Marion Cobertti the Hedgehog (also known as Kobra) is a Sonic fan character created by LestatDragonEyes12 on devinart and Wxh20 on YouTube.

He is a legendry UniCop, who helped stop a war during the Feel the Heat storyline.


Mario Cobertti was born in the planet Terria. His mother and father, either died, or left Cobertti alone or dumped him in a oprhanage.

He was raised when he was later, adopted by a family. He grew up in a bad neighborhood and his school was horrible. Cobertti had no choice to use force to get left alone as he beat up and hurt bullys. His parents decided to enroll him in the new UniCops team known as Y.A.C.T. or Youth Against Crime Team, he was trained at age 10 and had achieved highly and became the top of his trainee class.

Because of this he dropped out of school and decided to become UniCop, a Universal Cop who would put law and order to the galaxy.

===Feel the Heat storyline===

During the time, the Arket'a Kingdom was in desparte need. There was a war going between the Reptlians (reptile like people) and the kings and queens daughter Arket'a was being targetted for kidnapping by the Reptilian forces.