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Meeklymello Meeklymello 5 March 2011

new chapter

I've made a new chapter in my Sonic fan fiction (links on my profile). I've got a bit of a writers block at the moment though! :( I don't know what to happen to my fan character the fiction's based on. I did have a plot idea but then I thought it was a bit sucky :( so I want to change it. If anyone's got any plot ideas or any idea please comment on this blog. You don't have to ofcourse ^_^ Any random comment will make my day! It's a shame there isn't a subscribe button on wikia there's loads on profiles on here I want to sub to :) Meeklymello 19:14, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

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Meeklymello Meeklymello 24 February 2011


First blog and probably last, but yeah, thought I join this as I found a youtube video about it and here I am =D and I needed to cure my interest for Sonic oc and whatnot. Am surprised by all the nice people on here leaving comments and all on my page, Thankyou!

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Muppet171 Muppet171 21 January 2011

Sonic Idol

Sonic Idol is a singing competiton where 17 contestants compete to become the next Sonic Fan Character Idol.

After each episode,you decide on who is elimnated based on their performance and the judges comments.

Season 1:

  • 1 Prizes for 1st Season are:
  • 2 The Judges for the 1st season are:
  • 3 The 17 contestants are:
  • 4 Songs for Epsiode 1.
  • 5 Season 1 Episode 1:

A cameo on a show,a lead role in a movie,and,a world tour.

Burst the Fox.

Debby the Hedgehog,


Lantis the Fox.

Red the Hedgehog.

Cathy the hedgehog

Honey the cat

Simple and Clean.
Everytime We Touch.
Wanna Be.
Year 3000.
What I like About You.
Hot and Cold.
Don't Cha.
Eye of the Tiger.
Freak the Freak Out.
I Don't Wanna Dance.
Whar It Takes.
A Year Without Rain.
All American Girl.



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Muppet171 Muppet171 17 January 2011

Sonic Party Video Game.

I'm going to be making a video game called Sonic Party,if you want your character in my game.





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IvyMeme IvyMeme 12 January 2011

Sonic Stars

Hello fellow Wiki... ummm.. People!

On some of my pages it will say something about the game "Sonic Stars". The storyboard is:
Sonic must save his friends from the evil robot Nammi who kidnaps them on a spaceship that travels space. Sonic must collect the Chaos emeralds and follow the ship as Nammi lets out her own creations/workers as Bosses. When sonic gets all the Chaos emeralds (1 emerald per zone) he must defeat Nammi in Super Sonic.

Ok so I need some characters for this game.

If you want one in, fill in this form:



Role in game (Boss/Background worker for Nammi/Background character/Playable character on Sonic's side/ Kidnapped by Nammi)


Ability type:


Ok, This will end on 10th Febuary, and res…

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IvyMeme IvyMeme 9 January 2011

Adoption Center(Opem)


  • 1 Goldie the Seedrian
  • 2 Miku the Seedrian-fox
  • 3 Stephanie the Cat
  • 4 Crystal the Cat
  • 5 Teitra the seedrian

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Muppet171 Muppet171 8 January 2011

Camp Dream Movie Contest.

This is a Contest. If you want your character in my Sonic Fan Character version of Camp Rock titled:Camp Dream.

Submit Characters:




Top 3 Roles for a Camp Rock character




Cannot be a character in my Life at Mobious Arts Show.


Must be submitted by the end of March.


Characters in movie are also eligible to be in Sequel:Camp Dream 2.

Movie is not completely exactly like Camp Rock,but there are some things that are similar,and i'm going to be adding my own personal touches to it.

Any character who didn't make it to my Life at Mobious Arts Show is extremely welcome to be in my movie.

I only need 15 characters.


I will try to thank you.

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 6 January 2011

Sonic Avengers Group

Okay, this is for User:Red_the_hedgehog

He's creating a Group called Sonic Avengers. The Leaders are Red the Hedgehog, Beta the Cat and Sonic the Hedgehog

The Max is 25 characters, and both Fan and User characters can be entered.

