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The Epic Star The Epic Star 29 April


I existed here, only for a limited time, then gone to a page

~Dr. "William" Ander

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MintMalice99 MintMalice99 21 April 2021


No! Not that! I'm making stories about my OCs on my blog. So be on the lookout~

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TangsAnarchy TangsAnarchy 19 February 2021

A (re)introduction

oh boy. where do i start.

you may have previously known me as W0rkinprogress (in which case i am so sorry!!), the owner of the stereotypical edgy oc “Shad the Hedge-Fox”, and overall whiny person :/ i now go by tangs or robyn, and i use they/she pronouns. since ive last been on the wiki, ive developed my ocs a lot more, redesigned them and even made some new ones! i wanna turn over a new leaf and improve my edgy one note emo characters. i hope to make som new friends and maybe even see some old faces :) have a wonderful day!

- robyn

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Der Svictan Der Svictan 23 January 2021

A.M.A Xsavion

This is a AMA for my character, Xsavion the Aquat. Ask away, or lurk and observe. Doesn't really matter to me.

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 13 August 2020

I'm Sorry....

This is an apology to SonicInsideOut.

Last night, I wanted to give my friend a gift on here, so I created 2 pages for his OCs: Julie & Tia. He saw them and didn't like the gift that much & wanted them taken down. He explains it in his journal:,_please!)

First, I wanted to say I wasn't trying to steal his OCs from him; I wanted to give him something that he'll like; this was done in the middle of the night. I think it only took an hour to work on both of them, so now that's an hour I won't get back.... I knew that was a bad idea to do at that point. :(  We also talked about it on a DeviantArt post of his; you can find that here: https://www.deviantart…

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These pages are causing proglems for me; and

I did not create these pages and would like them removed. I believe they infringe on my copyrights and exist to tie in with another user's creations. My characters were taken without my permission and placed onto a wiki where they do not belong even when I told them before that they're not Sonic OCs.

With that said, the page creator is aware of my perspective and very sorry to hurt my feelings/improperly use my creations, but cannot remove these pages for they are not an admin. See this DA conversation for proof (chat with Erik-The-Okapi) and check my profile on there if you believe these characte…

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 25 July 2020

Reopening Art Requests Page!

Hey everyone, Kelvin again. For a year I've laid dormant, and now im finally opening back up my art requests page. I'm working to significantly improve my artstyle and give back to you guys in the process, so come by my Requests Taken Here page and see if anything interests you.  Here are some older works I did so you have an idea of where I'm starting in terms of my artstyle.

Thanks! Can't wait to hear from you all.


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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 14 May 2020

What do you think of this song parody?

There's no good in.
Any of us.
And we should know that we all have betrayed my trust.
We're filled with hate and lust.
And now I gotta do what I must.
And if we think that it's not the truth.
Then the only one who's lying is me and you.
It's time to show what this all means.
It's time to show what we all seem.
Go ahead and defend it if we're able.
We're not good and we all are unstable.
We can't hide from the wages of our true selves.
That includes everybody, including myself.
We should know we can't hide from our sins.
I know all the evil we have within.
We need to stop these demons inside.
Or they will take us over with pride.
We think we're made
We're not made o-of
I know who we are.
I'll put us in…
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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 24 April 2020

Heroic's Character Q&A Hub

I've created a new question and answer blog for my fan characters. Here, you can ask any of them any question(s) you want and they will answer them, though they might not always have a clear answer for everything, so you have been warned. This may include spoilers, things they don't know the answer to, or private information that they want to keep safe and secret. Anyways, here they are:

  • Sid the Hero
  • Ominous
  • Clover Hagen
  • Alex Edurus
  • Rana Franklin
  • Sandra Franklin
  • Bob Franklin
  • Ashen the Panther
  • Smoky the Panther

Okay, I think that every character I've created so far. Now, you can ask them as many questions as you want. Have fun. And also, have a great day.

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 24 March 2020

I need help with Sonic Rectification.

As the title suggests, I really need help my fan game, Sonic Rectification. Most importantly, the plot of it. If there's anyone who can help me, please let me know. Thank you and have a great day.

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Silverknight01 Silverknight01 3 February 2020

MONTHLY ACTIVITIES // February 2020 // Wheel of DOOM

  • 1
  • 2 Male entries:
  • 3 Female entries:


Hello there, good sir or madam. You might be asking yourself WHAT IS THIS? If you are, allow me to explain. Every month two new sets of community activities are released for users to participate in. POINTS are awarded for your entry which in turn can be cashed in for PRIZES.. Plus you get to have fun along the way with whatever wacky events are going on that month. Now that is what I call a win/win.


