"Pay me, or i'll blow your brains out of your head and not think twice. This is the last warning....you should have learned this by now. You try to fool a dingo, and you're dead." - Caidan talking with one of his debtors

Caidan Angus is a dangerous and brutal killer and mercenary, one of the best that mobians can hire when they need muscles, firepower and someone who doesn't fear to get his hands dirty. Known for his efficiency and ferocity, Caidan has earned a reputation of being a soldier of fortune that is ready to accept any task he finds lucrative and worth of his time and skills, and his loyalty is ultimately to Mobiums and, by extension, the highest bidder.


A former military and commander of the Dingo Regime, Caidan has lived most of his life on Angel Island serving the armed forces of his kind. He was born with a rare condition known as dextrocardia: his heart was located on the right side of his chest cavity, rather than the left, and unlike many other dingoes, he didn't actually feel any hatred for echidnas, seeing them as an enemy to fight instead of a race to exterminate. For this reason, he refused to take part in the genocide of echidnas and he openly challenged his superiors for that matter. Despite that, though, he didn't hesitate to slaughter whoever dared to oppose him and his soldiers, and proved to be a skilled and excellent warrior.

With the passing of years, though, the dingo started to get tired of being always bossed around by all higher rank commanders, and the alliance with the Eggman Empire didn't help to improve his view of his government since he was certain one day Eggman would have betrayed his kind and attempted to enslave them all. These reasons were enough to convince Caidan to defect from the army and leave his land forever, taking the decision that from then on he would've taken orders only from himself and no one else.

It didn't take much time for him to start a successful career of killer for hire, traveling in numerous nations and murdering a large number of targets, whether they were mobians, humans or overlanders. It didn't matter for Caidan, until he got his pay. His experience and bloody reputation also helped him to contact and meet a good number of key figures of the criminal underworld who helped him to take new jobs as well as new ways to earn more fame and Mobiums, such as smuggling illegal goods, collecting money from debtors, bodyguarding whoever needed the protection of a warrior and taking part in robberies and theft of valuable technology from various factions, including the Eggman Empire.

During the war between the United Federation and the Eggman Empire, the dingo reluctantly accepted to temporarily work for Eggman and, in a little time, impressed the mad scientist with his combat skills, causing the doctor to attempt to "persuade" the dingo to work exclusively for him and no one else. When Caiden refused to serve Eggman, the tyrant ordered his robotic servants to backstab the killer and roboticize him. Thanks to his tenacity and fighting abilities, the killer managed to escape from the base of Dr.Eggman before he could be turned into a robotic servant, killing a large number of dark legionaries and destroying the roboticizer the doctor used to turn all the inhabitants of the

region into death machines. The dingo swore revenge against Dr.Eggman and his lackeys for their betrayal, and from that day on the killer began to take a lot of contracts that would deploy him to fight the Eggman Empire and cause as much chaos and death as possible between his army.

Caidan armed with his rocket launcher (picture made by cassidythehedgehog1from Deviantart)

In the rest of the conflict, Caidan kept working as a hired gun, though rarely working for the United Federation or the Freedom Fighters due to their ethics and disdain for his profession. During this time, the dingo met with a scientist who formerly worked for the Guardian Units of Nations but was almost arrested when it was revealed that he utilized live human test subjects (mostly criminals from military prisons) to perform his experiments to enhance a living being's body, and a bounty was put on his head, which forced him to escape from his land and end up to work for whoever could afford his prices, offering his knowledge and technology in exchange of Mobiums. The dingo took this chance to improve his own abilities, and after paying a large amount of money, he got several implants which enhanced his physical strength and his reflexes, together with a Sub-Dermal Armor designed to provide improved protection from damage by bolstering the user's skin cells with steel. With time, and after taking care of numerous jobs and contracts, the mercenary managed to buy from the same scientist a special and expensive serum which allowed him to get regenerative cells inside his body, thus giving him the ability to recover from injuries such as gunshots, stab wounds, etc. Despite this new ability proved to be vital for the dingo, the healing factor always required some time to work, and it could take from few minutes to whole hours to heal him from the worst wounds, and it still didn't protect him from things such as poisons or drugs.

