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Claws is the antagonist in a fan comic called 'Bfox on Mobius' and the main character in an rp/ comic story called 'Claws's Kingdom'

Claws bio.png

Nickname: Claws

gender: male

age: 15 (22 in alternate universe)

Species: armadillo

birthplace: unknown

Powers and skills:

His most common move is charging at the opponent with his claws.

he can control the elemental foxes by force.

Dash Slash (he speeds up circling his opponent then slashes them with his massive metal claws)

Whiplash (he hits his opponent with the metal part of his tail)

He can pull scraps together and makes parts of all sorts.


demons, anything holy or enchanted


A gangly Armadillo with pale skin and fur with one robotic eye and mech arms, claws, and a mech tail as well. He wears a slab of metal over his heart. He has teeth that appear to be rotting and his eye is yellowish and orange. His tongue is reptilian and his shell is red and detachable. He also has really tall ears.


In public, he usually wears a long tattered cape with a hood with a warp ring holding it together. 


He fakes a lot of emotions, especially pretending to be the nice guy. He's usually a little grumpy and secretive. Most of the time, he is full of himself and likes to order people around.

Short Bio:

He was locked up mysteriously by dark chao that were building a robot. Knuckles and Bfox came down to get the Master emerald they had stolen but forgot about him while in the chaos of the spilled acid tank. He was found out by Ivory, who was taken prisoner to the little lair he had made while working with Sash and Rev. He captured the elemental foxes and used them against Bfox, where he was defeated. Afterwards, Bfox defeated Claws and the rest of her Mobian friends burned him to death.

Alternate Universe:

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