A chart to show the general scale of chaos energy levels.


The standard unit of energy used in the Demon Slayer Organization for measuring power comparable to that of the Chaos Emeralds; each level equating to that many emeralds. As such, an individual whose C.E.L./cel is 3 has power akin to 3 Chaos Emeralds; and thus, assuming they can control chaos energy themselves, can perform feats of speed and power that are normally impossible without using that many emeralds. While these measurements are typically applied to demons, as they are basically concentrated masses of chaos energy; they can also be applied to non-chaos entities. Going over the levels in greater detail, we have the following.


Here are the levels and what they represent:

  • Level 1: The lowest tier on the chart, individuals at this level are comparable in power to a single Chaos Emerald. In the case of chaos controllers, their chaos powers are so effective, its as if they are using a Chaos Emerald. Some possible abilities include being able to teleport anywhere and even stop time without the aid of an actual Chaos Emerald; they also possess higher dimensional speed and strength, allowing them to accomplish impossible feats. Like destroying a higher dimensional construct. Multiple level ones can team up and perform even higher level feats, like creating time portals that allow them to time travel. A low tier team ranges from 3 to 5.
  • Level 2: Chaos controllers with power similar to that of 2 emeralds can perform 5th dimensional feats; these individuals can travel through time on their own and have incomprehensible levels of destructive power. This is still in the low tier range of power. A team equivalent would range from 6 to 8.
  • Level 3: Low-mid tiers are comparable to 3 Chaos Emeralds. These chaos controllers can perform 6th dimensional feats. Team levels 9 to 11 reside here.
  • Level 4: 4 Chaos Emeralds are what these individuals are equal to; these are the pure mid tiers of this world, and the line that divides low level fighters from elite warriors. They are capable of 7-D feats. A collective of 12 to 14 gets this spot.
  • Level 5: Chaos controllers who have power comparable to 5 emeralds are in the high-mid tiers of power and are capable of 8 dimensional feats. Teams of levels 15 to 17 are here.
  • Level 6: Beings who have power similar to that of 6 of the emeralds, this is the level where individuals possess near insurmountable power; exhibiting 9th dimensional feats. Here are the top tier or elite fighters. Teams with levels 18 to 20 are elite.
  • Level 7: Beings at this level are of the highest caliber in terms of power. Having power equal to or even greater than all seven Chaos Emeralds is no small feat; a level held in such high regard, it is also referred to as "super". An individual at this level is capable of showcasing 10-D feats. Level 21 is the highest level on this scale for any team in the DSO, and at this point it's considered a super team.

Note: While there are levels below and beyond these seven, these seven levels are used as a general scale.

Characters' Levels

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