Bronze the hedgehog is a hedgehog in

Basic Info

Full name: Bronze

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: male

Age: 16

Occupation: None

Abilites: Chaos spear, chaos control, chaos snap, bora bora kick, swiming, acrobatics and stealth.

Likes: Unabara the cat, Hybrid the fox, Bora the echidna, Nico huskey ,kicking and Professer Gold.

Dislikes: Sasunoo the hedgehog, Metal Bronze, being bored, punching, losing, Doc Tora, Boru the Bat, Wirlwind the lynx

Relatives: None

Theme songs: None

Formes: Crystal, Chaos and Dark

Alignment: Neutral

Love interest: Unabara the cat

Weaknesses: punching, analysing head on attacks, unable to aim with his chaos spear, multiattacks/team attacks.

Abilitiy type: Speed

Speed: 170


Eye color: brown

Fur color: bronze

Equipted with Inhibitor rings


Bronze is a friendly hedghog he cares for his friends and people


Bronze grew up with his dad Professer Gold unknown about his mom but still with his dad thankfully


"I don't punch, i kick!" his line

"Fine!" when he has to do something unnesessary

"Unabara i" when Unabara said she loves him

"Your a preety good fighter!" training with Gold

"Huh? i couldent hear you i have water in my ears!" taunting Sasunoo

"What's up boring?" making fun of Bora "Urg i hate it when that happense!"


Bronze was created 16 years ago hense his age

Under constrution

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