knew her.Meanwhile they ran into sonic and tails.after getting to know eachother Alice ran into pinky as happy they were to said eachother.Alice desided to live with team dark also helping pinky.

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