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D,C 13 is a music band consisting of thirteen friends as they travel around Mobius playing music for the hell of it and getting into hijinks. 


D.C 13 hails from Dexo Concea, an archipelago consisting of thirteen islands with their own cultures, landscapes, and more, so naturally, each island has a member in the band. 


The band was formed when Owen Hope, a human from the island of Unanite got the idea of it from singing to himself and playing on his turntables. This prompted him to set sail for the other islands to recruit bandmates. 

First, he sailed to the second island: Rota and recruited his best friend: Rhys Jenkins, a hedgehog known for his talent on the violin, and together, the two further refined Owen's idea. Once they had finished with that, they continued searching each island for members. 

The two sailed to the third island of Pastelli and came across Henri Monet, a shy cat who dazzled them with his artistic playing of the piano. Amazed at such skill and finesse, the two asked him to join them. Even though he was hesitant at first, Henri eventually agreed after taking a day or two to think and after saying goodbye to his parents, left with the two. 

Feeling pretty good, the three eventually landed on the fourth island of Suzu and ran right into a raccoon by the name of Naoko Ayashi who was late to his own guitar solo, the three stuck around and agreed that he had the right stuff. So after inviting him and almost leaving him behind, the now four members moved on.

Next, they arrived at the fifth island of Gouh and they were almost instantly ambushed by an eager tiger named Bolin Zhu who had heard of their trek, somehow. He insisted on playing some of his saxophone for them and although they were hesitant, they obliged. It didn't take long for them to fall in love and they agreed to let him come. 

The sixth island of Diada was pretty hot for the slowly forming group, so they had to stay at a rundown hotel managed by a teenaged mouse named Andres Ortiz. After overhearing Andres playing his castanets one night, Bolin and Naoko decided to invite Andres to join them. Having been eager to leave the hotel and explore, it was obvious what he decided and they left. 

The seventh island of Zales was crowded, so much so that the group had to travel constantly by alleyways. In one such alley was a fox playing the drums for some orphans. The fox introduced himself as Javis Geiger and explained he was raising money to fix up an orphanage on the island. Feeling sad, the group put on a charity show and raised enough to pay for the repairs. Feeling gracious for their help, Javis insisted on joining them and they agreed.  

Wiltzer, the eighth island, known for its constant snow and ice was a trek for the now larger group. They soon found themself at a hot spring with a single patron: a hawk playing his keytar by the name of Claudio Pecora. The hawk explained no one ever leaves their houses due to the cold which gave him lots of time to practice. Thinking he needed more interactions, Javis and Owen subtly gave him a nudge towards the group and he took the bait.  

Quaty, the ninth island was in the middle of its annual Lovers Festival. So the group was sure it was going to be hard to find someone there. Naw, they bumped into an otter named Perry Bergman wooing the men and women in his sight using his bass guitar. He then took one look at Claudio and proceeded to ask him out. Claudio agreed, but only if Perry were to join their band. It was too easy as Perry said goodbye to his suitors and left with the group.   

Finally, the now nine-member band landed on Olkir, the tenth island, which is almost always in a state of rain. The band asked around for someone to join, this led them to the island's most famous warrior. A crocodile named Timur Volkov who played the flute to signal his training times. Despite being against the idea, he challenged everyone to a duel of spears and if one of them could beat him, he would join. Surprisingly, everyone failed but Henri who used his reflexes to nab a victory. Happy to be defeated at last, Timur gladly joined.  

The Real Founding

After Owen had found his nine bandmates and new best friends. he decided to get to work mapping out a world tour to debut the band. Of course, Rhys had to remind him that there was a lot of work to be done first. Annoyed at how right he was, Owen decided to think about it and let everyone get more used to each other. 

Everyone got familiar with each other and Andres even managed to somehow turn the boat they were using in a hovercraft so they could use it as their first tour bus. 

Eventually, Owen and Rhys had decided on everyone's jobs within the group and handed them out. Owen would be their lead singer, Rhys would be the manager of the group, Henri would handle PR, Naoko was in charge of inventory, Bolin volunteered to be in charge of the stage setup, Andres was to be the one who filmed them on tour in case a documentary was needed. 

Javis would produce their videos, Claudio would be in charge of security, Perry would be the driver of whatever tour vehicle they would be on and Timur would be the bouncer for when the band was somewhere private.  

Everyone's acceptance of these roles was varied, but they all came to an agreement in the end. So with all of that sorted out, the next thing to decide was what kind of band they would be.  

Half believed they should do original songs, while half believed covers were the way to go. The band, afraid of breaking up early due to their separate ideas, had an internal ballot... which didn't help because it was still split.  

That was when Rhys had the brilliant idea to do both. After slapping themselves for not going with that sooner. The group began both practicing the existing songs they liked and writing and practicing their original songs. 

Feeling pretty freaking good about this all, Owen finally got back to planning that world tour after deciding on their name: D.C 10 to always remind them of where they came from. 


Three months later, D.C 10 began advertising their debut world tour to mostly quiet feedback which was understandable. Feeling like they would need a bigger name to get people excited, Rhys began making calls to see if anyone would be the opening act for their tour and get noise drumming up. It was an exhausting search for him and even more so for the band as most were the type to get bored quickly.

Soon though, they would get their answer. One day after getting up from a nap, Rhys noticed a letter addressed to him on his desk and he looked at it. Nothing was written on the outside, but there was a stamp in the shape of a pair of lips with devil horns. Rhys knew what this meant and opened the envelope up. Inside was a letter offering the aid of The Wicked Siblings, Rhys' favorite goth band. The letter expressed interest in opening up for the group and even offered to do so for free.

All Rhys would have to do was meet the lead singer: Aquan and discuss the details. After informing Owen and the group about this, Rhys left to do exactly that. He met Aquan on a highway and the two began negotiations. Aquan still held on to his offer of him and his siblings doing the job for free, but he also wanted to the two groups to meet face to face beforehand so he could assess things. Despite knowing how much lunacy Rhys had already seen from his friends, he took the chance and agreed.

Just two weeks later, The Wicked Siblings' tour van arrived where D.C 10 were docked and everyone began meeting. Aquan observed every single second and Rhys stayed next to him just in case. This went on for a single week. Having sixteen people so huddled together almost broke poor Rhys at times, but he kept strong. At the end of it and despite uncertainty, Aquan agreed to have his siblings and him open for the band. The six left and Rhys collapsed from the stress.

The next several months were much easier for him in comparison and after arriving at their first stop of Central City and letting The Wicked Siblings warm up the crowd. The band readied their instruments and began the first of what would be many performances.

The show was a moderate success, but nothing mindblowing. This left Owen and Rhys nervous about the band's future. But they knew that worrying about it was meaningless in the long run because what they wanted was to have fun and make music. So they continued touring the planet, gaining a little more famous with each show.

10 becomes 13

One year after their debut, Owen and Rhys mandated the band return to Dexo Concea to relax and reunite with what families they had. So they sailed back to their beloved archipelago. As everyone returned to their respective islands to relax, Owen started having concerns about the band.

He knew that even though they were fairly famous due to their debut world tour, he was worried people would get bored of them if they had to rely on a famous band just to get anywhere. He then decided that the band needed more members. So as everyone relaxed for the week. He secretly sailed the tour hovercraft to each of the three remaining islands.

First was the eleventh island of Clarmi, an island known for its lush greens. He decided to stop by a club and watched the show of a beautiful snake dancer, not knowing he was captivated by her beauty. After the show, he decided to introduce himself to her. He then discovered the dancer was, in fact, a teenaged boy by the name of Donkor Essa who was finishing putting his harp away.

Although flustered about his mistake, Owen invited Donkor to join the band as a means of spreading his beauty. Despite being equally flustered, Donkor accepted and retired from dancing to become a full-time musician. Though he still kept his dancer costume and bag of tricks.

Next, the two sailed to the twelfth island of Hankar, an island ruled by a single prince. Owen and Donkor searched high and low for someone to join, but the search turned up fruitless. It wasn't long before they were asked to appear before the prince to explain their intentions for being in his kingdom. Donkor asked Owen to let him take the lead on it and so the two journeyed to the castle.

Inside they came face to face with Eroua Ces, the echidna prince of Hankar who seemed really bored. He had them explain themselves and when Donkor finished, he had one of his guards bring out a tambourine and place it in his lap. He then picked it up and began shaking it wildly. Donkor and Owen joined in with their instruments and Eroua began smiling. He soon stopped them and invited himself to join them as he left his advisor in charge while he was gone.

Finally, the three moved on to the thirteenth and final island: Jelois, an island with an active volcano in the center. As Owen enjoyed the sight of the residents in their swimming trunks and bikinis, Donkor and Eroua began looking for the member they needed in his place. Their search turned up a sleeping jaguar who was sleeping against his own cello. After trying what they could to wake him, the two dragged Owen over.

Owen looked over the jaguar and smiled. He then pulled out a feather for each of them and the three began tickling him. The jaguar soon bolted awake and the three proceeded to calm him down. The jaguar introduced himself as Fabrizio Dival, an explorer who fell under a curse, quite a weak one at that. To thank the three for freeing him, he agreed to join them back to meet the others.