We're bringing back an old fan favorite known as THE WHEEL OF DOOM. Participants may enter (1 guy) and (1 girl) to the lists below. From there two wheels will be constructed to randomize your new crackship. Artists can illustrate the paring they got in whatever setting they…

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 1 February 2020

Dawn of the Equinox Update 6 - I'm Back!

Ok everyone, so I had some really big changes happening IRL that prevented me from working on this project as much as I would've hoped, even before I announced a brief hiatus back in November. Anyways, I got through the hardest parts and as of today (2/1/20) I should be back to working on this pretty consistently. So big update today in celebration of me finally getting back to work.

  • 1 Art Style Change:
  • 2 Character Design Changes:
  • 3 Animation Releases:
  • 4 Notes:

A few of you may remember I was tossing around art styles and struggling to settle on one. Well, since the game is already based around a fighting game, I thought it would make the most sense for it to be a sprite animation series. It would fit the video-game motif better, and I can use spri…

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 20 January 2020

Who Should Be The True Main Antagonist Of Sonic Rectification?

As the title suggests, who do you think should be the true main antagonist of one of my fan games called Sonic Rectification, and why? You can tell me in the comments why you think that anyone of these choices in the poll down below should be the true main villain of the game. Thank you and have fun.

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 1 December 2019

Ominous' Redemption

Do you think Ominous should be redeemed for his crimes or not? If you have any reasons or you just want to tell me something besides or related to this poll, be sure to let me know in the comments down below. Have a great day.

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 25 November 2019

Dawn of the Equinox Update 5

For those who have been following the DotE project so far, I want to thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I hit a financial rough spot and had to take up a better paying and much more physical job in order to make it through the rest of the year. This job is 3rd shift and leaves me very tired and unmotivated to work when I get home. So, I am now officially putting this project on a temporary hiatus, due to the lack of progress I've had as of late.

Don't fret! I will only be working this job temporarily, probably until January when I expect to move out for good. After this, I will be coming back to this project full time and working to get some serious updates for you all.

I don't have any major updates right now, bu…

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Triple-One Triple-One 9 November 2019

blast from the past

ok so last time i had been here was 4 years ago, what did i miss

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DUBSTEPxSonic DUBSTEPxSonic 6 November 2019

So, A LONG needed update on my status.

It's been a LONG time since I posted here and I really need to talk about this.

I am sadly not as active as I used to be, I have a Job and although not as busy as most adults (and for good reason that is personal), I do have a family that I need to hang around with more than I did in 2013 when I joined this wiki, and moved to SFW for a while before moving to discord. Ever since then I have been more active of Discord then on here because it's mush more convenient and easier to get into contact with others.

I am also more active on DA but, only to look around for art, Sometimes get art commissions. It's has been a long road for me and Honestly... I am Glad I am maturing. No excuses, just facts!

I may post one or two things here like what I'm a…

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Sir-Duke01 Sir-Duke01 26 October 2019


Sup fellow creators, Duke here with another blog after 4 months with an...offer? Invite? Request? Anyway, as some of you hopefully know, I'm the creator of the comic Sonic Heroes Legacy; an on going fan comic that I've been producing for years now. A while ago, back when Flipnote Hatena was a thing, I had the idea to invite characters from other creators into my story; I felt it was a good to not only get good publicity (for myself and those who participated) but a good way to get to know people. It was something of a collaborative project that unfortunately didn't make it very far due to the timing of things, like hatena closing down. I haven't had the chance to do it again because college is a soul-sucking, poisonous parasite from Hell; …

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 6 October 2019

New OC!!

So, a couple days ago, I created a new OC! around 2 years ago, one of my friends onDeviantArt was selling a Butterfly OC, & I was able to adopt it! :D

Here's my new OC: Ellie the Viceroy Butterfly!!

I'm still working on her personality & bio since I created her a couple days ago

Hope you like her & that's all I have to say now

ciao, or Okapi out! :D

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 30 September 2019

How to write good comedy

Excuse me. Sorry to bother anyone, but I need help with writing comedy for my story. It can be anything from slapstick to dark humor. I just need help on how to come up with any on my own. If you have any tips, advice, or suggestions to help me with writing comedy, please let me know. I really need it.

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 7 September 2019

Dawn of the Equinox Update 4

Alrighty everyone, back again with another update. Unfortunately, for the last month or so, I've been in a bit of a financial rut which forced me to put less attention on this project in favor of working more hours (which as those with jobs know, makes you too tired to do anything when you get home.) But, I'm in a somewhat better standing now, I can get back to this. That also means that I don't have too much to update everyone on regarding the actual animation, but there still are some things to let you guys know.

