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Anti-Zac (Grandmaster Zac)'s current design.


Gm Zac is a Anti-Mobian, My main character's evil twin if you would like to call that. He lived on Anti-Mobius (Moebius or Anti-Earth) as a Strategist, but then life got hard for him and his parents were presumed murdered during the tyrannical rule of Evil Sonic/Scourge the Hedgehog, after several pressuring years of pain and hard work, he got fed up and left his zone, to make a better living for himself he joined the Eggman Empire and gathered a large group of bats as his army, He's been Grandmaster ever since.

Grandmaster Anti-Zac is a calm and noble leader with a sophisticated look on life, he always looks for the most diplomatical choices in tough situations and doesn’t lash out on strangers unless someone really get on his nerves, but will not tolerate traitors or beings wanting to break the peace between his allies, friends and followers, he loves science and engineering and enjoys coming up with new tech for his foot soldiers to use. He views GUN as corrupt with no possible peace between them and the empire. He disagrees in racism and believes all races deserve to work together equally in the Empire, but if a looming threat rises against him, he won’t hesitate to strike back with all he’s got.

On Moebius Like most moebians, Anti-Zac was a maniacal but still sophisticated tactician, plotting schemes for Anti-Jules’s kingdom, beating down on his foes and making toxins to poison political threats to the royalty and his parents, he felt like this for awhile even after leaving to join the legion, creating crazed plot’s to defeat Eggman’s nemesis, the hedgehog.

When he left Moebius after the aggravated murder of his parents and came to Mobius, he started to phase out of his mod and mellow out, he theorized it was for spending too much time in the new zone, or that the echidnas and his people were treating him better.

Anti-Zac currently leads a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion known as the Demi-Legion, a sub-faction of the Eggman Empire composed of Bat Mobians and Moebians of various species, along with a separate division by the name of the Bad Egg Unit composed of mercenaries and specialists that do or do not fit in the chapter's requirements, their current headquarters Castle Vladimir is positioned in a undisclosed location in North Downunda and takes in new recruits daily, both willingly and forcefully.

Fav drink: Tea or Coffee

Fav food: Roast Steak


  • Working quietly in his private workshop
  • Classical music
  • Fancy forms of class
  • Sharing Rotgut with his wife
  • Quality time with his wife
  • Defeat of his enemies
  • The arts
  • Foreign cultures
  • Machines, weapons and technology
  • Inventions


  • Targets that just wont stand still!
  • Demons
  • His counterpart
  • Dark Gaia monsters
  • GUN
  • Eggman's Incompetence and occasional failure to terminate Sonic.
  • Friends defecting from the Empire/Legion.


  • Despite his position in the Dark Egg Legion, he believes in the rights and equality of all species, while strongly supporting the Bat and Echidna races.
  • He's grown a interest in table games that challenge his whit, such as chess, poker and battleship.
  • His ideal voice actor is Patrick Stewart, he shows a charismatic and logical side similar to Picard while sometimes another more sinister that's reminiscent of Locutus.
  • The prized magnum opus of his inventions is the ZEL-321 a powerful and large two-seated mech-suit with interchangeable weapons depending on the co-pilot, the V3 is the most recent version sporting a purple color scheme matching his uniform.
  • Has a hard time forming relationships with other Grandmasters, finds it easier to get along with subordinates.

Allies, Friends, Family and Subordinates.

  • Mary-Ka
  • Kiara-Ne
  • June-La
  • Ness-La
  • Zippa Dimitri
  • Gien-Nu
  • Venom The Bat
  • Adrik The Bat
  • Fenix The Bat
  • Sabine The Bat
  • Vesper The Bat
  • Sil the Bat
  • Fae The Demoness
  • Conquering Storm
  • Lien-Da
  • Abyss The Squid
  • Duck "Bill" Platypus
  • Mordred Hood
  • Clove the Pronghorn
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik / Dr. Eggman
  • Dr. Ophelia Daniel
  • Dr. Nyx Viorica
  • Sterling The Echidna
  • Azure the Echidna
  • E-1873 Granseal
  • Cayden the Pegasus
  • Daedalus
  • Metal Zac
  • Ziege