Owen, Donkor, Eroua and Fabrizio spent the rest of the week, which isn't saying much since they only had like two days left, practicing and thinking up the best speech to convince the others to let the three newcomers in. When the week was over, Owen introduced the three to the others.

First came Rhys understandably screaming at Owen for doing so without consent or running it by him first. But after everyone calmed down, Rhys somehow managed to figure out a way to include the three.. as reserve members, in case someone was too sick or injured to perform. The three at first didn't seem happy about it but felt they had come too far and so agreed.

Thus D.C 10 became D.C 13. Which caused quite a few problems for Rhys, Henri, and Javis in terms of branding. But Owen was sure it was a change for the best. With all that done, D.C 13 began their second and at the same time first world tour, this time to more fans due to the more diverse members. Something that did wonders for Owen's ego. But at the end of the day, everyone was happy, having fun and having a blast rocking out. And hey, isn't that what's it all about?

Treasure Hunters Now?

From then on, the band would travel the planet, going on tours, playing shows, or just goofing around. That was until Fabrizio almost completely out of character, came to them about the search for a treasure that was making the news.

The thing is that besides Timur and Claudio, the others didn't seem to care as treasure hunting wasn't what they were about. But Fabrizio was not deterred, so he resorted to bribery, subtle trickery, and even innocent enough blackmail to convince everyone other than Owen to join the three on their quest for the treasure. 

After weeks and weeks of wearing him down with insistent badgering, the bandleader finally agreed that the group would take a break from their travels to get this treasure, eventually realizing he could just have Rhys sell it to upgrade any and all of their equipment. Though the idea still didn't sit well, he let Fabrizio take charge of this new adventure. 

Fabrizio studied each and every clue of the case and eventually realized the most likely place the treasure was, was in the long-forgotten temple of Scraptersha. Now feeling a bit more excited, Owen ordered the group to get ready for what would surely be a harrowing journey for the treasure. Soon enough, the band landed in the country of Scrufponia, where the temple sat right in the middle of. 

Journey Through a Temple

Fabrizio was almost unrecognizable as he was almost as excited as a young child about this. So without hesitation and almost leaving the others behind, he forged ahead to the temple and stood in front of the door. Carved into the door was a set of strange symbols that the others had never seen before. But Fabrizio had appeared to know the answer already as if he had been there before. He knocked on the door twice, followed by sliding his tongue down the door's edges, and when a hole popped out, he stuck one of his fingers inside and twisted it.

The temple started rumbling and it didn't take long for the door to open to a blinding light that Timur, Claudio, and Owen had to shield the others from. Fabrizio quickly urged the others to follow and they stepped inside. The door closed on them and a voice rang out.

It was a woman's voice, only she appeared to be speaking in some language the others didn't understand. To their amazement, Fabrizio, clearly showing how much he was in charge of this adventure, began speaking in the same language and also decided to translate.

He told the others that the voice belonged to the guardian of the temple and that she knew they were here for the treasure. Along with the obligatory facts that they were not the first ones to arrive, and that many had already tried and failed to get the treasure. Fabrizio then told them that the guardian would let them have the treasure if they could pass three tests to prove their worth and the first was in the very next room.

The First Test

So Fabrizio wasted no time and ran off, forcing the others to keep up. They soon arrived in a room filled with giant statues of what appeared to be warriors. The voice rang out again and Fabrizio did his thing. He told the others that the voice wanted them to select four members to battle against two warrior statues. The band discussed this and they would elect Timur, Fabrizio, Claudio, and Javis to do battle.

The temple's guardian chose her two fighters and the battle began. It was a long enough fight, lasting well over an hour as both sides seemed to have infinite stamina and energy to fight. The first to fall was Javis, followed by one of the statues which were defeated by a combo attack by Timur and Claudio. The next to fall was Timur, as he had sacrificed the rest of his energy to protect his comrades from a surely losing blow.

It was down to both Fabrizio and Claudio to finish off the final statue. It didn't go as well as you'd think, as Fabrizio got distracted while lining up an attack that the statue threw Claudio at him and knocked him to the ground. Thus leaving Claudio alone to face it.

The now angered bird used his strength to rapidly slash at the statue with his talons. Though the statue lasted several minutes, Claudio eventually pierced through its stony body and seized the victory for them. The temple's guardian congratulated them and let them move onto the next room. When they got to the room, they found it was filled with water and inside the water was every kind of carnivorous sea creature you could think of. From sharks to piranha and anything in between.

The Next Test

The temple guardian then instructed through Fabrizio's translations that this time, the group would choose four members to walk across a narrow walkway right above the water to fetch the key to enter the treasure's room. Still worn out from the battle, Timur, Fabrizio, Claudio, and Javis opted out and instead volunteered Donkor, Eroua, Andres, and Henri for this one.

Despite protests from the four, they still agreed to it. After thinking out a plan for this, the four got to work. Donkor had fetched a mass of twigs and sticks, Eroua collected some spider webs, much to his disgust, Henri picked up quite a bit of mud and Andres took all of their gatherings and started crafting something.

He finished and held up his crafted masterpiece, and it was a rope that was meant to keep the four tied to each other and to help pull someone up quickly if one fell. The four grabbed onto the rope and began their slow but sure walk to the key. It was bumpy as each of them had almost fallen in many times, and Eroua actually slipped and was sent over the edge, though the others were able to get him back up ok.

They then made it safely over to the key and Donkor picked it up. But as soon as he did, the walkway collapsed, almost like a trap. Realizing how bad this was, Henri looked around for a way back over to the others and hatched a plan. He took the rope and somehow fastened it to each of their waists.

And before anyone could object or question him, he threw the rope over a rafter that just so happened to be above the water. He then used some quick thinking and the momentum of the others to basically swing them over back to the group. Though this didn't happen perfectly, as while the others were pulling them up, the rope snapped and Andres was almost sent into the water.

But he hung on with his claws and the others reached over the edge to pull him up. Not easy either as a shark had clamped its mouth onto Andres' right leg and was trying to pull him down. Using quick thinking, Donkor grabbed a sharp stick from nearby and chucked it at the shark, piercing its mouth and forcing to let go of Andres in pain.

The Final Test

After everyone calmed down and Timur made a poorly worded joke about it leaving a mark. The band rushed towards the next and final test room. Now slightly on edge and more concerned for his friends, Fabrizio translated the guardian's final test. She said that the final five members of the band, these being Owen, Rhys, Naoko, Bolin, and Perry would need to dress up in proper Scrufponian attire and perform a dance known as The Rite of the Astral Star. And if they failed to do so correctly, they would be booted from the temple and forced to do everything once again.

Fabrizio, now feeling guilty for putting the others through this, begged the guardian to reconsider. But she stood her ground and he didn't bother resisting again. The others, of course, had no clue what was they need to do, so they turned to Fabrizio as by now, they had pieced together why he was so excited about the treasure.

Fabrizio explained that he was the last descendant of the Scrufponian people and that he wanted the treasure as a keepsake so his people would never be forgotten. Again, the others already figured this out and so they reluctantly agreed to go through with it. Fabrizio explained the five doing the dance on how to dress themselves.

Which surprising to them meant that getting down to their underwear. Well, it was actually getting completely naked but no one wanted to do that. Then placing specific markings on their faces, arms, and legs in blood, but no one wanted to bleed for this so they opted for mud and finally wearing a crown of leaves on each of their heads.

He then had Donkor help him teach them the dance, as it was more complicated than they anticipated and after an hour or two, Fabrizio felt they were as good as they were going to get. So he drew the circle on the ground that the dance required and lit a fire in the center. Music rang out through the room and the five began the dance.

Fabrizio watched on as for the first time in his life, the dance was being done by someone other than his people. As the dance went on, the room's walls began to change to show the night sky and all its wonders. Fabrizio took this as a good sign and encouraged them to go faster, and so faster they went.

Eventually, the room's walls went back to normal and the fire had burnt out before disappearing into blue smoke. The temple guardian's voice rang out and Fabrizio translated. She said that while it wasn't done traditionally, the dance was still performed honorably and that she considered the test passed. And so, she opened the door with the key that they had gotten in the previous room that lead to the final room where the treasure waited for them

A Revelation

After wiping the dried mud off and getting their clothes back on, the five who danced shot glares at Fabrizio who pretended to not see them. Then the band ran into the final room to see what was all the fuss about. They arrived and saw a female jaguar sitting onto a throne dressed in exotic clothing with a bored but proud look on her face. She looked at each of them but paused when she eyed Fabrizio. She got off her throne and floated down to him.

She took his face in her hands and smiled. What happened next was a surprise to almost everyone, even Fabrizio. The jaguar gave him a hug and a kiss on his forehead before speaking in English for the rest to understand. She told Fabrizio that he shouldn't have kept his mother waiting twenty-four years and that he was grounded.

This rocked Fabrizio as he had no memory of his parents and now a stranger was saying she was his mother. The guardian introduced herself as Catalina, the temple's guardian, and also the last chief of the Scrufponian people. She explained that two decades before, her people were being wiped out by war and her people had hidden her inside the temple in hopes she would be able to bring them back when it was more peaceful.

Catalina then explained she had Fabrizio taken to be raised by an adoptive family while she waited for her son to return and find her. Though she admitted she got bored waiting and wondered what took him so long. This overload of information not only confused him but also the others. But deep down, he knew she wasn't lying.