I've been combing through this story over and over again to iron out plot holes, give everyone some spotlight time, and make it an enjoyable experience. At this point, I am probably on the 5th or 6th version of the story. But, I…

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 23 August 2019

More Critique/Criticism

So, last week, I added my friend's OCs to the Wikia, & I was wondering if you could give some critiquing on his characters? :) they're from nbwatts.

I would really love it if I could get some criticism and critiquing of my friend's characters.

They are: The Mighty Gals

  • Zora the Wolf (Leader)
  • Valerie the Panther (Second-In-Command)
  • Scarlet the Fox (The Brains)
  • Azia the Jaguar (Spy)
  • Carol the Tiger (The Muscles)
  • Poppy the Hedgehog (Mechanic)

That's all for now! Okapi out! :D :D

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 8 August 2019

Ask My Fan Characters

You can ask my fan characters any questions you have in mind. Enjoy.

  • 1 Fan Characters
  • 2 Questions and Answers
    • 2.1 Sid the Hero
    • 2.2 Ominous
    • 2.3 Metal Sid

  • Sid the Hero
  • Ominous
  • Metal Sid

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 21 July 2019

Dawn of the Equinox Update 3

This update is mainly an art update as I've updated the looks of all the characters. Not everyone's changes were drastic, some where quite minimal. My goal was to give everyone a more 'battle-orientated' design.


Scorn: Relatively unchanged, besides the fact that his chest fur now resembles Silver's more then Shadow's Kyanna: Her new outfit takes several nods from the iconic outfit Rogue wears in X-Men with a body suit underneath a bomberman jacket. Esmerelda: A complete redesign due to her reverting back to her Emberman state. She is now purple with black hair. Her new costume has several nods to Zornelle's outfit and she has short spiky hair rather than the long flowing braid. She has a more punk-like outfit, has her Emberman horn bac…

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Akrivus Akrivus 24 October 2012

Akri's Infobox has been Officially Released!

The Future of Organization is Here!

With Akri's Infobox, you can easily organize and customize your character's information!

With it's vast customization features, the possibilities of what you can do is nearly infinite! (No lie!)

What is Akri's Infobox? Akri's Infobox is a fully customizable infobox that allows users to change the look and personality to match that of their characters. With it's wide asset of customizable fields, users can even add their own little bits of code!

How to use Akri's Infobox. Akri's Infobox is both simple and complicated, here is a sample code used to create your very own Akri's Infobox!

Thank you for reading!

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 14 July 2019

Request Needed

Hey there. Sorry to bother anybody, but can anyone come up with a design for Ominous that fits well with his personality and powers, please? He's a gray and white furred panther with both the empathy symbol and japanese morality sign as his main motifs. He also doesn't wear just shoes, socks, and/or gloves unlike most male mobians. Thanks for the help and sorry if I'm being too demanding.

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KnucklesFanGremlin KnucklesFanGremlin 8 July 2019

Unwarranted Soapboxing: Cringe Culture

Hey everyone, it’s me again. I’ve decided to try out this thing where I write a blog post about common issues or problems people run into on the SFCW or in this fandom in general. Nobody asked for this and I can’t guarantee that everything I say will be completely perfect, but I do hope that what I write will stick with some people and help them out when they need it. So, what’s this first blog going to be about?

Cringe Culture. Some of you probably know about it already, but for those who don’t, Cringe Culture is essentially the culture of people who mock and make fun of creative works by people on the internet. Typically people who participate in Cringe Culture make fun of people’s OCs and fanfiction, interests, artwork, and etc. under th…

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 4 July 2019

Ominous's Redemption

I know that the Ominous from Sonic Overload (Or "Bad" Ominous) wasn't that redeemable, but what about the "Anti-villain" Ominous (Or the one that I've already wrote a sympathetic personality for)? Do you think he should be redeem or not, and if so, why or why not? What do you think would be a fitting punishment for him if he shouldn't be redeemed? Thanks for the reply if you wanted to or already did, sorry if I bothered or upset anyone, and have a great day

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GothicBandicoot GothicBandicoot 2 July 2019


I have question we can copy page from SFW?

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 28 June 2019

Dawn of the Equinox Update 2

Hello again! Another update on what was originally a fan game called SFU: Clash of Chaos. After a lot of work on an engine and a lot of thinking it over, I realized how small the fighting game niche is, and if I made this game, it'd still probably only appeal to a small audience. So, I nixed that idea and decided to turn it into an animation. I was already planning a story mode, so everything from that will move over to this. Don't worry, no characters or anything will be scrapped. For now, lets get to the updates.

