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Andy Wood
Basic information
Name Andrea Dahlia Wood
Nickname Andy, Fireworks (by Alice and Harvest)
Gender Female
Age 14
Species Fox
Current residence Sunset Heights
Occupation Student
Alignment Chaotic Good
Physical description
Height 3'2
Weight 72 lbs
Attire Black jean jacket

Black and yellow striped crop top

White socks

And brown sneakers

Personal information
Hobbies/Talents Swimming, woodwork, hand-eye coordination, hunting, drumming
Likes Doing the heavy lifting in projects, playing video games, football, soccer, playing rough in general, playing with fire
Dislikes Cowardice, people who ask too many questions, the color purple, golf, spicy food
Relatives Clematis Wood (father, deceased)

Janet Wood (mother, deceased)

Spurge Wood (paternal uncle)

Marie, Harvest, and Rosebud Wood (paternal cousins)

Friends Rosebud Wood the Fox, Platinum Foehn the Goat, Skid Cynhard the Hedgehog, Neo Arcana the Hedgehog, Melody Masira the Cat
Romantic interest
Enemies Kasai Ozaijolt, the Kine Gang

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Andy is a female fox with dark rosewood-colored fur (a very dark red, basically) and grass green-colored eyes. Her skin tone may appear fair at first glance, but it's actually a bit tan. Her fur covers nearly every part of her body, excluding the front of her torso and stomach, which are usually covered up anyway. Andy is a decent height, standing at 3'2 and weighing 72 lbs. She actually has a bit of muscle on her, which is only really evident when she flexes but still serves of proof of her fairly impressive physical condition. She has a fox tail that has fur the same color as hers and with a tip the same color as her skin. As for her hair, Andy has short, jagged and spiky hair the same color as her fur that goes barely goes past the bottom of her head in terms of length, and she was a spiky diagonal bang across her forehead.

Casually, Andy usually dons a black jean jacket over a black and yellow-striped crop-top that reveal her midriff, as well as black jeans. As for her shoes, Andy wears brown sneakers, and she doesn't wear any sort of gloves.


Andy is generally a tomboyish, loud individual who doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and follows her heart. A large part of her persona has to do with her brashness, and how unabashedly she acts. Around people she doesn't know, Andy can seem very off-putting. She doesn't interact with new people with any kind of kindness, and if they don't particularly interest her, she's prone to actually making efforts to isolate herself from them. Andy doesn't seek companionship, and she doesn't particularly desire it, either; she spent so much time feeling alone when living with her parents that she practically adapted to her conditions.

Because of this, Andy struggles to make friends, and people who want to befriend her (probably because they see how she interacts with the people she cares about) will find that she's a pretty tough nut to crack. The easiest way to get through to Andy is speaking with one's actions rather than one's words. Simply hanging around Andy all the time will just make her more and more annoyed with you, but actually showing that you're someone she'd want to befriend will make her quickly want to join you. However, a number of people may reasonably not feel like proving themselves to her.

When you do befriend Andy, however, some of her more positive qualities arise. For example, Andy is insanely loyal to those she cares about. Though she doesn't become any more quiet, Andy will never give up on her allies. A large factor into this is how stubborn Andy is; it takes a lot to convince her to do or to not do something she wants to (unless it harms other people, in which case she'll give up on it without a fight most of the time).

Even to her friends, Andy is extremely honest. If they're in a situation she believes they've put themselves into, she'll tell them that they brought it upon themselves. If they look bad in an outfit and ask for her opinion, she'll tell them the truth. Now, Andy isn't totally tone-deaf - if it's something she knows can be hurtful, she'll try to deliver it in a way that causes the least harm - but she'll consistently speak her mind.

Andy tends to look for the most straightforward solution to her problems. In combat, this can mean that her only way of solving her issues is punching harder, but in everyday life this applies just as much. In school, she learns the first method to solve math problems - not any of that "we did it this way when we were kids, but now we use eraser shavings to find to square root of a number" stuff - because she either A) learned it first or B) decided it was the most direct way to get to the core of the issue. In group projects where she has to make something, she looks at the rubric and simply does what it says in order to get a good enough grade.

This means that though Andy is honest, she's not the best at giving advice. If a situation is simple, she'll say the obvious answer, and if it is more complex, she'll honestly be stumped. In cases such as the latter, Andy would likely advise whoever she's talking to to do what she would do, which is follow their emotions - even if that isn't always necessarily the best answer she could've given. Adding onto that, the advice Andy gives is mostly always advice she would do herself as well, which adds onto how honest she is.

