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Captain Allcial trying to find cover after being shot down by enemy AA fire.


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"Fangs four and five form up on me. We're going in hot!"-Allcial commanding his squad mates to get in formation for an air-to-surface ground attack.

Allcial the Fruit Bat is a Moebian  who is a air force captain in the Anti Mobian Army.  He is a cocky, yet serious member of the elite Vampire Squadron, the AMA's premier jet fighter group. Allcial grew up in the once impoverished Moebian country of Nevereld. There he would often dream of becoming able to fly into the skies and into the great unknown. Eventually his father convened him to join into the AMA to serve in the defense of his homeworld, Allcial agreed on the one condition that he could join the air force.


Allcial's theme song.-0


"I'm not much to look at."-Allcial

Allcial is a Moebian fruit bat and his appearance shows. He has the sinister Moebian grin when smiling, even if purely unintentional. He is usually in a gray pilot suit and wearing a standard A.M.A.F pilots helmet. He is known to wield a simple Nevell Scott CLP-3 pistol for self defense on the ground,(he is more accustomed to flying.) Also it goes without saying that he has a pair of wings. [1] ==Personality== Allcial is known to be somewhat cocky,(as a lot of jet pilots stereotypically tend to be.) He seems to be known for his passion in what he does,(flying), and his commitment to serving Moebius. Allcial can however be very serious and cold when the time for such lack of emotions is called for. After Nevereld was captured Allcial became more serious and fought the enemies of the AMA for vengence. Later on after finding out of the tragic fate of his parents Allcial gained a reputation as one of the most feared Moebian aces in the war.

To his friends and comrades he is a fun loving and laid back kind of guy, but when he is in the heat of battle in the skies he is known to show no mercy. He even is known as to shoot pilots who have already bailed out their jets with his guns, often killing them in midair or making them fall to their deaths.


"I won't let you down dad."-Allcial to his father the night before Allcial went to his first day of training in the army.

The son of a Nevereldian Revolutionary during the grand Revolution and a Zodian migrant young Allcial grew up in the jungles and former slums of Nevereld City before it was urbanized by the AMF government. Allcial grew up in the rainforests in Nevereld more than his hometown. He always admired all the flying bugs and animals around himself. He would always stare at the sky dreaming of one day flying into the heavens and beyond. That dream came true when his father insisted on joining the AMA and he instead wanted to join the newly formed air-force. Allcial persuaded that unlike his old man he felt that he would be more use to Moebius in the skies rather then on the ground.

Once he joined the military he found that his passion for flying and enthusiasm brought him into good terms with his instructors. After all, at the time the AMA was somewhat lacking in air forces and they knew GUN and Eggman could not be given air superiority. Through months of rigorous training he got the chance to show his stuff when Eggman launched an attack over Nevereld itself. Although the city soon fell into enemy hands Allcial was able to provide air cover for most of the AMA forces stationed on the ground as well as down several Egg Empire pilots and dozens of drones.

He continued to serve in the newly formed all bat member group, Vampire Squadron and he volunteered to fight in every battle against Eggman near his home country as possible, eventually earning the title "the Bloodhunter".

When Vampire Squadron was chosen to support an offensive mission to retake Nevereld Allcial was overjoyed to help. With the help of AMA ground forces under the command of the somewhat inexperienced AMA leader Griefan Vampire Squadron was able to take back the city. Sadly for Allcial his parents would never get to see him again as they were robotized and sent to Mobius Prime. Ever since then Allcial has pledged revenge on the prime world, and has continued to keep his reputation as one of the AMA's most feared and ruthless aces to ever serve.


"Let me show you something I learned at the academy my friend." ~Allcial about to preform "the Vampire's Challenge" maneuver while in a dogfight.

Over the years Allcial has sharpened his piloting skills, as well as his marksmanship skills.  Once he was only able to fly around with his own wings and was a modestly bad shot with a weapon. Over the years Allcial has became a hardened ace and has gotten way better in using both his jets weapon, and his laser pistol.