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Avro the Fox is a 26-year-old fox who is born and raised as Prince of Kiyatyu Kingdom. He is a knight seeking out new adventures to complete his quest, and a shadow fox infused with the form of the forbidden shadow magic. He can summon shadow creatures to assist Avro during combat or even worsen him based on his actions.

During his journey, he meets new friends that will help Avro assist his quest through dungeons and hard fighting bosses. His strategy revolves around finding a weak spot and upgrading his weapon.

His sword is Ankoku, a legendary shadow weapon that only a worthy opponent pulls the sword out from the mysterious shadow dungeon. Multiple tiers for his sword are unlocked for every subsequent quest and shadow bosses tamed, which will improve his combat ability.

In his present time, he is the current leader of the Kiyatyu Kingdom.

Concept and Creation

Created by RagingFurry on DeviantArt, Avro's original design was supposed to be a cyborg-fox which had three tails with laser beans, mechanical fighter wings, a mechanical left eye, and a mechanical left arm. The other prototypes of Avro the Fox are the same type as other cyborg-foxes which had 4 or 5 tails with different altered placements of each mechanical set. However, those ideas have been scrapped on the list. Several fox variations of Avro the Fox, which have different also had different designs, such as armed wings, blades, guns, water ability, electric ability, wiping weapons, and more, but these ideas do not fit the character theme.

Avro's second creation is to become a wizard, where he wears a long robe with a golden core on his chest and shadow staff. This idea was also scrapped from the list.

Avro's third creation of the character is to become a mythological creature where he fights using magical powers of mystic fire, but that does not fit the character well.

The last creation, combined with different inspiration from several different video game series, is the knight form. He has been redesigned to fit the character's personality and match his combat ability for an RPG game. He wields the sword named, "Ankoku" which translates as "Darkness." The design for knight fits his appearance to become the fighter fox in the series.


Avro in his civilian form.

Unlike other foxes, Avro is a white-marked red fox, which is a color morph variation of a red fox. His fur is mostly dark grey with a white muzzle and torso. He originally had blue eyes at a young age but changes his eye color to brown at adult age. He also has twin tails, but he cannot use it to fly. Instead, he uses his twin tails to make sign languages, such as signaling for danger, excitement, stance, and direction. He also wears his iron gloves on the right hand and green and white shoes and socks. He uses his sword belt to keep his sword along with him.

He starts with his civilian form, wearing only his glasses and no armor. He wears his clean dark grey and green cape that never tears and also wears his dark grey and green head bandana.

His knight form is the same for his civilian, except that his eyes are green due to the infusion of shadow magic. He wears a piece of iron armor for his left shoulder, upper right arm, and lower legs. His glasses shatter when his vision became more powerful. He can recover his glasses by resummoning and turning himself back to civilian.

Avro in his shadow form.

His shadow form is a much stronger variant of a knight form. He has visible dark feathered-wings that allows Avro to fly at a great distance. He wears a Dragonlance helmet that allows him to summon and command more shadow creatures while holding on those wings. Despite its powerful form, it has limited advantages which makes it hard for Avro to stay in combat.

These variations of Avro makes it one of the few characters to have the most character variations in Mobius.


Not much known about Avro, Avro was born in Kiyatyu Kingdom, a Japanese medieval castle and village where foxes hang out and talk together. It has good restaurants, good housing for other foxes, and other enjoyable activities announced in the Kingdom. After birth, it gave Avro twin tails, making it one of few foxes in the kingdom to have two tails. His vision is poor, but he does not have his glasses yet. At his young age, Avro started training with his father, who is a black fox and was the King of Kiyatyu Kingdom. He was a sword duelist and professional, and he wanted his son to protect himself and get better at training. Avro's mother was an orange fox who is the Queen of Kiyatyu Kingdom enjoys reading books in the library. She always reads Avro good stories and tells mythology, which always interests Avro. Avro was lucky to be born from a monarch family.

When Avro was 8, a raid occurred at the Kingdom from an outside mercenary group. The Golden Eagle mercenary is a rival group of Avro that uses medieval weapons. Dozens of treasures were looted from the Kingdom. Other foxes have been captured or killed during the war, which was known in history as "Battle of Kiyatyu Kingdom." Knights of the Kingdom defended fiercely, but they were no match for the eagles. His father was losing hope when the leader of the Golden Eagle mercenary took out his father. Avro on the scene was horrified to watch his father die, leaving the iron sword right next to him. When Avro picked up the iron sword using his left hand, the leader of the Golden Eagle mercenary spots Avro attempting to kill the young fox. However, Avro covers himself using his right hand and the tip of the sword cuts his bare hand, revealing his scar. When the leader attempts to kill him, his mother took Avro's place, sacrificing herself to save him. Her last words, "Run, Avro!"

After seeing his mother's death, Avro fled the Kingdom to exit the war. After the war was over, the Golden Eagle mercenary withdrew from the Kingdom, leaving Avro the only living monarch member of the Kingdom. With the humiliating defeat of the Kingdom, Avro kneeled down for the loss of his parents and cried.

Years later, the Kingdom has been gradually rebuilding. Avro became the leader of Kiyatyu Kingdom after his parent's death. He is now 26 at the time and wanted to proceed more on improving security for his Kingdom. He enjoys reading mythology and adventure. He also wants to seek new adventures to meet friends to help him on his journey.