Andy also doesn't trust anyone fully except the Wood family and Platinum... and even then, the circumstances for that even happening were highly emotional. Because of that, while she would get very upset if any of her friends betrayed her, she wouldn't have any trust issues moving forward because she didn't trust them that much in the first place, even though she was loyal to them. Because of this, Andy keeps her fair share of secrets that aren't very well-known, even within her new friend group that expands beyond Rosebud and Platinum.

Additionally, if it hasn't been made obvious already, Andy is a huge hothead, in every sense of the word. She has a short temper and is easily excitable by anything that interests her, and she will prove her excitement loudly and proudly. She is easily ticked off by the smallest of things, and she tends to rant or complain to whoever annoyed her. This also factors into another one of her traits, how brave Andy is. When you combine her stubbornness with a lack of aversion towards danger, and Andy has no qualms putting herself in trouble, sometimes even foolishly. However, it's worth noting that Andy will look at the situation entirely different if it not only puts HER into danger, but innocent people and/or her friends as well; in such a situation, she will instead back off.



Andrea Dahlia Wood was born to her father, Clematis Wood, and her mother, Janet Wood, as an only child. Despite being the only child, she was definitely not the center of attention in her household. Her parents had been feuding for years about everything and nothing, with them both having very short tempers with one another, and when Clematis' brother, Spurge, had announced that he and his wealthy GUN agent wife, Alice, were having twins, Clematis and Janet felt entitled that they shouldn't be shown up, and the very same day, Janet was pregnant with Andrea.

Things didn't get much better from there for the young Andrea. Every single time she saw her parents, they were arguing. One of her earliest memories of her parents were when Clematis was complaining about how Janet had insisted that their daughter's name should be "Andrea," which he said sounded "too feminine," and Janet replied by saying that naming a girl "Andrew" like he wanted would be "unfitting and a horrible name for anyone." Andrea didn't have many memories of her parents being happy at all, even when they were away from each other; instead, they would just complain to Andrea (who couldn't yet talk) about their spouse, talking about everything they were doing wrong.

Even worse, the two weren't only attacking each other verbally, but they often hit each other as well. It was during one of these horrible physical feuds that the young Andrea learned that her father had a genetic superpower, the power to create heat and fire in his hands. Not only did this tend to spark up whenever he was particularly emotional, he would often threaten Janet with it when their arguments got very personal. Janet made sure that there wasn't a power imbalance, though, because as bad as Clematis' threatening was, she was the parent far more likely to start actually attacking him.

As she grew up, Andrea wondered for years why her parents hated each other so much; after all, the parents on TV were always so loving to each other and their kids, and it made Andrea question why they even stuck together. It wouldn't take long for it to become obvious why they did, though; they loved guilt-tripping one another on Andrea. They would blame her looks on each other, they would blame each other for what clothes she was wearing, but the one that really struck a chord with Andrea is when they started blaming each other for how she acted. They would criticize each other for every one of Andrea's personality attributes, ignoring the fact that she was little more than a toddler: how meek she was, how she never spoke up, how she never talked to her parents, and that really messed Andrea's mind up.

When she entered preschool, she became an absolute devil, just like her parents were to one another. Telling everyone she went by "Andy" to disregard both of her parents' opinions, she was prone to raising hell with her instructors, she had little care for the well-being of her classmates, and she was the child most likely by far to get into physical fights with other kids. She was commonly punished, but it meant little to her, because all that meant was that her parents would get called up for an intervention, and all they cared about was making the other feel bad.

Andy's life continued like this for quite some time. When she entered elementary school, there were more kids but it was more of the same. Andy was the trouble child, and she had a habit of getting into street fights with the kids in older grades (who were happy to beat up someone who came across as so arrogant). Her grades were mediocre at best, and she had virtually no support system in her life; no caring parents, teachers saw her as a hassle, and her fellow students were either scared of her or actively fought her. For better or worse, though, things would soon change.

Andy was 7 when Clematis and Janet were having an extremely stirring argument and Janet pointed out how "horrible of a student Andrea was," and she blamed everything wrong that'd been going on with Andy's behavior on him. Blinded by his rage, Clematis lunged at her and lost control of his fire powers, shooting flames in every direction at the house and lighting it on fire. Andy's parents fought each other in their burning home, and traumatized, Andy cried out for them to stop... to no avail. It took until parts of the house began falling for Andy to realize that they weren't paying any attention to her and had to escape, the last sight of her parents being them fighting as the house burned around them.