And though he wasn't ready for a new mother in his life, he agreed to give her a chance to get to know him. Catalina expressed a desire for the same and the two went back to hugging. The others continued to process the information and when the two relatives were finished hugging, Catalina smiled.

She told them it was time to give them the treasure she promised and with a snap of her fingers, a treasure chest appeared. She encouraged Fabrizio to open it himself and he walked over to do just that. He struggled to open it a bit, but he did get it and once he did, something happened that no one except maybe Catalina herself could see coming.

Treasure at Last

A burst of light erupted from the chest and separated into thirteen different colored beams, with each one hitting a different member of the band. A red beam hit Owen and he could feel his energy coming back to him, a sudden urge forced him to touch everyone and they too felt their energy returning.

An orange beam hit Rhys and after getting used to it, he suddenly began hearing things in his head that sounded like they came from the others, like their thoughts. But he wasn't reading their minds, it was more like they were talking to him using their minds.

Next, a yellow beam hit Henri and on instinct, he pulled out the spear he used before and began performing advanced fighting techniques that surprised even Timur. He felt like he had received more fighting knowledge and it felt great to him.

After that a green beam hit Naoko and he clutched his heart before things started to look fuzzy. He looked at himself and found that he was vanishing, but his body was still there physically, almost like he was a blur. Although he didn't know how he felt, he didn't fight it either.

Following that, a light blue beam hit Bolin and he grabbed his throat as if it was in pain. Not being able to take it after a few seconds, he went to yell but instead a shockwave erupted from his mouth and blew a hole in the nearby wall. He looked shocked at it, but that soon turned to excitement.

Right after, a dark blue beam struck Andres and he covered his eyes. Seconds later, he moved his hands and held them out which caused everyone's phones and even Rhys P.D.A to fly at him. He ducked but the devices flew right back again. He grabbed Owen's phone and tapped it which caused it to short circuit.

Not two seconds later, a purple beam connected with Javis and he knelt to the ground in pain. When the pain finally subsided, he stood up and began brushing himself off. But then he accidentally clapped his hands and suddenly a clothes iron appeared in his hands as if it was created on the spot.

Claudio was nervous as a black beam struck him and suddenly he felt his blood boiling and he let out a roar. Once he did, fire poured out of his mouth, his hands, and even his feet which rocketed him into the roof. But the sudden connection with said roof made him fall back to the ground and land somewhat painfully on his butt.

Actually losing his cool as he witnessed all this and then suddenly being hit by a white beam, Perry began begging to be spared any pain. But suddenly he felt not only Owen, but Rhys run up to him and shower him with hugs and kisses. Though he was grateful to be appreciated, even Perry felt it was too much and told them to stop. Which for some reason they did.

Timur knew something was going to happen to him too and he braced for it. Just then a pink beam hit him and he waited for his "reward" as he put it. He expected something painful or embarrassing like the others, but instead, his wounds from the battle began healing and some at a rapid rate too. He then ran over to Claudio and touched him which somehow healed him as well.

At this point, Donkor expected a beam and so he stood there. So a brown beam struck and he just started dancing. Though when he did, Henri and Andres started dancing too. He stopped and they did, he started and they did. The three began looking at each other and Donkor decided to stop dancing for the time being just in case.

Eroua was more mature about this when a silver beam hit him and he folded his arms waiting for whatever to kick in. Out of nowhere, the clothes of everyone else flew off their bodies and towards Eroua. He tried to duck but was instantly buried under everyone's clothes with only his head and feet spared. He looked at everyone standing there naked and just ordered for them to get their clothes on. Suddenly their clothes just returned to them.

Finally, Fabrizio took one glaring look at his mother who just smiled as the final beam, this one being grey connected with him. He clutched his neck and let out a roar that sounded like so many animals. This went on for several minutes, but it eventually stopped. When it did, a wall in the temple was broken down to reveal many many animals standing there as if called.


It took many, many minutes for everything to calm down and for everyone to get their clothes back on. But once it did, Fabrizio walked up to his mother and asked her what happened. She explained that the treasure was a collection of abilities that the gods of the Scrufponian people once possessed which that they had given up to become mortal and that the chief's job was to safeguard the abilities. She also explained that these abilities were the reason behind the war which nearly wiped out their people. The next question he asked was why this all started out of nowhere, the treasure, the search for it, everything.

Catalina explained she had subtly spurred on the search so that Fabrizio would come for the treasure and so the abilities would be passed onto those who could protect them in her stead. When asked what she meant by that, she explained that she was not much longer for the world as she was basically a ghost who was keeping herself anchored to the world just to see her son.

Fabrizio, despite only knowing her for such a short time, grew quite emotional and begged her to find some way to stay. She told him that even if she could, she wouldn't as she didn't belong anymore and that everyone was waiting for her in the next life. But she was sure she'd be back someday.

When Owen asked what she meant, Catalina explained that the Scrufponian people believed in reincarnation, so their souls would return as new people but with little to no memories of their pasts. This bombshell that even he didn't know, almost pushed Fabrizio to the edge and tried even more to convince her.

But she lovingly told him to stop as that was what was intended for her and that he was intended to let her go. She gave him one final hug and a warm kiss before her body began fading. Fabrizio, for the first time they had ever seen, began openly crying and held onto her hands as much as he could before they too faded, leaving him crying to himself.

Instead of forcing him to leave with them. Owen told him that he could stay at the temple for as long as possible and that he knew how to find them. Rhys felt wrong leaving him but accepted his leader's decision and so the other twelve friends left. Fabrizio kept crying well into the night and only stopped when he felt a warm feeling on his arm. He looked up and saw a snake with cold blue eyes wrapped around his arm who gave him a nod.

Fabrizio felt something oddly familiar about the snake but couldn't put his finger on it. The snake then slithered up to his shoulders and laid there, giving him more warmth. He felt a slight smile emerge and he looked at the throne where his mother once sat and he gave himself a nod. He walked over to the throne and sighed.

He talked out loud about how he wished he found her sooner, how he wished his people were still alive, and how he wished he wasn't weak to cry over something like that. But the snake rattled its tail and he laughed. He agreed with the snake that it was embarrassing and that his friends were waiting for him. So he said a final goodbye to his mother, placed one of the leaf crowns on the throne, and left the temple to catch up with the rest of them.

The End of this Journey

Fabrizio caught up with them outside a makeshift shelter that Henri put up and he explained to them all he knew and how he knew he was going to be ok. They all looked at each other briefly before giving him a massive group hug, even Eroua and Claudio felt inclined to do so. He laughed and told them it was time to go. Owen told him it was ok for them to spend the night so he could say goodbye to Scrufponia and Fabrizio expressed gratitude as he secretly wasn't ready.

That night the group discussed the abilities, what they could be capable of, and even if some would be useful in their band tours. The next morning, everyone huddled into their tour vehicle and they began to drive away. Fabrizio looked back at Scrufponian with the snake still on his shoulders and watched as the city mysteriously disappeared. He then promised he would return to fill it with life and love again one day and the band agreed to back him up all the way.

Big Announcement

It was several weeks after the adventure in Scrufponia and the band was getting used their new abilities when Rhys suddenly called them in a meeting. As soon as everyone took their seats, he slammed a folder onto the table and practically knocked Andres over, but was saved by Javis.

When asked by Owen what the big deal was, Rhys simply stated that he did some research into the band's popularity compared to other bands and that he found their popularity was at a consistent and unchanging rate. When Bolin asked why it mattered, Rhys answered that if they wanted to gain more fans and turn the band into a more profitable group that everyone including himself would need to learn how to play a second instrument.

Everyone other than Henri and Timur started talking. Timur and Henri already knew how to play a second instrument or third in Henri's case. But Rhys wasn't fazed by that and told the two they should learn another instrument anyway so as to not get out of taking part in this activity.

Though Perry and Claudio protested to such a plan as they felt Rhys was more interested in money than seeing the band grow. Rhys didn't deny wanting more money, but he explained it mostly came from a desire to see everyone develop into more experienced and talented individuals.

When given this news, everyone agreed to give it a shot. So Owen directed Perry to drive the tour bus to the nearest music store and for everyone to start looking around as soon as they got there. Perry still had reservations despite giving his okay for the idea but drove regardless.

Along the way, everyone began talking about what instrument they'd like. They drove for several days until they arrived at the largest music store they could find and everyone hopped out. Rhys handed them all at least five hundred dollars to find something and told them to meet by the register in two hours at the least.

Going Tune Shopping

Before actually heading it, the friends paired up into what type of instrument they had their eyes on. Claudio and Donkor stood side by side as they decided they wanted something percussion related. Owen and Andres were together as both wanted a string instrument. Timur, Naoko, Javis, Perry, and Rhys himself stood for getting something woodwind. And finally, Fabrizio, Eroua, Bolin, and Henri decided to get an item in brass.

The first to enter was Owen and Andres and they instantly went for the string section. The two toured the aisles looking for just the right fit. They tried many types but ultimately, Owen settled on the banjo. He knew that he always liked the banjo and said that he would have started with it had it not been for his bigger love of spinning records. Andres was a bit pickier as he wanted something perfect for his hands.