All you need to do is fill this out and send it to User_talk:Red_the_hedgehog








Love interest:

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 6 January 2011


Hey People, I just wanted to have a complaint about something that has been bugging me slightly.

Some of you haven't been signing your posts when talking to me or others.

Do you know how annoying that is? I have to look down the Wiki activity to find out who's trying to talk to me. I've even had people ask me to find out who's trying to talk to them.

All you need to do is put ~ ~ ~ ~ without the spaces at the end of your post, it's not that hard to do D=

Or you can at least put your username, or nickname that people know you by (Like Muppet171 being Speed the Hedgehog) I'm fine with that.

If you put a signature it also tells the person when you've posted it too, so it'd be useful

So can you please add signatures now on? Pretty please?

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 2 January 2011


Okay, i've decided to do drawing requests here.

I'll draw any character you want (with some kind of reference)

They don't just have to be a Sonic Character either, just aslong as they aren't an actual animal.

Here are some examples on what I usually draw:

Chibi-ish? Humans Link Link

Non-chibi Humans Link Link

Sonic Characters Link Link

You can see alot more pictures on my DA account Link (Sorry if my page looks freaky D=)

And on Photobucket Link.

I know I'm so slow at doing things, but i would get them up eventually ^.^

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Muppet171 Muppet171 30 December 2010

Have your Characters in my T.V. Show


If you want your character in a show i'm going to write,here's what to do.







Special Abilities.


Hair,Skin,and,Eye Color.

Favorite Food,Color,T.V. Show,Song,Sport.





And Other Details.

Contest ends when I have enough characters.

If you have any questions,go to my Talk Page.

If I chose your character,I will post a comment on your profile,thanking you.

Enter entrys on my Talk Page,or on the contest page for this contest.

We're half-way done.

I need only 2 more students

Any characters past ending of contest are welcome.

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Red the hedgehog Red the hedgehog 20 December 2010

A new team

Hello ppl!! I would like anyone who can be avalible to make a team with me maximum members is 10

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 1 December 2010


Okay, This is to do with Ruin the Hedgehog's contest.

He and a few others are creating a comic and they need some more characters.

This is where you guys come in,

If you want your character to be in the comic, all you need to do if fill this out and either post this in the comments or onto Ruin the Hedgehog's Talk Page:


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Alignment: (Good/Bad/Neutral)
  • Personality:
  • Ability Type:
  • Picture: (Preferably a link and full body)


  • Love interest:
  • Abilities:
  • Weapons:
  • Any other key points you want us to know:

The deadline is by the end of 2010 So there's a long time to get this filled out =)

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IvyMeme IvyMeme 8 November 2010

First post yay!

EDIT: Changed meh mind. Shadria (ShadowXMaria) Is the best one.

Hey, first post! To get this blog started, I want to know what is your favorite sonic Couple? Mine being Shadria (ShadowXMaria), Shadows meh favourtie character and.... SHADOWS SOOO CUTE *Glomps for the 500th time*

Shadow: Will you stop Glomping me!? >=(
I support the following couples:





And probably more=D

....So, whats your fav!

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 31 October 2010


Just a question for all you people. There've been categories created for teams etc..

I was just wondering if it'd be a good idea to have articles on things like:

  • Places, Planets etc...
  • Special Objects (Like Emeralds)
  • Chaos?
  • Human characters (Like Maria, Eggman, Chris etc)

If you have any ideas, just add a comment ^^

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Pink-peril Pink-peril 19 October 2010

New Wikia Look

Actually, you guys can ignore this. they just changed it so everyone gets to see it

Pink-peril 19:09, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

Has any of you seen what the new wiki set up is going to look like? I was messaged about it but i wasn't so sure if that was the case with you guys.

If you haven't, you should be able to go into "more" then "preferences" and then "skins" It should just be called "New wikia look". (you can change back to the old look by clicking Monaco)

I just wanted to see what other users think of it. It's going to be permanently changed around the beginning of November so it's probably a good idea if you check it out (to get used to it, like it, dislike it etc)

Comment on what you think of it =]

Pink-peril 19:45, October 19, 2010 (UT

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