Eventually, the house burned and caved in on itself, killing both of Andy's parents in the process. Andy had no choice but to sit a fair distance outside her destroyed home until hours later, when she was discovered by passerby, who transferred her to the city's government. They discovered that though Andy's immediate family was dead, she had an aunt, uncle, and cousins living in a city known as Sunset Heights, and after contacting Andy's uncle and aunt, they shipped her over there.

Given how recent her parents' death was, Andy was not receptive to any new living situation she was put in. Though her aunt, Alice, her uncle, Spurge, and her three cousins Marie, Harvest, and Lilac (the latter two being in the same grade as her) all welcomed her with open arms, Andy didn't care much for any of them (though she did find out Spurge and the kids all had water powers). She was already quite an antisocial girl when her family was alive, and with their passing, she was even more aggressive. She locked herself in her new room most of the time, and it seemed like after enough failed attempts of trying to bond with her, most of them got the message and pretended she wasn't there.

Most of them.

Lilac (who Andy quickly learned was called "Rosebud" at school and by pretty much everyone who wasn't family) was a huge threat to Andy's mission of isolating herself from her family because of her almost intimidating amount of persistence. No matter how many times Andy would try to escape the girl, Rosebud would always seek her out, asking if she wanted to go rollerskating, or go-kart racing, or to a concert, and Andy had to deal with saying no to her requests every single time. It got to the point where Andy had to start using her fire powers to create sparks in order to shoo Rosebud away, and even that wasn't always effective.

Another thing that made Rosebud (along with Harvest) difficult to ignore was school, as all three of them were in the same grade. In school, Andy struggled somewhat with academics as she did back at her old school, but it helped that she didn't have to go home to an endless yelling match every day. In fact, being in the other Wood household infuriated her even more. They were a healthy family. The siblings were all best friends, the parents asked the kids how their lives were going, and worst of all, though Spurge and Alice had their occasional spats, they never once raised their voice at one another. It made Andy sick to her stomach... why couldn't she have this? What did these people do to deserve this loving family that she hadn't?! It only made Andy more and more frustrated and determined to close herself off from her new family.

Two years after Andy moved in, a new goat boy named Platinum Foehn joined her, Harvest, and Rosebud's grade. Andy didn't often care much for new kids - she didn't interact with her peers in the first place - but this boy was quickly revealed to have wind powers. Not that that helped him out much, as he was quickly nicknamed "Windbag" and news of how tormented he was spread quickly throughout the grade, even reaching Andy. It didn't surprise her, as Platinum was very clearly a wimp; he was frail, he got good grades, he occasionally stuttered when he spoke and he hadn't even a semblance of self-confidence in the way he acted. It was only natural that those who did made his life a living hell, Andy thought.

Unfortunately for her, Rosebud didn't think so. Almost as soon as the news spread, Rosebud approached Andy, restating Platinum's social position and that they should put a stop to it. After all, they had powers as well, so it was only right for them to stick together.

Andy didn't really care.

She told Rosebud that if he really didn't like how he was treated, he should grow a pair and deal with it himself, and it was then that Andy saw Rosebud do something entirely new; Rosebud gave up on her. After a while, Rosebud simply stopped arguing with Andy on the matter and left to do it herself, and strangely, Andy began to feel kind of... bad. She'd never seen Rosebud stop trying to convince her to do something before, and though she assumed Rosebud had only proposed the concept of helping this Platinum kid so the two would bond, it seemed like Rosebud actually intended on putting a stop to Platinum's torture.

And before long, Andy would see that Rosebud did mean business. News spread throughout the grade of how the beloved Rosebud got in the way of Platinum's bullies when they were about to go the rounds on him and told them to stop with some cheesy speech. Most of the grade was confused about why she would defend such a loser, and before long, public opinion had either turned neutral or against Rosebud. As for Andy herself, she wasn't surprised that Rosebud thought the best way to help Platinum would be to throw herself headfirst into the debacle and give a speech, but she didn't like how Rosebud could do something so obviously kind and people would twist her as the villain.