He looked around and spotted something that looked like Rhys' violin and he picked it up. Owen explained that it was called a viola and that Andres could consider it a smaller violin. Andres already liked hearing Rhys play his violin as he loved the sweet but somber songs that Rhys would sometimes play. So he knew right there that the viola was something he could play to get closer to Rhys and so he chose it.

Next to enter were Donkor and Claudio. They headed for the percussion section and looked around. Donkor was the first to find what he wanted as he had decided to choose a keytar just like Claudio. But unlike Andres, he didn't want it to get closer to Claudio. He wanted one because he felt the mobility was important for playing while dancing. So he tried it out while doing some basic steps and he knew that it was the one for him. Claudio was way pickier about his new instrument.

He thought that if he was stuck with something new, it should feel like something old. So he scanned the aisle with keytars until he came across a regular keyboard. He figured he could use it just like his keytar, but surprised to find it was more complicated and it lacked the slick design and extra features he was used to. Hoping it was good enough for Rhys, he grabbed it.

After that, the brass buyers went in and began looking. Henri was the first to find his choice as he picked up a french horn. He knew he wanted it because he wanted one as a child, but his parents never let him have one and this was his chance to have one to call his own. Eroua found his next as he chose a trumpet.

He always admired his army's guards and their trumpets, so he felt getting one would make them closer to them and hopefully let him play with them someday. After that was Bolin who nabbed a trombone, he chose it because he appreciated how much effort it took to play one and liked the challenge. Finally, Fabrizio picked up a tuba. His only criteria were something big and potentially heavy, and it checked both for him.

Finally, the boys who wanted woodwinds walked in. The first to pick was Javis as he chose a bassoon. He chose it because of its unique way of playing and he thought it would be fun to toy around with. Next was Naoko who gravitated towards the oboe, who chose it due to the many keys on it, he knew it was an undertaking and he wanted to do his best to master it.

After that was Perry who quickly snatched up a piccolo, He liked how funny it sounded and loved how unique it looked. Plus he liked how the mouthpiece felt against his lips, which kinda weirded everyone else out. So after him, Timur made his selection in which it was the clarinet. Timur was already quite the pro of instruments played by mouth and he felt like this was the easiest choice for him.

Finally, Rhys looked for his, and for some reason, he felt he was having the hardest time. He knew he wanted something he could play, but he also wanted something challenging but then at the same time unique. He searched the aisles until the time limit he imposed was almost up.

But just as he was going to give up, he spotted it. All the way in the back of the aisle sat a hidden but lone pan flute. He saw it sitting there and felt sorry for it. So he picked it up and gave a nod, deciding then and there that it was the one for him.

Getting Settled

Everyone was quick to make their purchases and get back on the tour bus. Perry set the bus to autopilot and joined the others in the back so they could each unbox their new instruments and get started practicing. It didn't go so well as the majority of the guys were understandably new to playing them.

So over the course of the next several weeks, they would go about their days but with practice sessions mixed into their schedules. This went on for nearly a year until Rhys felt they had gotten as they could get, and so Rhys scheduled for their next performance to be played exclusively with their new instruments to see how well they got.

Things weren't perfect as notes were missed, timings were off and instruments were dropped a couple of times. But the overall show proved to be fairly successful, not perfect, but no one was expecting to be with new instruments. After the show, Rhys called everyone back to the meeting room and informed them of their performance scores.

He told them that everyone had done better than he had expected and he was sure that things would only get better with more and more practice. So he told them he had added more practice sessions to their schedules bumping it from six times a week to a full fourteen. That way he felt, they would get better and better and they could cut time on doing so.

Despite initial complaints, the group would agree. So all until the next performance, they would stick to said practice times and begin to get better. And once he felt they were even better, he created another new instrument performance, this one being much smaller in scope. Once the day came, the band performed and Rhys could tell they had achieved the best state they could, again still not perfect.

After the show, he gave them their performance scores and everyone felt happy about them, even Rhys himself. And so, the band kept at practicing with not only their original instruments but their new ones as well with the goal of eventually mastering them both.

Rhys was glad that his idea worked out in the end, but swore to think things through better in the future. Owen looked at his best friend with worry about other ideas he might have but smiled as he pulled out his banjo and began furiously strumming it. Rhys rolled his eyes in annoyance but joined in with his pan flute, playing it smoothly, creating what some might have called the most calmingly manic duet they ever heard.

I Need a Vacation: Claudio

It was one month later and the group had gotten bored of both practicing their new instruments and inherited powers. Normally they would have a performance to play, but this was the season where music venues would be getting booked left and right leaving them without any available spaces. So they all just kind of lounged around the tour bus bored or annoying each other for entertainment.

This went on until Owen suggested that the friends go back to Dexo Concea and just go on vacation. Even Rhys, who was normally against Owen's ideas was for it and expanded on it by suggesting they spend a certain amount of time on each island so everyone could catch up with their family or friends.

With this plan in mind, Perry revved up the bus and practically zoomed towards the nearest dock. Of course, the first question before getting on a boat was to decide which island to visit first, naturally, everyone wanted to visit their respective homelands.

But Claudio spoke up pointing out that when people think vacation, they tend to think of relaxing and asked what could be more relaxing than a hot spring such as the one on his island. Everyone else agreed it was a good point and so they decided that the first island to go back to was Wiltzer.

It was a long and conversation filled ride to Wiltzer, but as soon as everyone undocked, they remembered how cold it was and almost everyone began shivering. Claudio shook his head, as being the resident native of the island, he was accustomed to it with the added bonus of his firepower heating his body up for him. He led the others to the hot spring and made sure to ring the bell while waiting the others took note of a gift shop through a nearby door and some smiled at it.

Nerina and the Hot Spring

Before they could act, out from under the counter came a female falcon who looked just like Claudio, except again female and a falcon. Claudio introduced her as Nerina, his twin sister who promptly ran up to him from being the counter and slapped him. When asked why, she stated that she was angry at him for leaving her to run the hot spring alone with their parents.

After noticing the similar personality between the two and the following glare by Claudio, the others left the siblings to patch things up as they sat in the waiting room expecting him to pay the cost for all of them. Claudio and Nerina continued with their sibling argument for nearly an hour before coming over with a forced smile on Claudio's face and a normal smile on Nerina's.

She then instructed the group of friends to follow her as she gave them a tour of the facility. Claudio told her she didn't need to as they were fully aware of how a hot spring works, but Nerina shot a glare at him which shut him up and the others noted it must be a shared family habit.

Nerina explained that they had six separate bathing rooms which consisted of two male-only, two female-only, and two mixed-gender/family bathing rooms. When pointed out how little that seemed to be for a hot spring by Andres, Nerina opened one of them to show everyone that one of the rooms was huge.

She then added that despite having only six rooms, each one was a lot bigger and could hold more people than an average hot spring could. She then brought them to what seemed to be a break room and explained that this was where the family and employees had breaks and realized after that it was pretty obvious, so she quickly moved onto the next section of the hot spring.

This time she brought them to an area with many closed doors and do not disturb signs. Donkor asked what area they were in and Nerina reluctantly explained that this was the V.I.P section, where special customers could pick out an employee and have one on one time with them.

Of course, this naturally caused some of the more dirty-minded members of the group to start imagining things to whom both Claudio and Nerina were quick to punch. But both soon admitted their imaginations were half correct as it was used for that some of the time. But most of the time it was used for privacy for some of the more wealthy or influential visitors to vent out their frustrations or get unlicensed therapy.

Wishing to quickly change the subject, Nerina lead them to the next section which looked like the V.I.P section but without the do not disturb signs. Nerina explained this was for services to further relax the mind or body with activities such as acupuncture or massages.

She added that the hot springs were originally built for such services but was converted to be an all in one kind of place by hers and Claudio's grandfather. Claudio turned away at the mention of his grandfather and the others took a mental note before moving on to the next section.

Finally, Nerina brought them to an outdoor area which instead of blasting them with cold air like it should have, they instead felt the relaxing feeling of steam. Nerina smiled and told them that they were standing in the outdoor sauna. She explained that instead of having an indoor sauna as you'd see in a spa.

She, in particular, had the backyard converted so people could get better accustomed to the outside cold via steam and hot rocks. She gave herself a pat on the back and threw a hot rock into a pile. She then gave everyone except Claudio a pamphlet and asked them to recommend the hot spring to their friends and family and to visit the gift shop on their way out.

Eroua took notice of a building on the map inside and looked up. He asked what the place named sanctuary was which prompted Nerina to frown. She told him that it was a part of the hot spring which had caved in and was not to be visited before shaking her head and walking towards the door that led back into the building.

She first turned to the others and wished them a happy stay before giving her brother a hug. going inside and then shutting the door. Everyone looked at each other with various degrees of excitement, so they decided to break and meet back up later. Rhys gave them a time limit of three hours but really he didn't care for once as he hadn't gotten a vacation in months.

Meeting Donte

Owen and Rhys decided to stay at the outdoor sauna as they wanted to try the steam, Timur and Fabrizio chose to head towards the breakroom to see if any of the employees were there, Naoko and Bolin wanted to see the acupuncture and massage rooms for some body therapy.

Javis and Eroua set out to explore the main bathing rooms so they could figure the best positions for everyone, Henri, Andres and Donkor all wanted to visit the gift shop and see what trinkets and toys they could take home, finally, Claudio and Perry decided to just explore the place together as both weren't sure what they wanted to do first.

