Project: Estelle the Wolf is an animorphic, she-wolf Villian-turned-anti-hero created by EnderWatcherCeris also known as CerisTheHedgehog on other apps on February 28th, 2020. She is an organic life form copy of Lunar Maria Star the Wolf and creation of Dr. Eggman, formerly created to be used as a weapon to not only defeat Sonic the Hedgehog but also to be a weapon against Lunar Star the Wolf. She is currently a anti-hero, not to be seen by anyone since her last encounter with Lunar.

Brief Biography

Creating A Monster

Dr. Eggman flees after another defeat from Sonic the Hedgehog, Lunar Star the Wolf, and their friends and becomes stressed on what to do next to defeat those heroes once and for all. None of his plans worked. All is plans were destoryed and ruined by those heroes every single time! He thought out for every weakness and strength of each enemy to try and figure out something to get the upper hand. That´s when Lunar Star the Wolf came to mind, her powers were so strong and was truly hard to defeat, but also had weaknesses he used against her as well, example would be toying with her emotions, only for his plan to backfire when her dark moon form could trigger. Thinking about her abilities and his battles against her gave him the idea to develop a creation, but not just any ordinary robot, more like an organic life-form, however, he knew his plan could take a long time to create and would need many rare items for his creations to be complete, the most part of the project would be Lunar´s DNA.

Two Years Later.... July 4th

It was another battle against Dr. Eggman, Sonic and his friends were winning as usual, destorying the doctor´s defense systems which frustrated him, but before Dr. Eggman could flee, he uses a needle on Lunar before leaving. Sonic and the others notice this and took Lunar for her to be checked and nothing came up to be concerning, but notice that a small bit of her blood was taken, however, Lunar starts to feel suspicous of what happened and starts to feel as if something was trying to connect with her, like a part of her was searching for it´s way towards her. Silver the Hedgehog grows concerned for Lunar and asked for any assistance. Lunar starts to explain to Silver of her issues of the connection ever since Dr. Eggman stole her DNA, Silver and Lunar decided to sneek into Dr.Eggman´s lair. Upon sneeking in, the two notice the doctor thinking deeply in thought, seeming to be very troubled, saying to himself of his great source of concern of the destroyed defense systems from his recent fight. Lunar and Silver get confused, but soon notice him walking away from his controls, the two than searched through Dr. Eggman´s files and found a map, leading to another area, not far from the doctor´s base. Silver and Lunar both then separated after an arguement in which the two succumb to Estelleś influence. Lunar keeps on encountering what appears to be Silver the Hedgehog multiple times, every time they meet, Silver acts suspicous before glitching out.

Lunar overcomes the illusions and finds Estelle inside of her experiment tube as well what appears to be Silver, who frees Estelle, allowing her to replay flashbacks Sam Watson the Hedgehog blaming her for his death, and Silver the Hedgehog destroying his era. Lunar snaps out of her illusions and attacks Silver unknowingly, he leaves Lunar behind to confront Estelle, who shows her another illusion inside of her mind of a night time realm world. An illusion of Silver appears to torment her and she eventually reverts back to her true form, arrogantly antagonizing Lunar as she flees away from her.

Invading Lunar´s Mind

Lunar manages to kick Estelle out of her mind and prepares to fight her, using her Lunakinesis against Estelle´s red bolts and illusion energy, she was able to weaken her and drain her energy as well, resulting in her voice glitching out rapidly. Estelle then gets the idea of harnesing Lunar´s Lunar energy attacks. She continues to torment Lunar, all whilsts disscusing her plans of all mobians and humans and admitting she hates herself for who she is. She also explains her hatred towards Dr. Eggman for locking her up on his secret base where she was held and plans her revenge against him. The two start to discuss how they´re going to change the world for the better or for worse, Lunar then gives Estelle access into her mind, for the sake of Estelle leaving Silver alone and unharmed.

Estelle enters Lunar´s mind and tranverses through her memories, sarcastically calling them both to be quite alike in terms of origins upon coming across the Lee Kingdom she was temporarily born in and the labertoy she lived in before her adoptive family´s death. Estelle starts to develop more emotions, but comments on how she´s disgusted for her to feel such sympathy upon seeing her friend´s death. Soon enough, Estelle comes out of Lunar´s memories and laughs off Lunar´s heroic goals, but also reflects on what she learned. Lunar starts to trust Estelle and transfers a small bit of her lunar power to Estelle, allowing her to test her abilities and then explains on how to trust others and figure out how to use her powers. Estelle bids Lunar farewell before vanishing, Lunar hasn´t seen her since that encounter.