At first, Andy tried to ignore how present the situation was in her mind, but one day at lunch, she saw Rosebud and Platinum sitting together, left completely alone by everyone... and both seemed happy! It was the first time Andy had seen Platinum smile at all, and Rosebud didn't look disillusioned by the fact that her social status had plummeted at all, she just maintained the cheery disposition she always did. It was clear on Rosebud's face that she was happy with her decision, and that's what really made Andy start looking at the situation differently. Her whole life, watching her parents made her think that nobody was ever going to save you, so if you wanted something done, you had to fight for it yourself, but Rosebud invalidated that with a costly act of kindness.

Unfortunately for the Platinum's bullies and the people who were dissing Rosebud, Andy interpreted this lesson much differently than one might've hoped she would. She decided that she'd take Rosebud and Platinum's struggle into her own hands and do what she did best - raise some hell. Andy hunted down every person she could remember who had insulted Rosebud or had been known for bullying Platinum and she beat them up. The fighting experience she'd learned from her old town served her well in this purpose, and the experience for her was wholly cathartic; so cathartic, in fact, that she didn't mind in the slightest when she was quickly given a three-week suspension from school.

Though Andy was lectured heavily by Spurge and Alice (another thing she wasn't used to - when she got in trouble at her old school, her parents lectured each other more than her), there was a silent message transferred between her and Rosebud; Andy was sorry, and based on how smiley - well, smilier than usual, if that was even possible - Rosebud was around her, Andy was able to assume that the message was received. It helped that after Andy's little stunt, the majority of their grade (sans Harvest, who Rosebud had told beforehand was free to do whatever she liked; Andy admired that Rosebud didn't drag her sister into her act of self-sacrifice) was more than happy to abandon Andy, so the trio of Andy, Rosebud and Platinum became close friends. But, since they were getting closer than Andy ever imagined, she thought it was only appropriate for her to tell Rosebud the truth of what happened to her parents.

Andy explained what had gone down the day her house lit up in flames, saying that losing her parents - something that should be the worst experience in someone's life - appeared to be for the better really got on her nerves. Everything she saw in Rosebud's family reminded her of the shows she saw on TV, and she admitted that she was just really jealous, but it was no reason to take it out on Rosebud's innocent family, so she apologized... and, luckily enough, Rosebud forgave her. Rosebud proposed the idea that Andy should tell what she told her to the rest of the Wood family, but Andy refused... though she did want to apologize to all of the other Woods for her actions.

For the rest of their time in elementary and middle school, Rosebud, Platinum, and Andy remained close friends in Sunset Heights, dubbed the "Power Trio" by their classmates and unwavering in their loyalty to one another.

Powers, Skills and Abilities

Andy's main superpower, inherited from her father, was the ability to control heat and fire, or more commonly known as pyrokinesis. Andy has no combat training, so she can't use it very well just yet, but it still has its uses. At its most basic level, Andy can heat her hands up to the point where she could even melt through steel. However, despite its greater effect compared to her friends, Platinum's and Rosebud's powers, Andy is unable to find as many uses for her abilities simply because fire has much more destructive properties at its core than water and wind. Additionally, unlike her friends, Andy's powers tend to appear when her emotions are not in check, which forces her to be somewhat wary at all times.

Past that, however, Andy has other non-supernatural abilities. Andy is very athletic, at least for a school-age teenager. She excels in most physical activities, and she is a very skilled street-fighter as well. Speaking of Street Fighter, Andy spends a lot of her free time playing video games, so she has a high amount of dexterity, and she's very proficient when it comes to hand-eye coordination in general.



Clematis and Janet Wood the Fox

Alice Wood the Fox

Spurge Wood the Fox

Marie and Harvest Wood the Fox

Rosebud Wood the Fox


Platinum Foehn the Goat

Skid Cynhard the Hedgehog

Neo Arcana the Hedgehog

Melody Masira the Cat



  • Andy's birthday is July 27th.
  • Andy hates the color purple. This is because one argument her parents was when her mother was trying to guilt-trip her father on his choice of fashion for the young Andy, as he had gotten her a purple dress, and Andy's mother said that she looked "disgusting in it." Andy has still not let go of this.
  • Andy's middle name, Dahlia, is a type of flower that can be found in a red coloration.
  • Andy, ironically enough, hates spicy food.
  • In soccer, Andy is usually in the position of the striker, or the offense.
  • Andy's favorite kind of video games are traditional fighting games.
  • Andy is veeeeeeery bad at singing. Rosebud says that it "sounds like dying cats."
  • Andy's favorite fruits are raspberries.