While walking, Perry noticed a sour expression on Claudio's face and asked what was wrong. Claudio was hesitant to speak at first, but soon enough his frustration came to a boiling point and he started explaining how he was meant to inherit the hot spring when his grandparents died as he was the oldest of him and his sister but he didn't want to run a stuffy, primitive and glorified bathroom.

He went further in as he explained that his desire to venture outside of Wiltzer and see the world caused a rift between his parents and him which caused them to manage the hot spring from home and for him to begrudgingly sit inside the hot spring and play music for the guests before the band found and recruited him.

Perry listened to this in silence and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. He pointed out the obvious fact that Claudio was being insensitive and was basically refusing to hear his parents out and hear why they felt it was his responsibility. Claudio was first shocked to see Perry display such maturity but put that aside when he realized that he was right, he didn't give them a chance.

But he also realized they did the same to him and pointed this out. Perry, in turn, noted he was correct as well and wondered what Claudio would do if they turned a corner and were suddenly face to face with one or even both of his parents.

As if by irony or just dumb luck, they turned a corner and both collided with a large falcon smoking a cigar and holding a stack of money. He looked down at the two before his eyes fixated on Claudio. Almost ignoring Perry, the falcon bent down and helped Claudio to his feet. Claudio stared him before sighing.

Perry put two and two together and realized this falcon was Claudio's dad and introduced himself as Claudio's boyfriend, which earned him an elbow to the gut. The expression on Claudio's dad went from stern to relieved, almost as if he was glad to see his son after so long. Perry not so subtly asked why his dad wasn't saying anything, Claudio explained that his dad was mute and that he usually had his other dad explain things to him.

Perry looked at the falcon who gave a nod. Claudio introduced his dad as Donte and Donte returned this by giving both friends a hug. Perry decided to go on his own and let Claudio catch up with his dad. Claudio waited until the two were alone before pulling his dad into one of the empty rooms and closing the door. His dad sat down and Claudio crossed his arms before apologizing for how things went before he left.

Donte gave a nod before pulling out a pad of paper and writing something down, he then showed it to Claudio. It was an apology for letting the dispute between them and Claudio's other dad get so far. Claudio smiled slightly at this before walking over to his dad and sitting down next to him.

Donte then smiled and wrote something else down before showing it. This was a question about Claudio and Perry's relationship which earned a slap from Claudio. Claudio decided to get revenge by summing a flick of fire and tossing it at Donte's cigar which burned it up entirely much to Donte's surprise.

Donte then wrote down and showed that he always knew Claudio was a hothead which earned a sarcastic laugh as if that joke had never been made before. The two spent over two hours catching up and just talking through what happened that when it was about half an hour before Rhys' time limit, the two got up and gave an awkward hug to each other.

Lastly, Luca

As they were leaving the room, Claudio walked face first, again, into someone and looked up to see a hawk staring at him with a somewhat confused look on his face. This was, of course, Claudio's other dad. Claudio said hi to his dad using his real name of Luca which earned him a stern glare.

He then retracted and just said hi to his dad. Luca looked at him and then at Donte who smiled. Luca asked why Claudio was back after so long and Claudio sighed as he knew he was gonna have to explain everything once more, but Donte shook his head as if saying that he would explain it to his husband later. Luca was reluctant to let this go but went along with it.

After a few minutes of unease, Luca looked at Donte who smiled at the sight of having their son back again. Luca then knelt down and hugged his son tightly, almost too tight. Claudio blew a tiny bit of fire onto his dad's neck to make him release which made him jump back in surprise.

He quickly put together that his son must have gained some power while he was away and smiled at the thought of his son having something even more special to him. Claudio apologized for the burn to which Luca said not to worry and that he shouldn't have hugged too tight. The two laughed it off and came together for a lighter hug and a high five.

Having that out of the way, Luca snapped his fingers and grabbed both by a hand and led them throughout the hot spring, earning varied looks from not only the other band members but also Nerina and the other employees. Luca led them to a door marked sanctuary to which Claudio knew from earlier.

Luca waited a minute before opening the door to reveal that Nerina was correct as the room had caved in, leaving almost the entire room buried under rock or metal. Luca instructed the two to enter with him and they did so. As soon as Luca closed the door, he began searching the rubble for something.

Claudio and Donte decided to pitch in and the three searched together until Luca held up a case. He set it down on the floor and Claudio looked over at it. He asked what it was and Luca explained that this was something he hid from Claudio until he felt it was the right time for him to receive it.

Donte looked at his partner who gave a proud nod as Claudio walked over to the case and opened it. Inside the case was a cannon that looked like it came from the medieval era of Wiltzer's history. Luca told his son that the cannon was now his to use as he saw fit.

Full of confusion, Claudio asked why. Luca explained that the cannon had been passed down from father to son in the family as an heirloom and that he never got to give it to Claudio because he left home without warning. Feeling more guilt over his hasty decision, Claudio closed the case and ran up to his dad, giving them both a nod.

Luca then told his son that although they fight and feelings get hurt, he and Donte would never hate their son and would always love him. Feeling that things were getting too mushy, Claudio agreed and changed the subject to giving him and his friends a discount to which Luca replied stating not to bet on it.

Family Bonding at Last

The three had a long enough talk to sort things out more before the time limit ran out and Claudio had to get back to the others. The three made their way back to the front desk where the band, plus Nerina were waiting. Nerina saw her dads with him and smiled before going over and pulling them all into a hug which earned an aw from the others.

Claudio decided to pay for the time they spent and told the others to wait by the tour bus while he said goodbye to his family. Though Owen interjected by telling Claudio that this was a vacation and the group didn't have to stay together and thus ordered him to stay with his family while the others left Wiltzer.

Claudio looked at Rhys who agreed and prompted everyone else to go. As soon as the last one left, Claudio turned back to his family and gave a wink. This was a signal which meant it was time for a family bath and so the four headed off to one of the family baths and got ready for a nice long soak.

Discussions of the night went from how Claudio was doing to if he was dating anyone to what he missed while he was gone and beyond. Everybody knew that a year and months of baggage wasn't going away in just one soak so they strapped in for what some may have called tough family love.

But at the end of the day, Claudio was actually happy and was almost sad when thinking about when it was time for him to go. But he put it to the back of his mind as he listened to his sister argue with their dads about cleaning up the sanctuary room.

Claudio interrupted with the declaration that he was hungry and the four decided to order food to be delivered to them. Once the food arrived and everyone began eating, Nerina asked Claudio about his plans for the future. To which he stated that he wasn't sure, but what he was sure of was that he missed the four of them which elicited laughs from the three much to his embarrassment.

Luca playfully mocked him for acting so mushy and Donte giggled under his breath which made Claudio roll his eyes. Regardless he was glad to be back home, even for the time being, and was going to savor the time he had with them. But what he didn't know was something strange happening to both his keytar and the cannon he received. Sadly, that's a story for another day.

I Need a Vacation: Henri

After leaving Claudio and Wiltzer island behind for the time being, the remaining twelve decided to plan on which island to head for next. It was a long process of voting and disagreements before Henri brought forth the idea of visiting his parents and staying at his home for the day. Seeing as the only other option was to continue disagreeing with each other, the rest agreed and so they set sail towards the island of Pastelli once again.

Upon arriving, the group set foot on the island's pier and looked around. Henri excused himself a moment before pulling out a cellphone and walking away for a few minutes. When he came back, he explained that a car would come to pick them up and take him to his home. Sure enough, the car did come, but to the surprise of everyone but Owen and Rhys, it was a limo. Everyone huddled into the vehicle and it drove off towards a wooded area.

The limo would eventually stop at a large mansion surrounded by a huge garden and gates. The limo drove through a gate and stopped in front of the mansion before a sharply dressed spider opened the door and bowed. Henri greeted the spider as his butler Florymond. Florymond welcomed Henri and his friends inside before studying them with his eyes. When he finished, he instructed Henri and the others to follow him to meet Henri's parents. This caused Henri to frown and the others took note of this as they did as they were told and followed.

Florymond lead them all to a door marked with fancy flower carvings and he knocked on the door before opening it to reveal a large dining hall with a long table and many chairs. Sitting towards the far end of the table were a male purple cat and a female black cat who looked up, saw Henri and his friends and went back to whatever conversation they were having prior. Henri introduced them as his father Brum and his mother Mailys. The others noticed a worse frown on his face and Owen urged him to make himself more known to the two.

Henri agreed reluctantly and knocked on the table which caused his parents to finally stop talking and fully acknowledge him. Brum asked his son if his nearly two-year vacation from the family was fun, with just a hint of bitterness on his tongue. Henri pretended not to notice and answered that he had fun in his usual polite manner. Mailys was a little kinder as she said that she had missed him but then she also asked if Henri had come back to stay, to which he said no, but with equal kindness.

Brum and Mailys looked at each other and went back to talking with each other. Florymond felt worried for his young master and excused not only Henri but himself and the group out. To which the two talking barely acknowledged. Florymond led the group to a wing with just enough rooms for each of them. He then told them that they were to spend the night there and when morning came, it would be time for them to leave, except for Henri. When Owen protested, Florymond stated that Henri's escapades with them caused his parents immense grief and that it would be better for the house if he stayed.