Despite the dingo was grateful to the scientist for these upgrades of his body and he was starting to befriend him, their partnership didn't last for long since the dingo was forced to eliminate him and destroy his laboratory after he got to know that GUN's secret services were on the track of the scientist and were actually close to capturing him, thus there was the big risk that the scientist would reveal them about the upgrades of the dingo and his illegal activities in the territory of United Federation. In this way, Caidan got rid of the only person that could have told his enemies about the implants and the regenerative cells that were now inside his body. Even though in future GUN would eventually get to know about the enhancements of the mercenary, the element of surprise allowed Caidan to have the upper hand on the human militaries plenty of times every time he came to face humans in his way. That was the only day of his life where the merc felt remorse over killing someone.

Even though Caidan never started a true relationship in all his military life, during a break from his job in a crowded night club the dingo met with a cheetah woman that attracted his attention after she beat for good some drunk thugs that were trying to flirt with her despite her rejection of their company. Strong, beautiful, badass, someone that wouldn't think twice of breaking your bones if you tried to bother her.....it was love at first sight for the dingo. After a long night of arm wrestling, drinking and a fistfight with friends of the thugs humiliated by the girl, the two fighters fell in love with each other and started to hang out together the following nights. The dingo soon got the chance to know her better and he found out her name was Bailey and that she worked as a freelance bodyguard, that's the reason she was so good at beating people. Her father left when she was still young, and her mother couldn't work anymore since she was terribly sick, so she had to work for both so she could provide her mom with the medicines she needed to survive. After few months, in the same night where Caidan wanted to express the feelings he had for Bailey, the mercenary discovered the shocking news that both the girl and her mother were found lifeless inside their house, murdered by unknown assailants and with a note on the corpse of Bailey with the words "This is the price for your interfering with our business, dingo". The mercenary never felt in his life so much pain and misery like in that night, though his grief was soon replaced by bloodlust and an uncontrollable wrath that urged him to look for the guilties of that murder and give them all what they deserved, a slow and painful death. After finding the gang that was responsible of the death of his beloved, the dingo slaughtered them all one by one in the most brutal ways, saving their leader for last just to toss him inside a bath of acid and letting him perish while he left the headquarters of the gang. In that afternoon, under a dark and cloudy sky and a violent rain, the mercenary promised to himself that from that day on he would have never cared for anyone else except for himself.

In recent years, the dingo continued his career as a freelance mercenary and to fight for his employers, even though he decided to begin to take "lighter" jobs such as liberating abducted people, transporting and protecting valuable goods or items and bodyguarding whoever needed the protection of a warrior, to avoid attracting the attention of too many enemies and people who wouldn't hesitate to murder him for his past jobs. Even if the dingo worked mostly for criminality in past, aristocrats and governors too started to require his services, allowing him to get higher rewards and getting better combat equipment for his future tasks.


Caidan is a tall and well-built dingo warrior, with short and messy dark blonde hair, green eyes and a dark brown fur, even though his body has also lighter shades of brown on his chest and most of his face. He is considerably taller and more muscular than his similars, and his body also carries several battle scars. 

Personality and traits:

Crafty, aggressive, resourceful, brutal and selfish, Caidan is the kind of mobian that doesn't like to joke around and always gets fiercely and directly straight to the point. He gives great importance to his rewards and Mobiums, and he has little care for his own race and politics as shown by his refusal to exterminate innocent echidnas and his habit to ignore the orders of his superiors. Even when he joined the armed forces of the Dingo Regime, Caidan never showed any interest in the cause of his kind of freeing Angel Island from echidnas, and he wished to fight only for glory and his passion for battle and combat.

Caidan with his outfit out of combat (pic made by TheOneAnd0nlyCactus from Discord)

After starting his career as mercenary and killer for hire, Caidan proved to be a ruthless and greedy man, caring only for personal gain and considering any other cause other than Mobiums as useless and naive, and with great conviction that all ideologies and beliefs his race followed were just and only a pathetic utopia.

Despite all these flaws, though, Caidan rarely showed a small, soft side in his heart, as he fell in love with Bailey and absolutely refused any task involving the murder of families or children, and he was disgusted by the genocide of the echidna race. Despite the murder of his lover hardened his heart, it also pushed him to take part in more "clean" jobs and avoid to work for criminality whenever was possible. Sometimes he also commits actions that would be considered noble, such as saving groups of mobini from Eggman or breaking the bones of a thug who attempts to bother someone that just helped the dingo. Even if he always does his best to hide his morality by blatantly lying and telling that kind of tasks were not "worth his time", he knows deep inside gratuitous violence without reason is something that makes him sick and, sometimes, he shows signs of Post-traumatic stress disorder for the crimes he witnessed during his time with Dingo Regime and working for the underworld of Mobius.

