Chelele Maru Knaworth


Full Name: Chelele Maru Knaworth

(Pronounced): <sheh-li-lee)

Age: 17 (20 August)

P.O.O. (Planet Of Origin): Zerga

Gender: Female

Race: Porcupine-crossed-Mouse (Porcupimouse)

Sexuality: Unknown

Alliance: Good

Ability Type: Speed/Power

Likes: Rouge the Bat (Her Idol), Petty Vandalism, Jewelry, Lounging

Dislikes: Unknown

Determination at it's finest

Little can be said about Chelele and her life.

Chelele grew up following Rouge the Bat's reputation as a Treasure Hunter, as well as being a friend of Lizzie Daiton in their early childhood. She mastered many methods of self-travel, including hot-wiring vehicles and stowing away. With this she was definitely on the go; her parents discovered her missing in the middle of the night due to an empty bed.

Chelele reached a space station and then realised she could take a shuttle and fly to Mobius to meet up with her heroine. (At this point she completely forgot that she didn't know how to fly a shuttle) So she snuck in and button mashed on the keyboards and somehow set off safely. After crash landing on Mobius she noticed that she crashed near a small town (Yes, she survived). After getting out, she was greeted by a flabbergasted Lizzie gawking at the site.

Lizzie was instantly greeted back and then asked if Rouge lived nearby, which she did at Mobius G.U.N. HQ. Chelele settled into Tarne City to meet Rouge when she could. She was never bothered about the crashed Shuttle again. For some odd reason. You would've thought that they would track her down or something.