Henri, having known Florymond since they were children asked him to reconsider. Florymond though conflicted due to his duties as a butler and his friendship with Henri eventually agreed to do so. But only if Henri would talk with his parents and get their approval first. Henri gave his word and the others chose to go to their rooms and let things sort themselves out without interfering. Henri then asked Florymond to take him to his mother's library for a heart to heart with her.

The Friendly Florymond

Along the way, the two decided to catch up and Henri talked about their globe-trotting adventure and his inherited power to which Florymond just listened in awe. Florymond then took his turn to explain what had changed on Pastelli since his master's departure, such as the election of a new mayor, his parent's adding a new section to the mansion and even Florymond's promotion to chief butler. Henri was amazed at all he missed, though expressed some disappointment when he noticed that there were fewer servants than when he lived there.

Florymond informed him that because of a drop in productivity for the family's mining operations, that his parents were forced to let some of the staff go and only keep the essentials. This caused Henri to sigh sadly as he hated the thought of the former worker's being hard on money and struggling. Florymond broke him out of his brief sadness by telling him that he was sure they would be welcomed back on a later date as they weren't fired completely. This made Henri feel a bit better but still somber.

The two kept walking and soon Henri mentioned that he forgot how big the mansion was because he swore they would have been at their destination by then. Florymond laughed and stated they knew Henri hadn't grown out of being so him. When asked what he meant by that, the spider just shook his head politely and told him not to worry. Henri didn't like that much and focused his mind on what he was going to say to his mother when they got there. Florymond noticed this too and was quick to point out that whatever scenario Henri had going on in his head was worse than what could actually happen. Henri smiled and asked when did he quit being a butler and become a therapist, to which Florymond winked.

Henri would soon ask if Florymond would like to accompany him if he did leave with the others again as he had missed his company oh so much. Florymond laughed politely before giving his master a hug, though when they parted he had a forced smile on his face when he rejected Henri's offer as he reminded Henri that leaving wasn't an option for him. Henri then remembered that Florymond was basically sold by his parents into being a butler at the mansion when he was Henri's age. Henri apologized for forgetting this and begged for forgiveness. Florymond replied stating that apologizing and begging were unneeded as he strangely felt happy working for Henri's parents and that they had been better parents to him than his own.

Henri wasn't sure about that statement but didn't feel like pressing it further in case it made Florymond feel as sad as he was. He walked in silence as he mentally shamed himself for unintentionally bringing it up. Florymond honed in on this and stopped them and forced him to sit so he could console Henri. The two talked it out some more before getting up and continuing. Henri noted that he still couldn't believe that the walk was so long to their current destination. Florymond was happy to see Henri look somewhat happier than when he used to live there and asked about his new friends. After explaining each of them, Henri almost as if reading his butler's mind stated that he was glad to see the spider and decided to play some games to pass the time.

The two eventually reached the door to his mother's library and the two stood there as if getting ready for something heavy. Henri looked at Florymond who gave a sweet smile and a nod before knocking on the door. After a few minutes, the two heard Henri's mother say to come in and the two did so. She looked up from her book at them and darted her eyes back at her book before closing it and setting it down. Florymond walked over, picked up the book and placed it on a shelf before being instructed to take Mailys' empty glass, bring another and fill them with more wine. He excused himself to do so, but not before patting Henri on the shoulder for luck.

Mother Mailys

Henri and his mother watched each other as neither one knew what to do in the situation. In the end, Mailys made the first move by getting up, walking over to Henri and holding him in a warm and tender hug. She let go and offered him a seat next to her, to which he took almost reluctantly. Mailys studied her son and noted that he seemed more fit than when he lived at home and expressed gratitude that he was at least eating properly. Henri gave a nod as he watched his mother's eyes glance over him.

The two sat in silence as neither of them knew what to say next. Henri would break the silence by asking his mother how she had been dealing with things while he was gone. Mailys shook her head before answering that she and his father had been getting into arguments every so often about just the little things and that she had taken to drinking around the house to cope. This stunned Henri as not only had his parents rarely fought, but he knew his mother even more rarely drank with such recklessness. He asked if she was ok and she maintained that she was.

Henri's guilt increased as he felt somewhat responsible, to which he asked if such was the case. Mailys didn't confirm or deny his question but instead asked him to drop the subject as she didn't want to spend their time together feeling bad about it. She then began to recall some happy times she had while he was away to which Henri sat and listened to in silence, still feeling pretty guilty. When she finished, she noted that Florymond still hadn't returned with more wine and expressed disappointment as she wanted to have a drink with Henri since he had finally become of drinking age in the family.

Henri noted that he forgot about that and expressed disinterest in drinking as he saw what was becoming of his mother. She hushed him and said that doing so with him would make her feel all the better and he agreed to at least one glass. Florymond returned with more wine and the second glass, poured it for them, and excused himself. The two began their drinking and after feeling sick from his first sip, they began talking more. This time with the edge off, they began to talk about more serious stuff until Henri had the idea to his mother of his adventures and showed off his power thinking it would pass some time.

His mother was subtle in expressing her approval as he went on. She then cracked a slight smile before walking over to a bookshelf and instructing Henri to follow. He did so and she proceeded to pull a book that activated a hidden door. Henri stood in awe but Mailys ordered him gently to follow her and he did as he was still in awe. She led him down a corridor that eventually emptied into a room filled with old-looking books, clothing and weapons.

When asked what room they were in, Mailys explained it was a secret room she had built into the mansion that was dedicated to the family and that she hadn't told her husband about it yet. When asked why, she reminded him that his dad had married into the family and there were certain secrets she had to keep in order to become head of the family and that she was eventually going to tell them anyway, but that this one, in particular, had to be between just her and Henri for the time being

She rummaged around the room before coming across a chest and fiddling with the locks. She would soon get them undone and open the chest revealing a gatling gun being housed inside. Henri recognized it as the same gatling gun used in a war held in Pastelli's past for its independence from Rota. Mailys revealed that she had been saving the gun for Henri to inherit one day and felt this was the best time. When asked why she stated because she felt that his power would be best suited to it and added that she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Despite hating violence and more-so guns, Henri felt he couldn't reject his mother and agreed. She then informed him she would have it secretly sent to leave with him and his friends. The two explored the room some more before leaving and returning to the library. They talked more before Florymond came back and informed Henri that his father wished to speak with him. Henri and Mailys awkwardly gave each other a hug before Mailys wished her son luck and bid him farewell with a kiss on his cheek.

Father Brum

Luckily for the two, their destination was just at the end of the hallway located at the mansion's primary office room. Florymond knocked on the door and the two waited. Florymond took the opportunity to ask how things went, to which Henri stated good but awkward. To which Florymond silently laughed and expressed that it felt about right. Almost right after, the deep voice of Henri's father instructed the two come in, to which they did. Henri entered first and eyed his father doing paperwork at his desk and Florymond followed somehow holding a newspaper he hadn't had just before

He sat the paper on the desk and excused himself as he silently wished Henri luck. He closed the door and Henri stood there with the man who brought him into the world. Brum was the first to speak as he instructed his son to sit in front of the desk to which Henri did so. Brum then put his paperwork down and stared harshly into his son's eyes who nearly buckled under the pressure to look away, but held on.

Brum shook his head and cleared his throat before bitterly welcoming his son back. Henri expressed gratitude at the sentiment before bowing his head. After putting the paperwork away, Brum looked at Henri again and asked why he had come back after he decided to run away. Henri hurt by his father's harsh question explained that he felt trapped at home and just wanted to be free to live a normal life away from the cliche pressure of high society. A situation that both men noted was cliche in of itself.

Henri looked to the floor in silence as Brum sighed and began rubbing his temple. Henri apologized for the stress he put his father and mother through for leaving. Which his father didn't even register as he was busy with looking through his desk for something. Henri asked his father to say something to which Brum simply stated that he shouldn't be apologizing to them, but to the generations of Monet that he had let down with his actions, which hit Henri in the gut with guilt. He tried apologizing again before being slapped across the face by his father to silence him.

Brum then grabbed the newspaper on the desk and placed it on top of a cabinet before asking Henri what his plans were now. Henri still hurt from the slap, explained that he and his friends were going on a self-imposed vacation and that he wanted to stay at home for it before leaving again. Brum didn't like the idea and told Henri his place was at home, not with a group of men who could corrupt him any further and lead him astray. Henri's mind went cloudy as he tried to form a response to this claim but before he could, Brum expressed that Henri was a failure.

This finally made Henri snap as he got up, walked around the desk, and stared daggers into his father's eyes before calmly telling his father to shut his mouth. Brum, enraged at his son's manner stood up to meet him and readied his hand for another slap. Henri grabbed his father's arm and forced it behind his father's back which surprised Brum. Henri began laying into his father about everything he had bottled up. From his constant verbal abuse growing up, the way that Brum ignored his family for work and prevented Henri from making friends to even dictating what Henri could do in his free time and many more.

Unable to fight back against his son, Brum stood there and took it all as he was in shock over his son's sudden fortitude. When Henri finally finished, he let go of his father's arm and walked back to his side of the desk before sitting down. Brum slowly came out of shock and sat down facing Henri. Henri realizing he had lost control was about to apologize when his father began breaking down and crying. Brum expressed remorse in all of the terrible things he did to Henri and everyone around him, noting that he had been a horrible father and husband and asking for forgiveness from Henri.