Weapons and Abilities:

Caidan has advanced equipment at his disposal, and he always wears a set of an advanced and reinforced combat armor painted in grey and with black and red markings on the chest and the back of the armor, and a head-enclosing combat helmet which allows him to breathe underwater, protect himself from damages and gas weapons, get in contact with any communication device within limited distances and use night or thermal vision in combat. He makes use of a small jetpack and a wrist computer that allows him to store informations in a database, control or override doors and security systems and display area maps. The device has also a self-destruction system if the wearer activates it, in this way enemy forces will not get their hands on the computer and it might function as a portable bomb in extreme situations. His boots are also built with a special technology that allows the user to cause a large wave of flames when slammed hard enough against the ground.

The primary weaponry of Caidan is a large and powerful rocket launcher capable of firing high explosive ammo and modded with a guidance system, two submachine guns featuring a complex recoil-reducing mechanism and high-grade autotargeting software and supplied with explosive kinetic rounds, a powerful large caliber hand cannon (resembling a real-life Desert Eagle), a wrist-mounted sonic gun that causes damage through the use of intense and highly concentrated sound waves, a special gauntlet that allows him to shoot electromagnetic nets against his enemies, a large number of throwing knives that use ultrasonic vibrations to increase cutting effectiveness and finally a powerful flail with a spiked metal ball connected electrically to it and that causes earth-tearing shockwaves every time it is used against the enemies of the dingo, it can also be stretched out and extended for long distances.

Caidan also always wears a utility belt where he keeps survival food, medicinals and ammo for his weapons, and when facing tougher opponents he does make use of a belt-mounted personal energy shield, a defensive technology that projects a field of energy that protects the user from bullets and energy beams for a short amount of time, though it weakens as it absorbs damages until it either is deactivated or recharged, and it is ineffective to protect the user from shield-piercing rounds. He also sometimes makes use of energized bolas, which snag and entangle the victim in energized wires.

The implants and the Sub-Dermal Armor of the dingo allowed him to enhance his combat abilities, his reflexes and his physical strength, making him able to kill a normal man with a single punch, and he got impressive resistance to damages, his thick and hard skin allowing him to easily handle small caliber bullets and blades without getting any wound or injury even while lacking of his combat armor.

While on a mission the killer often makes use of a hover bike with two side-mounted multi-barreled laser gatling guns as primary weapons, and his own personal gunship that has the same color scheme of his combat armor and is equipped with a single chin-mounted plasma cannon, two side-mounted grenade launchers, communication jamming devices, a protective shield and stealth technology.

Even if he might change his strategy and his tactics in a given situation, most of the times his fighting style simply consists on fighting his enemies face to face and taking them down with brute force, firepower and a lot of violence. Together with all this, Caidan might hire other mercenaries to get support fire while hunting down his target, if the mission is too dangerous or lucrative for him to do everything alone.


Likes: Being paid, his profession, pissing off Eggman and his commanders, traveling, fighting and beating the crap out of his enemies

Dislikes: Eggman and his allies, his government, being backstabbed by his employers, senseless violence and unnecessary kills, working for free, being reminded of the death of Bailey, whoever gets in his ways and attempts to stop him or steal his job


"Never mess with a dingo, asshole !" - The killer talking with a target just before executing him

"I don't care what you crazy jerks of the command chain say to me and my troops, you can forget i wipe out those villages and send those echidnas to one of your labor camps. I am here for fighting and kicking the ass of my enemies, not for some twisted and sick xenophobic ideas. You can take all that crap and stick it where the sun doesn't shine." - Caidan making clear his opinion on the hatred of his kind against echidnas

"This mess ain't what I signed up for. Next time i will ask for double." - The dingo merc while running away from a whole army of Badniks

"I am sorry, man....but all of this mess is just about killing or being killed. And I have no intention to fall in the second category. Goodbye." Caidan speaking before shooting at the renegade scientist of GUN with his hand cannon


- Caidan hates marriages and is not going to start any relationship soon, the danger of his work and his trauma with Bailey being the main reasons for this decision

- Even after his kind was banished at the end of the conflict against echidnas, he kept showing no interest in his former comrades, thinking they deserved that punishment for keeping fighting for a corrupt government like the Dingo Regime and that he would finally stop to worry about the high chances of being hunted by the assassins of his former home after having defected and betrayed the Dingo Regime

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