Title: I've changed it like 3 times but now I have the final title, Sonic Fan Universe: Dawn of the Equinox (will be abbreviating it as DotE from here on out). The Equinox are a mysterious species that will be major players in th…

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Sir-Duke01 Sir-Duke01 26 June 2019

Upcoming Posts

Hello fellow fans, just thought i'd give you a heads up on what's to come; Im going to post some characters and concepts from my story in the coming days. So keep an eye out for:






Demon Slayer Organization

and more

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NintendoJam NintendoJam 7 June 2019

Where Was I?

This Blog Post has zero meaning but you know its fine.

So a lot of you probably remember me as this 13 year old kid who was really...well weird. Also someone who had no discipline or respect for others. Yea I am HiddenChaos or at least was. Don't call me that anymore call me Josh or RunnerCharm or NintendoJam whatever it doesn't matter to me.

So what have I been up to in the past well 4 or 5 years.

Being a student in High School. And quite honestly loving it. I legit just finished up Junior year and after being involved in 3 sports and a some clubs I really did reconnect and made a lot of new friends. So there was that.

It was honestly a great idea for me to get involved and taught me a lot in growing up and being a decent human....That didn…

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GeekofGeeks GeekofGeeks 7 May 2019

New wiki I made

So yeah I made a new roleplay wiki called The Alliance of Heroes . This is a way to tell stories in a one giant universe. So yeah I would really like it if some of you guys joined.

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SavetheSilencehero97 SavetheSilencehero97 14 April 2019

my sonic the hedgehog comic series idea

Well i writing a script for comic story. And i have select some scènes form movies for inspration The title of comic is Sonic forces:act of Freedom and Sonic forces:youngblood and sonic forces:behind borders is about a 20 year old human who have lost his farher and his morther is killed by a us coast gaurd helicopter crash and he is taking revenge on dr eggman  and its very awesome comic story and working on it and well in my comic act of Freedom is the worst scene of part 1 is that the emergency services of sunset heights butchered by infinite and its replicas. And that sonic the hedgehog is too late for to save Them and the  help organisations. And their forces like the united nations and n.a.t.o aloneside with g.u.n they work together. …

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40DagreezKelvin 40DagreezKelvin 21 March 2019

Game Update 1

This is the first official update for the fan game I mentioned last year. I've 100% figured out what I want to do for the engine and gameplay so the actual coding work has officially begun. I know it seems like forever ago when I announced this but fighting games do take a LOT of planning. Anyways, here's the info about this update.

Title: Working title has been changed to Sonic Fan Universe: Clash of Chaos. The chaos emeralds will be playing a large role in the story hence the name.

Gameplay: Gameplay has been altered slightly. The game was initially a 2v2 fighter but is now a 3v3 fighter to fit the “team” format. Teams are Sonic Heroes-style with a speed, power, and skill member. In the story, the teams are predetermined, but in gameplay y…

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GeekofGeeks GeekofGeeks 11 March 2019

Time off

I will need to take some time off the wiki. The reason being that my grandmother passed away and I need some time to grieve.

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SeanMeme SeanMeme 6 March 2019

Well, hello again.

I just found this account, and I dont really know if there's anyone still on here who -somewhat- remembers me but I used to be realllllyy active on this wiki and I thought I'd come back for old times sake. Still a bit of a Sonic fan so there's that, but I would like to definitely catch up with any of my old friends on here (im also kinda looking for someone who i met on here, like YEARS ago, so it wasnt -completely- random that i found this account). but anyways, nice to be back again!

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MaxIrvaron MaxIrvaron 12 February 2019

Anyone up for a villain-centered roleplay?

I was reading pages, and a lot of these are really cool! I have an idea in mind for a roleplay focusing on villains (and if you aren't a fan of that, it could work for heroes and villains too). Is anyone interested?

Basically, several people would wake up on this island, all hearing the same disembodied voice in their heads. She gives them the objective - find a jewel called the Distortion Gem, and they get three wishes granted. However, to do this, they'll have to face many challenges, beasts, form alliances, and much, much more.

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CajunCytex07 CajunCytex07 22 January 2019

How many times did I die again....?

