Hi,i'm Dani the Bat,i've had so many adventures,i'm going to be telling you all about them,starting with my diary,for the first part of my diary,see Dani's Pokemon Adventures .Oh,and untill i've finished writing in my diary about my Pokemon adventures,butt out from the rest of my diary,The other pages are a surprise,(:

I forgot,if you can't wait,solve this puzzle:

One day,King Arthur invited a number of honored guests to dine at his table of tables.Everyone took their seats at their evenly spaced intervals from one another.

After sitting down,two lovely girls in attendance:Guinevere and Nimue, were amused to find that neither of them saw a woman sitting left,right,or directly across the table.

What's the minimum number of people that could be sitting at the Round Table?
This will give you a sneak peek at my other adventures,or will it?(;