Upon his journey, he encounters the mysterious dungeon leading Avro to enter and investigate. When he noticed a sword named "Ankoku" he tries to take it. However, he encounters the Dark Gladiator, a Zeti Shadow Creature with heavy armor and two swords fighting Avro. Avro fiercely fought the creature with his remaining strength and succeeded. He then takes the sword out from the dungeon and carries it with him.

When he uses his new sword to help out his friends, his powers started surging through his body, and loses his state of mind. After Ankoku became unleashed, he became the shadow fox, allowing him to summon shadow creatures. Dark Gladiator is the first shadow creature guardian to assist Avro during combat. He uses the strengths and weaknesses to judge Avro on his performance. Failure to satisfy the creature will result in harmful abilities to the user. After Avro reveals his true form, he became the strongest knight in the Kingdom and hopes that his powers will help him out in the future.


Initially, Avro is a timid fox not willing to share his thoughts with someone. However, at his young age, he became more open to trying out other activities he enjoys the most like reading about mythology and sword combat.

After the "Battle of Kiyatyu Kingdom," he became more traumatized by his parent's death and the fall of the Kingdom.

Throughout the years, he became quiet, not wanting to speak out about his problems. However, when he decides to meet new friends, he became more open again willing to share out his ideas and fun activities.

If his right iron glove is taken off, he will feel traumatized from the past again about the previous war because he has a scar on his right hand from a sword slash.

During combat, he fights more aggressively against opponents and harder when he uses his shadow form.

Powers and Abilities

Avro initially had no powers at the beginning of his time. He is a sword duelist mastering the techniques of his sword fighting styles. He also fought more opponents stronger than him with his strength giving hope. After pulling Ankoku out from the shadow dungeon, he became infused with shadow magic, allowing him to summon and tame shadow creatures. Each shadow creature gives him more strength than his base form when used correctly. The shadow creatures will level up and amplify the buffs for every subsequent action.


Despite being the most powerful shadow fox in Mobius, Avro's shadow creature may depend on the severity. For example, the Dark Gladiator does not allow the user to shield against an opponent's attack or heal themselves. If Avro uses a move that dissatisfies the shadow creature, it will downgrade the level buff and damage Avro.

Avro tends to overthink too quickly before deciding what is right. If the user selects the wrong dialog, Avro will feel embarrassed, and it may affect relationship status.


Avro's weapon starts with his iron sword dropped during the "Battle of Kiyatyu Kingdom." It deals standard damage against most hostile mobs but does not damage stronger opponents.

His main weapon is Ankoku, a legendary shadow sword for the worthy shadow knights. It deals much more damage against all mobs including armored opponents. The difference is that it deals shadow damage, meaning that the damage is based on effectiveness against opponents. For example, a wispon class user takes less damage from shadow damage, while the phantom ruby user takes more damage from shadow damage.

Ankoku has 3 stages:

  • Stage 0 - The deactivated variation of the sword. It does standard damage as the iron sword but does not activate Avro's powers.

    The lowest stage of Ankoku.

  • Stage 1 - The main form of his sword that deals shadow damage. The base of the sword glows green.

    The first stage of Ankoku.

  • Stage 2 - Also known as "Enkyori Ankoku." Ability to shoot projectiles from the outer beams.

    The second stage of Enkyori Ankoku.

  • Stage 3 - Also known as "Grim Ankoku." The most powerful sword in the game that deals greater shadow damage, has a chance of stealing health, and a chance of setting targets on fire.

    The third stage of Grim Ankoku.


Basic Stats

  • Starting Level: 1 - 100
  • Starting HP: 480 - 5182 (more if equipment is used)
  • Special Gauge Capacity: 100% (unlocked at level 3)
  • Forbidden Gauge Capacity: 0% - 70% (unlocked at level 8, Gauge increases by 10% for every shadow creature he defeats in the mysterious dungeon)
  • Armor Piercing: 0% - 35%
  • Outgoing damage multiplier: Shadow (0% - 50%); Dark (0% - 25%); Fire (0% - 30%); Lightning (0% - 25%)
  • Incoming Resistance: Phantom, Earth, and Ice (25% - 75%); Shadow, Dark, Lightning (5% - 37%); Fire (0% - 15%)
  • Weakness: Light Wispon (15%); Water (15%); Wind (15%)
  • Critical Rating: 40%


  • Attack: Rank A
  • Defense: Rank E
  • Agility: Rank B
  • Luck: Rank B


  • Erik the Okapi
  • Kingston Shanwon
  • City the Wolf
  • DT the Neon Fox
  • Blizzard the Husky


  • Avro shares several similarities and inspiration:
    • The armor and his attire are likely based off of Ike from Radiant Dawn and Roy from the Fire Emblem series.
    • The shadow gauge that he uses to morph or summon is a reference of Shadow Magic in Wizard101 and Bayonetta's Inferno Demon Summonings from the Bayonetta series.
    • His helmet is similar to Corrin, an Avatar from Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Avro sleeps curled up much as a real fox does.
  • Avro is one of few Mobian characters to have a forbidden ability and element.