Henri watched as the scene lasted for quite a while before his father began to calm down. Henri grabbed a box of tissues and handed them to his dad who was quick to clean up. After asking Henri to forgive him again, he waited. Henri sighed and informed his dad that he did not forgive him, but he was willing to let his father earn it by doing better to which Brum agreed. The two sat there in awkward silence before Brum walked over to Henri and pulled him into a deep hug expressing gratitude that Henri had learned something while he was gone.

A Night to Remember

The two had a awkward and heartfelt talk until Florymond came in to inform Henri that dinner was ready. The two men looked at each other and gave a nod before following Florymond to the dining hall once more. When arriving, they noticed that not only Mailys there but also the group who were already seated. Henri and Brum sat down and Florymond began getting dinner served. As dinner began, the band noticed how more confident Henri seemed to be and chalked it up to quality time with family.

After dinner and dessert was done, they all moved to casual talking with each other which led to many interesting stories from the house of Henri. Henri sat there quietly as he was still processing everything that had happened that day and only snapped out of it when Florymond sat next to him, having gotten permission from Brum. Henri smiled and Florymond asked how things went with his dad, to which Henri stated it was cleansing. Brum muttered under his breath that was one way to put it before Mailys pulled on his ear to silence him.

As the evening started to become night and everyone begun to get tired. Henri got out of his chair and looked around the dining hall. He noticed that Florymond had vanished and called out to him. This prompted said spider butler to appear from the kitchen with a special cupcake informing everyone who didn't know that the day after was Henri's birthday and that not he, but Henri's parents had a surprise and that it was inside the cupcake.

Henri, slightly confused took the cupcake and bit into it. He stopped and when asked why by Naoko, he answered by pulling a ring out of the cupcake. He looked at it in wonder and began asking why himself. Brum and Mailys smiled as Florymond asked Henri what happened at the end of the first day the two had when they were kids. Henri searched his brain for the answer before gasping in shock to which Florymond gave a nod. Owen and the others didn't get it and Henri had to spell it out for them.

He told them that the day that Henri and Florymond met as kids was the day that Florymond was sold to be his butler and that the two became fast friends and played together, then stated at the end of the day Florymond had made a declaration to marry Henri when they got old enough and that this was the spider coming through on his promise. The others each reacted to this in their own way, but all was in happiness as Florymond took the ring, got on one knee, and asked Henri to marry him.

Brum and Mailys smiled and urged Henri to accept as they tried to show that they did care for their son's happiness. Henri was overwhelmed but shook his head, pushed the ring back, and stated that it was too early in both of their lives for that. Florymond, despite feeling slightly hurt by the rejection stated he figured as much and reaffirmed to Henri that he would wait and that Henri should live his new life as he sees fit and return when and if he's ready. Henri pulled his best friend for a deep hug and apologized. Florymond told him there was no need and everyone took their time to recompose themselves.

Brum and Mailys excused themselves as they decided it was time for bed and Florymond led everyone else to their rooms once more. As everyone entered and closed their doors leaving Henri and Florymond alone. The two stared awkwardly at each other: Florymond for embarrassing himself by proposing and Henri for rejecting the proposal. Henri broke the ice and invited Florymond into his room to catch up some more and play a card game to which the butler agreed, but not before giving his best friend a peck on the lips. Henri dumbstruck at the nerve chased him into the room and the two began their night talk.

When morning came, Henri informed the others that he wanted to stay behind to enjoy the rest of the vacation at the mansion and make the time with his family count. The others obviously understood and agreed to see him when the vacation was over and all decided to quickly leave to give Henri his desire. Henri shook his head while massaging his neck and Florymond laughed at the colorful friends before the two went back inside the mansion. Meanwhile, Henri's piano on the tour bus and the gatling gun in the secret room began to glow a bright light to which Mailys noticed the latter and smiled.

Band Members

Down below will be a very simplified summary of each band member which will include the following: their names, full names, ages, species, genders, height, weight, sexuality, nationality/ethnicity, role in the band, their instrument of choice, their secondary instrument.

What weapon they use, what island they hail from, a description of their appearances, a brief description of their personality, and a brief summary of what power they inherited from the Scrufponian gods. 


These are the original ten members, nothing more needs to be said.

Owen. Full Name: Owen Hope. Age: 20. Species: Human. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.9". Weight: 207 lbs. Sexuality: Bisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: American. Band Role: Founder and singer. Instrument: Turntables. Secondary Instrument: Banjo. Weapon: Chakrams. Island: Unanite.

Appearance: Owen has messy black hair that he usually lets fall to the top of his neck along with warm brown eyes and light tan skin due to his healthy exercise regimen. Although he wears something new every day, his go-to is a sleeveless purple t-shirt with red bike shorts and a pair of blue slightly ripped sneakers. 

Personality: Owen is optimistic and confident to a fault. He prefers to look at the bright side of things and it takes a lot to get him to worry about something. He has been compared to a child on numerous occasions, but he doesn't really seem to mind, you could swear he takes it as a compliment. 

Power: Owen inherited the ability to replenish one's energy or special ability. He is able to use this as long as he himself has enough energy to do and can only do so to himself in short bursts. 

Rhys. Full Name: Rhys Jenkins. Age: 21. Species: Hedgehog. Gender: Male. Height: 6'.1". Weight: 198 lbs. Sexuality: Gay. Nationality/Ethnicity: British. Band Role: Co-Founder and manager. Instrument: Violin. Secondary Instrument: Pan Flute. Weapon: Sword and Shield. Island: Rota.

Appearance: Rhys has swept white hair that's kept short with some slight bangs along with piercing grey eyes and black fur. He's not a fan of clothes shopping in general, so his outfit usually consists of a dark red dress suit with a yellow tie tied loosely and pale orange dress shoes. He also has a pale red wristwatch on his left arm. 

Personality: As fitting for someone who manages the band, Rhys is very intelligent and calculating, though this makes him come off as cold at times. He often is the one who reigns Owen back in when a crazy idea is formed and he has a flair for all things business-related 

Power: Rhys inherited the ability of mental linking. Basically he can use his mind to talk to others through their minds or even read their minds and receive chats from them. Basically two way calls without the need for phones or talking directly.  

Henri. Full Name: Henri Monet. Age: 20. Species: Cat. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.6". Weight: 139 lbs. Sexuality: Demisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: French. Band Role: PR Manager. Instrument: Piano. Secondary Instrument: French Horn. Weapon: Gatling Gun. Island: Pastelli.

Appearance: Henri has brown hair that he keeps relatively short and trimmed with shimmering white eyes and onyx black fur. His standard attire is tailor-made for him and consists of a form-fitting yellow tuxedo with the top two buttons opened to reveal a light green undershirt and dark blue loafers. Along with a pair of olive green glasses. 

Personality: Due to a private upbringing by his parents and teachers, Henry is polite but incredibly shy around others, something he works on overcoming. But what he lacks in social experience, he makes up for in athletic ability. He excels in many forms of sports and weapon-wielding due to strict instructors.

Power: Henri inherited the ability of adaptative combat, which basically lets him adapt to any way of combat. Be it hand to hand, with a weapon or even firearms. He's able to do so much faster than most anyone else. 

Naoko. Full Name: Naoko Ayashi. Age: 21. Species: Raccoon. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.8". Weight: 161 lbs. Sexuality: Aromantic Omnisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: Japanese. Band Role: Inventory Manager. Instrument: Electric Guitar. Secondary Instrument: Oboe. Weapon: Axe. Island: Suzu.

Appearance: Naoko has orange hair that he wears in a purposefully messy man bun with shiny gold eyes and persian red fur everywhere but his chest and stomach which are copper brown. He's constantly changing his outfit, but the one he started with was a silver tank top, white baggy shorts, and a pair of black sandals. 

Personality: Naoko is a scatterbrain who has trouble keeping things managed or concentrating on things that don't interest him, two things he hopes he can fix by being the band's item manager. He also tends to suffer from neurosis and if something interests him, he almost becomes obsessed with it. 

Power: Naoko inherited the ability of blurring. Which basically means he can make himself or anyone else invisible or hard to see by touching them. Which can come in handy when it comes to fights or avoiding awkward situations.  

Bolin. Full Name: Bolin Zhu. Age: 19. Species: Tiger. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.6". Weight: 171 lbs. Sexuality: Pansexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: Chinese. Band Role: Setup Director. Instrument: Saxophone. Secondary Instrument: Trombone. Weapon: Staff. Island: Gouh.

Appearance: Bolin has red hair that he styles into a short feathered mohawk with hazel eyes and white fur with and peach stripes. Bolin is reluctant to try new clothes, so his go-to is an open pink blouse, a pair of orange jeans, and some dark purple flats.

Personality: Bolin can be considered an example of impatient and impulsive. He doesn't like waiting for people and tends to do what he wants when he wants to. He knows this could anger others, so he works to overcome it. He's also a slob, leaving messes behind, though mostly by accident.  

Power: Bolin inherited the power of sonic screaming which means he can emit or create a powerful scream that can be used in a variety of ways. Such as flight, distraction or breaking walls.  