3rd death....? I have no idea and don't care at this point. XD

Anyway, I plan on being social with other wikiers more often, which means I might participate in Roleplays, collab, *maybe* start writing my own Roleplays again, etc. Only the future holds the answer that we, or just I, seek. >:3

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Steryotype Steryotype 8 January 2019

O dam

Where have the times gone

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GeekofGeeks GeekofGeeks 31 December 2018

I’m back

So yeah it’s been a while. Right now I have been focusing on school. I also have been coming up with another idea for an OC probably inspired by Cult leader Charles Manson. I hope to try to be more active on the wiki in the next week

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KnucklesFanGremlin KnucklesFanGremlin 3 December 2018

KFG's December 2018 Drawing Prompt!

OOF Finals week sucks so I totally forgot to put this up until today but here we go anyway for another round!

1) Don't bash anyone's art. Constructive criticism is acceptable with the artist's permission, but please be aware of the difference between a critique and an insult.

2) Try to keep your piece within the theme as best you can, but you're free to take liberties with any vagueness in the prompt

3) Even if you think you suck at drawing try it anyway. If you're not proud of your drawing then you're not obligated to post it. Any type of art is acceptable, be it traditional, digital, a full blown painting, a pencil doodle, or even a sculpture if you're into that. But no dollmaker screenshots, I wanna see what you guys are capable of.

4) No N…

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 30 November 2018

Did I really skip a day?

I just noticed the count for the "goals" thing....

Was I really not on yesterday? I thought I was.... :/ :/ I think I was; I added a drawing of my OC Kyra yesterday....

for now, a bit confused on the "1/200".... thought it said 112/200....I think

help plz

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 27 November 2018

Can't connect....

So, earlier today, I tried to join the Discord group....and I got this:

It was like that for an hour....why???? :/ :/ :/ :/

How to fix this; plz let me know in the comments....

That's all for now. Okapi out!!!! :) :) :) :)

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Sky the turquoise Cat Sky the turquoise Cat 26 November 2018

Hey what happened to the SFCW Spotlight thingy

You remember that thing where you'd submit a character and then some people chose one out of the three and the winner gets featured. It stopped. So can we maybe start again?

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Leeprower1012 Leeprower1012 20 November 2018

Critique, I guess

Eh, I guess I can go with this. I want to see what people think of my characters/universe.

Alright, tear into my stuff. But keep in mind, a good number of them are unfinished. You should be able to tell these ones from the finished ones.

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Erik-the-Okapi Erik-the-Okapi 19 November 2018

Odd Error....

I tried to fix 1 word on one of my OCs pages, then I saw this message:

The edit wouldn't work, so I reloaded the page & this happened!!

Anyone know what happened? Plz let me know ASAP plz. :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

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FleetyXodi FleetyXodi 10 November 2018


Hello, name's India, or Piro, or whatever my user is :') I will just give you as much information (not personal I am a sonic artist who loves to draw original sonic characters and such. It seems pretty fun to do. People seem to be interested in my art, so I am just happy to share my art! I am also an animator on Youtube, but yet, I just struggle with it some how, I do animatics to keep me going though. I am a 13 yr old female who would love to meet other artists around the globe. I started drawing when I was two years old and all I did was scribble and such. Now on to why I am in this fandom.

I am in the fandom because I love Sonic the Hedgehog, he is my childhood favorite (and still is.) I also played some of the games, like Sonic Heroes,…

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Alexneushoorn Alexneushoorn 9 November 2018

Alexneushoorn: The Art Critic - November 2018

Greetings, Sonic Fan Character Wiki users. It is I, Alexneushoorn, and I have decided to hold an art contest to see what wonderful creations you can all come up with. Every month, I will hold a contest with a different theme, and your job is to draw one of your characters in a way that fits with the theme. At the end of each month, I will critique each work of art in my Rhino Museum, give it a 1 to 10 rating. The best artwork of the month will be posted in the Art Critic Archive for future generations to marvel at, and the winner also gets to post their winning artwork on their profile with the title Art Critic Artwork of the Month. However, before you can enter the contest, there's a few rules you must obey:

  • Do not bash anyone's artwork. C…

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Nitrogen218 Nitrogen218 7 November 2018

Regards to Feedback.

002-Critical Regards

Hello, wikians. Nitrogen218 here with a blog that I've been itching to get off my chest for the last few weeks, which is about criticism toward my characters.

Before I Proceed, Let me make it abundantly clear that I welcome criticism so long as it used to help improve and even refine my work. This is just a recommendation.

Should you do it, I would very much appreciate it by breaking it down into sections (Appereance, History, etc.) and perhaps going into as much detail as you see fit, explaining what you think is good or bad, and perhaps offer some tips if you can.

This would definitely help with giving any sections that need the most fixing instead of randomly selecting ine and hoping for the best.

At the end, provide a…

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