Amelia Factx


Name- Amelia Minette Factx

Sex- Female

Species- Factx(a scientifically created mix between a cat and a fox) She is also half robot.

Age- 16

Height- 3' 5"


Amelia is a deep brown fox/cat/wolf with golden streaks in her hair and a white-furred stomache, white muzzle, white insides in her ears, and a white tip to her tail. She has a green left eye and a red/black right eye. Also, she has a small star below her left eye, and another inside her left ear. (for a better picture, see the fullsize at-


Amelia is extremely attracted to the color green, and can always be seen in a different variation of it. She usually wears a medium green, no-sleeve, belly-exposing tank-top with light green ruffles around the collar that cascade about halfway down her back in a cape, along with medium green leggings with cuts in them. The cuts have fishnet in them. Her shoes are 3" medium green heels with light green cuffs around the top. She wears fishnet, elbow-high, fingerless gloves.


Flight- She grows white wings

Telekinisis- She can move objects with her mind. No more than 4 at a time, though. Telepathy- She can communicate wih anyone through their minds, as well as read minds. Time stopping/rewinding- If she concentrates hard enough, she can stop time momentarily, and can even rewind it back at least 5 minutes. (A full hour when she's had enough sugar.)


Raw meat, boyfriends(unless hey're exes), cooked meat, any kind of meat, pet ferrets, sugar, anything sugary or sweet, experiments, technology, weapons.


Eggman, anything evil, vegetables, ex boyfriends, stalkers.

Background Story-

She was, at first, a regular wolf, and was mutated to stand on two feet and use her paws like hands. One day, however, her right side stopped working, and all feeling was lost there. Then, Eggman caught her, much to her disliking and struggling, and took her back to his lab, where he tested her to see what made her like this, then mutated her further by adding DNA from Blaze the Cat and Fiona Fox, altering her looks. Afterwards, he reconstructed her right side with technology, including the right side of her brain and her eye. He gained control of her through this, wiping her memory and making her think he had saved her and created her. After three years, she turned against Eggman because she learned he was creating a "replacement" for her and became one of the new generation of Freedom Fighters.