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The Speech

Ash spoke in the chaos of Kovac, to warn the city of the return of X...and to bring back peace to the city.

"As we stand here today, I interrupt this chaos to warn you.

But not to warn you just of the return of X, who has destroyed

your city and your peace within it, but to also warn you of 

something that would have a greater impact on you, the poeple

of Kovac. That thing is yourselves. You all have turned against

each other, neighbors, friends, even relatives. Your negative

mentality slows the process of a rebuilt city. But, a city isn't just

measured by building height, it is also measured by the people

who stand within it. You, the population of Kovac, are not just

a number, but also the glue that holds together Kovac and its

suburban neighborhoods. They don't call it a "neighborhood" 

for no reason. Then it would just be a "people-hood." Neighbors

are more than its dictionary definition. Neighbors live life beside

each other. And when you stand beside each other, there is no

stopping the glue that holds us together. Sure, that glue was just 

softened recently, but who's to say we can't hold tighter, stand closer,

live longer? Who's to say we can't do anything? Now, these are

tough times. But tough times are what build out strength of 

character. If you have lived life without one problem a day, you

are living it incorrectly. Because each problem we have to solve

is one more step the solving the equation of life, and why we

go through pain, and sorrow, and why we also go through it

with happiness and love. You, the people of Kovac, the glue

to the city, where the answer to any problem is blown around

throughout the city but stays within it, are now being challenged

by not a problem, but an incorrect solution needed to be solved

again.....who's to say we can't correct it?......."

~Ash the Hedgehog, August 21st, 2017, in Kovac, Mobius.