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Estelle is exteremly sadistic and relatively psychopathic, as when posing Lunar Star the Wolf´s friends and casting illusions on her, she constantly taunts her, manipulates her and always laughs like a madwoman. Even when in one of Lunar´s illusions kills Sam Watson the Hedgehog in front of her, she laughs sadistically after murdering him. She was also very arrongant and had a bit of an inferiority complex, due to how much she laughs and taunts Lunar, She has also explained her hatred towards all mobians and humans, knowing how she was created, she was mainly angry at Dr. Eggman, for keeping her at bay, locking her away on his secret base that Lunar and Silver had discovered, and has said that her hatred for them would never change.

Estelle also wields a rather quick-witted anti and collected side, making it more easier for her to get any mess done. She has done better while doing things her way, rather then blindly following orders from those around her. When on her first encounter with Lunar, she knew how to play by how others act and uses that chance to manipulate her targets. Even when in another attack, staying calm and acting nonchalant about being surrounded by imbeciles she was planning to attack, all in awhile, figuring out a way to gain the upper hand on her enemies.

But deep down, Estelle was aware of how insane she was and wanted to be a good person, but she would have to live with her faults and actions she made in her journey. But she´s genuinely happy to know that she had Lunar, the one who not only released her from her cell, and Xsavion the aquat, the one who wanted to understand her more, but also to have someone she could very much connect with, and considers Lunar and Xsavion as her only friends.

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Estelle is a lot like Lunar but with minimal differences; She wears the same black suit, with similar boots with the black and small smidge of white colors, but with red replacing the sky blue color, also with full black colored gloves. She doesn´t wear any rings. The moon cresent symbol on the gloves is replaced with the Eggman Empire symbol, but with an X over the mark, most likely due to Estelle´s hatred towards him and to symbolize that she is in fact NOT on his side. She also has blood red fur instead of Lunar´s white fur, despite having similar DNA to the real copy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Illusion Manipulation - Estelle has the ability to create and manipulate illusions,.using targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently than what they truly are..
  • Illusion Spikes - Estelle can create illusion spikes from her hands
  • Illusion bullets - Estelle can fire in short sequences of illusion bullets over a wide area.
  • Illusion balls - She can create and fire spheres of Illusion energy.
  • Illusion Zap - She can create a tiny short release of illusions to cause pain or discomfort, usually too low-powered to be destructive
  • Phobia Exploitation: Estelle used this ability against Lunar when released from her experiment tube, and did this to trick her to accidently hurt Silver.
  • Voice Replication - Estelle has the ability to mimic voices of another person or imitate sounds such as animals noises. However, when mimicing those voices, her voice can sometimes glitch out, giving suspision from her target.
  • Shapeshifting - Estelle can shapeshift her form, she can impersonate others or enchance their own body for combat, either by turning into animals, humanoids, monsters, etc, as used when manipulating Lunar´s mind disguising herself as Silver the Hedgehog to trick her. She can also manipulate the abilities of the form she´s in at will, combining abilities, traits, etc.
  • Negative Empath Absorption - Known for her negative empathy, Estelle has the neutral weakness and strength to absorbing negative emotions of those she makes touch contact with around her. Absorbing too much negative emotions from herself and others will lead to becoming a killer hungry beast that she can control, but will only last temporarily when her emotions have relaxed. If she takes those emotions too far however, she will most likely faint from being greatly weakened, or will not walk properly, as a example from feeling Xsavion´s emotions, her veins would turn black, her blood would run cold and she would not be able to have the function to walk properly or stand.
  • Master Acrobat - Estelle is also an accomplished gymnast, capable to dodging spin-dashes, beams, bolts, or any pillars of telekinetically launched at her with ease.


