Full Name: Bianca Delia Mewards

Age: 17 (1st October)

P.O.O. (Planet Of Origin): Mobius

Gender: Female

Race: Pipistrelle Bat

Home: New Mobotropolis

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alliance: None

Ability Type: Fly

Likes: Television, Fame

Dislikes: Attacks, Machinery

Relatives: Bellatrix "Belle" (Sister)

Personality: Pessimistic

Average Enough

Bianca is a local resident of the Freedom Fighter's stronghold New Mobotropolis City. She wanted the city life to help her become an actress and earn millions. However it is getting continuously worse for her as the enemy attacks on the city has been ruining her chances of getting anywhere. She lives with her more confident sister Belle Mewards, but because of Bianca's temper-stated personality, the two constantly get in over-the-roof bickers at each other.

Bianca appears to be the "Exact opposite" of her sister, not including appearance. Whilst Belle enjoys the Mobotropolis life, Bianca hates the attacks. Since Belle likes to exercise and help other people, Bianca keeps to herself.

The loyal-to-the-Acorn-family resistance group Team Davrit are the core of her outrage, because of their vast weaponry and tendency to blow alot of stuff up. They "stress her out so much I wish I was a balloon so I could pop myself dead!" (In her own words.) Whenever they are around to help clean up after an attack, Bianca storms out to them and causes a big argument, especially with Team Martial Arts Expert Tina.

She is not friendly with many people and is ungrateful to those who help out, unless otherwise.