This is a planet created by DUBSTEPxSonic, its a blue planet with 7 regions and a population of 10 trillion mobian like People


Victalo Region

this is the main region and home of the capital Core City, many other cities are here, all of them are futuristic and modeled off of Chicago in the IRobot Movie.

Cloudia Region

this is the home of the ancient Forest of Truth, this is where a lot of mystical and supernatural myths happen, although it is a legendary Region, its mostly filled with Rain Forest like conditions and animals.

Darka Region

the darkest and most dangerous Region and home of Coratin's lair, this is where most cortopians died after crossing this Region.

Void Region

this is home of a unknown Bird of the shadows aka shadow bird, its nest is also dangerous because it can swallow you whole and Cortopians can be killed by the Shadow Bird itself.

Sector Islands

this is a paradise filled with Spas and fancy hotels, and is home to the most deadly Volcano in Coretopia, the is the most expensive region and the most dangerous.

the other regions are unknown as of now


Gavin the Mongoose

Ion the Hedgehog

Otega the Hedehog

Nec the Rabbit

Nexus the Forgotten Hero

Tori the Angel Wolf

Roy the Ninja Armadillo

Ravoka The Wolf (Alternate Version)

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Energy Fusion

this is basically a type of fusion

Page is Here: Energy Fusion

Core City Guardians

this is a faction created by the king of core city himself, this king chose few Coretopians to access the guardian forms, this faction is heroes only and will always be, they have been in wars and won, they will sometimes fight Heroes when necessary, the Coretopian heroes who is apart of this faction follows:

  • Ion the Hedgehog
  • Gavin the Mongoose
  • Otega the Hedgehog
  • Nexus the Forgotten Hero
  • Tori the Angel Wolf
  • Roy the Ninja Armidillo



Coratin Era

this is the birth of the core city guardians, summoned to fight the most known enemy Coratin, and his Dynasty.

Fusion Era

Coming soon

Velo Era

this is the era of the future Core city guardians, after ion had gain new abilities and became a father and king, Ion's son and daughter (Atom and Demonia the HedgeFox) now battle a new threat that could make the universe's to collide, Red Rook the unknown enemy of the future Core City Guardians and the future of their world could be destroyed.