Andres. Full Name: Andres Ortiz. Age: 18. Species: Mouse. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.4". Weight: 131 lbs. Sexuality: Bi-Curious. Nationality/Ethnicity: Spanish. Band Role: Documenter. Instrument: Castanets. Secondary Instrument: Viola. Weapon: Brass Knuckles. Island: Diada.

Appearance: Andres has very short blue hair that's mostly hidden behind his dark yellow goggles with teal green eyes and grey fur. Andres is quite used to what he wore back on his island, so his attire is mostly an orange jumpsuit separated at the waist, with a brown shirt under it and a pair of yellow work boots.

Personality: Having spent most of his life running a rundown hotel, Andres has never had much of a life outside the island. So now he's full of questions and loves asking them to everyone, almost but not quite to the point of annoyance. He's also brimming with energy and is a real sweetheart. 

Power: Andres inherited the ability of technopathy. Which means he can create, shape, or manipulate anything technological that he wants. He can force any tech to crash, reboot, shutdown, or whatever.  

Javis. Full Name: Javis Geiger. Age: 22. Species: Fox. Gender: Male. Height: 6'.2". Weight: 175 lbs. Sexuality: Gay. Nationality/Ethnicity: German. Band Role: Producer. Instrument: Mobile Drums. Secondary Instrument: Bassoon. Weapon: Element Thrower. Island: Zales.

Appearance: Javis has blonde hair that he keeps contained under a milky pink headband, along with warm red eyes and pale yellow fur. Due to his former job as a charity runner, Javis likes to maintain a generally kind look. So he likes to wear a cozy white sweater even when it's hot, a pair of grey jeggings and some silver slipper boots. 

Personality: Javis is a very charitable and loving guy, he almost never has a bad thing to say about someone and he's usually giving stuff of his away for free if someone needs it. Though unknown to the band, he hides a dark desire to partake in greed and has come close to letting it out, only to reign it in with a smile. 

Power: Javis inherited the ability of alchemy. Which lets him create anything he wants with the clap of his hands. As long as the thing he is creating is worth the same as what he is giving up for in return. A situational ability, but one that is unique for sure.  

Claudio. Full Name: Claudio Pecora. Age: 24. Species: Hawk. Gender: Male. Height: 6'.3". Weight: 225 lbs. Sexuality: Bisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: Italian. Band Role: Security Director. Instrument: Keytar. Secondary Instrument: Keyboard. Weapon: Cannon. Island: Wiltzer.

Appearance: Claudio has long purple hair that he places in a ponytail, crystal blue eyes, and silver feathers. Claudio doesn't usually care what he wears, so he'll put on whatever he sees first. Which is usually a black undershirt, a pair of tan khakis that are open enough to get a peek of his black boxers and a pair of brown hiking boots. 

Personality: Claudio is a hothead who has a bad habit of getting angry or picking a fight if he feels he or his friends are being insulted or threatened. He views it as a defense mechanism as if he thinks instigating a fight will prevent one. When not angry, he's easier to be around and chat with, though he tends to misinterpret things easily.  

Power: Claudio inherited the ability to control, produce, and shape fire. It is pretty easy to figure out all things considered. Though it seems his fire is self-generating and can run out if he's tired or distracted.  

Perry. Full Name: Perry Bergman. Age: 23. Species: Otter. Gender: Male. Height: 6'.0". Weight: 186 lbs. Sexuality: Omnisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: Swedish. Band Role: Tour Bus Driver. Instrument: Bass Guitar. Secondary Instrument: Piccolo. Weapon: War Mace. Island: Quaty.

Appearance: Perry is all about presentation, so he does his best to be visually appealing. He has pink hair that he styles into a nice pompadour with dark pink eyes and blood-red fur. His favorite outfit is an open magenta jacket which subtly shows off his navy blue tank top, a pair of lavender bike shorts, and some navy blue crocs sneakers. He also has an arrow piercing in his right ear and wears a pair of rimless lavender glasses. 

Personality: Perry is a shameless flirt who will ask out anything with a heartbeat and is old enough for him. His excuse is that love makes everything better and he wants to spread that message. Though the band thinks it's his weak justification and they have gotten in trouble many times because of it.

Power: Perry inherited the ability to manipulate love. Yep, the flirt can control love, be it grant it to someone, remove traces of it or use it to seduce people. Really the worst person to receive it so he's being watched to make sure he doesn't abuse it.  

and, Timur. Full Name: Timur Volkov. Age: 26. Species: Crocodile. Gender: Male. Height: 6'.5". Weight: 278 lbs. Sexuality: Bi-Curious. Nationality/Ethnicity: Russian. Band Role: Bouncer. Instrument: Flute. Secondary Instrument: Clarinet. Weapon: Spear. Island: Olkir.

Appearance: Timur has dark green hair stylized in a feathered bow cut, with relaxed yellow eyes and pale green scales. Because Timur came from an island where they don't wear clothes in the traditional sense,  he mostly continues to wear what he left the island with. Which is a pair of lime green briefs halfway covered by his peach-colored warrior's sash, along with a pair of aquamarine sandals and his body covered in chartreuse warrior tattoos. 

Personality: On Olkir, you will never hear of a warrior more proud and just than Timur. He trains and pushes his body to the limit just so he can protect anyone who needs it and he refuses to gloat about it. The band thinks it's ok to gloat now and then, but he sees himself as someone who has more to learn. 

Power: Timur inherited the ability to heal from most wounds fast. Not only can he heal his own wounds and injuries faster, but if he concentrates enough, he can do the same for others. Which can come in handy and he enjoys being helpful with it.


These are the three members who again, are only used if one of the original ten is sick or injured. Everything listed for the original ten will also be listed here.

Donkor. Full Name: Donkor Essa. Age: 19. Species: Snake. Gender: Male, but identifies as Female. Height: 5'.5". Weight: 145 lbs. Sexuality: Aromantic Pansexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: African-Egyptian. Band Role: Choreographer. Instrument: Harp. Secondary Instrument: Keytar. Weapon: Bow. Island: Clarmi. 

Appearance: Donkor has silver hair which he changes the style of every day, but his favorite way to style his hair is to put it up into two ponytails, with purple eyes and dark blue scales. Donkor used to wear a dancer's costume, but now he wears a fuschia crop top, a teal skirt with matching shorts underneath, and some grey flat heels.

Personality: Donkor is an enigma that no one really knows about. It's almost as if he never existed before. Most days, he's either practicing his dancing or harp and doesn't like talking about himself. The others are curious about him and have tried to investigate, but always come up empty-handed, though some like the challenge. 

Power: Donkor inherited the ability to manipulate others using dancing. He can force others to dance with him to create distractions, dance to make someone tired, or even dance to make someone do what he wants. The latter he does rarely, as he's not into doing it much.  

Eroua. Full Name: Eroua Ces. Age: 18. Species: Echidna. Gender: Male. Height: 5'.7". Weight: 158 lbs. Sexuality: Demisexual. Nationality/Ethnicity: Australian. Band Role: Fan Club Manager. Instrument: Tambourine. Secondary Instrument: Trumpet. Weapon: Shield. Island: Hankar.

Appearance: Eroua has yellow hair that he brushes back, with orange eyes and his body is ivory pink. Eroua used to have his servants dress him, but he now has to rely on himself for that, luckily he does like his gold blouse with a crown symbol on it, a pair of amber tights, and some pearl white heeled boots. 

Personality: Before joining, Eroua was your stereotypical prince: selfish, vain, and arrogant. But since joining, he is determined to atone for his actions and break the stereotype. Though, he does fall back to his old ways in times of stress or boredom. But for the most part, he's good. He also looks up to everyone as family since he's the youngest. 

Power:  Eroua inherited the ability to control cloth. Just cloth, anything made from and with cloth. Be it clothing, curtains, rugs, etc. He can tie people up, force the clothing off of others, or create cloth out of nowhere. He hates having it but is slowly warming up to it as he starts practicing more.    

and, Fabrizio. Full Name: Fabrizio Dival. Age: 25. Species: Jaguar. Gender: Male. Height: 6'1". Weight: 169 lbs. Sexuality: Gay. Nationality/Ethnicity: Brazilian. Band Role: Photographer. Instrument: Cello. Secondary Instrument: Tuba. Weapon: Sturdy Club. Island: Jelois.

Appearance: Fabrizio has grey hair which is mostly covered by a dark yellow fedora, with black eyes and his fur is dark orange with pale silver spots. Fabrizio loves clothes shopping since he has a lot of money to spend, but what he really likes to wear is a light blue sleeveless vest without a shirt, a pair of dark red swimming briefs with a pair of short black leggings under them and a pair of yellow water shoes. 

Personality: Although courageous and curious due to his former career as an adventurer, ever since being freed from his curse, Fabrizio just seems tired and emotionless most days. It's theorized to be residual curse energy, but he doesn't seem to care. He still likes exploring and being puzzled, but he'd rather lay around and sleep. 

Power: Fabrizio inherited the ability to communicate with animals. Yep, he can talk to animals almost as well as he could with Mobians. This is fun for him as it introduced him to his best snake friend: Hissanda. He also uses to basically be a vet whenever he comes across a sick or injured animal. It makes him popular with kids too.