Cquote1.png I can get annoying, because I 'cloud' the place!! XD Cquote2.png
Clouder's puns.

Clouder The Snow Leopard is a juvenile snow leopard that lives in the freezing tip of Northamer. Having a blazing heart and a kinda terrible sense of humor, this snow leopard still keeps his guard, and has a strong sense of friendship. Now, he's a freedom fighter that leads his own team, and travels around Mobius to fight evil.




Just like a normal snow leopard, Clouder has grey fur, and ringed spots on him, as well as some regular spots. On his tail, there are some boxy shaped rings that are like rectangular black patches with a rectangular hole. The back of his ears are black, and he has a pair of shining yellow eyes, like Blaze's eyes. Clouder also has a set of sharp white jaws, that are as powerful as the snow leopard animal itself.

- Normal Attire:



For starters... He has a terrible sense of humor, for some mobians, but actually, he's actually good at making come backs, and talking smart using a type of joke called 'puns'. He loves annoying others using these puns, but when he needs to be serious, he's serious alright. Despite himself being a snow leopard, which cannot take serious amounts of heat, Clouder has a fiery heart, which shows warmth and compassion towards others that need help. He will defend the weak and helpless, and fight the bad ones, but in order to do that, he needs the truth. Clouder had the tendency to go save others without knowing, nor caring the risk, and can force himself too hard. He might survive, but can faint when he gets heated up, or too overwhelmed.

Clouder is the friendly and fun to be with type, and hates seeing others sad. He would bring up a joke to lighten up the situation, or rap a rap song to entertain others, plus himself. And if anyone's in trouble, he'll try to help, but by his own will.

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