Brooklyn is a Mobian seedrian who likes to be called Brooke. She is from the future, but comes to the present somehow for no reason e.e i havent decided why yet

About Brooklyn

Name: Brooklyn

Known as: Brookie or Brooke
Age: 16

Gender: Female

Powers: Communicating with plants, mind control

She is mentioned in Sonic Stars on Zone 3, "Mother Nature's planet" when Tails says, "Doesn't this place remind you of Brooklyn, the Nature Princess?" and Sonic replies, "Yep, this could be that seedrians heaven." She is actually Mother Nature in the game as well, making her first ever 3D appearence.


A nature loving seedrian, Brooklyn is tender and cares for people deeply. Though she has a bad temper and can be extremly sassy at times. She can storm of in rage when people annoy her - yet she cares for her friends a lot. Even though she cares, she has shown to care for Nature more then her friends. Brooklyn actually cares for both nature and her friends equally.