"Right between the eyes!"



  • Crosshair is Recoil the Hedgehog´s brother
  • He has a sniper scope on the left eye and a red dot visor on the right one
  • He can shoot so. between the eyes at a range up to 50 miles
  • He has a Lapua on the left hand and a Deagle on the right

Age: 3.14159266 years

Species: Hedgehog/Cyborg

Gender: Male

Height: 7´ tall (he was once a NBA player)

Weight: 20 lbs

Home: nuclear power plant, Tijuana (the star)

Alignment: Bad

Friends: His brother (sometimes ;P)

Enemies: His mother-in-law, Mr. Fox...

Likes: Ammunition, apple pie, handkerchieves, steam, ballistic oil, weapons

Dislikes: Apple iPhone, Windows 8.1, video games, TV

Personality: mean, sometimes in a good mood (because of apple pie)



In the late 1940´s, after WW2 ended, Crosshair stole a Vibranium armor from America and replaced it by steel (they still doesn´t know). Because of that, Crosshair blacksmithed his own vest out of vibranium. That makes it bulletproof.


Crosshair can easily hide, even when there´s nothing to hide. Because of that nobody can see him when he doesn´t want them to see him.


He has a cool Lapua with which he can shoot through concrete. With his scope eyes, his rifle gets more useful.

Telepathic connection to Recoil

When Crosshair is in danger he can connect to his brother. Then he helps him with his Lazor-Gatling-Gun


Cries easily

When Crosshair is hearing sad music, he begins to cry and he can´t see anything through his scope/visor

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