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Basirah is a cheerful but naive person, As she is almost always laughing or smiling and usually needs someone to explain things to her, which usually falls to her sister Edeosa to do. It takes a lot to bring her down and when so, she's usually out of it for a while before carrying on like nothing happened.

Though she does tend to express a side that wants nothing but attention and for everyone to shower her in compliments and gifts, though she is currently unable to grasp how wrong that is.



Basirah is a fan of dressing up, so she never wears the same things twice if she can help it. But her favorite outfit is a pink sundress with ribbons on it, some white tights and a pair of strawberry red sandals.

Sometimes seen in her left eye somehow is a mark in the shape of a tree, which when asked about, Basirah claims she has no idea how she got.


Hair Color: Basiarh has pure white hair.

Hair Style: Basirah likes to keep her hair in a high ponytail which splits into three.

Fur Color: Basirah has rich black fur.

Eye Color: Basirah has heterochromia, so her right eye is pink while her left eye is purple.

Height: Basirah stands at 2' 8" inches.

Weight: Basirah weighs at least 87 pounds.

Basirah's Family

Because Basirah was orphaned, she doesn't know who her real parents are. However...

Florymond: Basirah's adoptive father who found her and her sister when they first arrived on Mobius. He took them in to live with him at the mansion he worked at and she was made to be a maid in training. Basirah loves her dad almost more than anyone else. Though he does find her constant slipups a tad funny.

and Edeosa: Basirah's younger twin sister who is the more serious of the two. Despite having such conflicting personalities, the two sisters are the best of friends and really balance each other out. Basirah loves playing games with Edeosa while the latter tends to get annoyed a lot.



Brum: The man who owns the mansion Basirah lives in. He tolerates her due to her dad and she loves hearing him talk about work despite not quite understanding what he's saying.

And Qwein: The popular girl at Basirah's school who prevented some new kid bullying from happening to Basirah. The two hang out a lot and seem almost made for each other.


Alberito: A boy who expressed a kid like crush on Basirah but was shot down by her. After some problems between the two, they have since made up and hang out frequently, though he seems a little too close still.


Abilities: Because of her spider biology, Basirah can climb up on solid surfaces, project webbing, and leave a painful bite. She's also gifted in paper folding and loves to dance ballet.

Special Abilities: Basirah possesses the ability to view across various dimensions and universes through the use of a mirror she keeps hidden on her person.

Weaknesses: Basirah's immaturity tends to lead her into some unfavorable situations. She's also a total klutz, tripping on nothing a lot. And hates anything made of gluten. Finally, her special ability can't be used if her mirror is broken so she has to take good care of it.