  • Lunar Manipulation - Estelle may be Lunar Star the Wolf´s clone and have her DNA, that doesn´t mean she´s immune to lunar energy. During her fight with Lunar, she was weakened from her lunakinesis which caused her to be stunned momentarily and voice to glitch out rapidly.
  • Negative Empath Absorption - With the ability of absorbing negative emotions of others, it takes a cost to her own health. If she takes those emotions too far however, she will most likely faint from being greatly weakened, or will not walk properly, as a example from feeling Xsavion´s emotions, her veins would turn black, her blood would run cold and she would not be able to have the function to walk properly or stand.
  • Nyctophobia - Due to two years of imprisionment by her own creator, Estelle had developed the fear of the darkness. Keep her into the dark shadows for too long, and her inner hell with break loose.
  • Claustraphobia - Estelle wields the fear of being inside small, tight places. This will cause a great weakness to her mental state if she stays in side that tight place for too long.


Lunar Maria Star the Wolf

Nothing really much to say about Lunar and Estelle´s relationship but that the two are respected aquantinces. Estelle´s main mission was to actually destroy Lunar, however, she decided to go on her own goals due to her creator, Dr. Eggman locked her away on his base for so long, which lead her towards her hatred towards him. The two were enemies at first, but after Estelle traveled through Lunar´s mind in her memories, she admitted that the girls were both quite alike, but how much it disgusts her to feel pity to say the least seeing Sam´s death replay. However, that was the only encounter Lunar had with Estelle and hasn´t seen her since, but believed that someday, she will come back and become a better person than the last she saw her.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Estelle´s creator, she was created as a weapon against Lunar Maria Star the Wolf. Ever since the doctor sealed her away at his secret base, she felt enraged by this and plots revenge against him. Estelle hates Dr. Eggman to the core of her body, and had a deep desire to make him pay for what he had done to her.

Xsavion the aquat

Xsavion and Estelle are both somewhat well acquainted. Despite the two are on and off with each other and have not interacted much, they still have a well bonded relationship. However, Xsavion is served as a chain that slowly brought the good side of her. Estelle respected and unexpectedly cared for Xsavion to the point where she was bitterly hurt whenever speaking to her past life with him, and that comparing them to be somewhat similar. Interestingly though, Estelle would not openly hate Xsavion, simply resenting him for standing in her way. However as time goes by, Estelle´s friendship with Xsavion became close each day that the two stick together no matter what the circumstances are, even being honest with Xsavion if he detects that something is bothering her just as she does for him. Estelle´s creator, CerisTheHedgehog also known as EnderWatcherCeris may have hinted that she may have a romantic interest for Xsavion.


Estelle: *Sadistic Laughter* You do have a lot of hope. But it confuses me, Lunar, how do you need the help of others, when this untapped potential is SO unused?! But you chosed to do nothing with it.¨ ~ Estelle´s question about Lunar´s potential with her energy.

¨ Estelle: Lunar, I still don´t believe in an actual difference between good and bad. People just believe that what they do is the best for them, it doesn´t mean that they are evil or good, we are all different.

Lunar: I would know the difference between good and evil, I´m sure others would know the same...

Estelle: *sighs* At the same time, I can´t help but feel so connected with these mobians..

Lunar: Well, yes--

Estelle: It´s just SO annoying!

Lunar: *confused* Hm? What do you mean by that Estelle?

Estelle: I hate mobians Lunar, that doesn´t change. That will NEVER change. ¨ ~ Estelle´s discussion with Lunar about how she despises all mobians, knowing very well how she was created.



  • Alike Lunar, Estelle cannot eat chocolate, due to being created as the species of a wolf, wolves lack any metabolizing emzymes that break down the theobromine and caffeine in chocolate, it would probably take the wolf to have more than 70 ounces of chocolate to possibly die.
  • Estelle´s ability to manipulate illusions is very similar to Infinite the jackal, however, she was created with that power while Infinite was inhanced with the ability to manipulate illusions.
  • Estelle´s powers were mainly to be Lunakinesis, but instead it seemed to only gave her the similar appearance of Lunar, it could have been possible that it was Selene´s doing, to prevent anyone else aside Lunar to use that power.
  • EnderWatcherCeris´s idea of creating Estelle was inspired by FavreMySabre´s Hypno Steve and Vanny from FNAF
  • Similar to her red fur, Estelle´s wolf type is actually a Red Wolf species of the wolf family.
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