Dani Gonzalez

Full Name

Dani's actual name is Danielle Mara Gonzalez








Lawful Good


Dani can use her braid like a whip and use it to attack enemies or destroy objects


July 11th, so she's a Cancer


Dani is remarkably blunt and incredibly short-tempered. She's also very focused and curious, but that doesn't mean she isn't kind when she wants to be.

Sexual Preference

Dani is straight and very sure of it

Voice Actor

English: Cassandra Morris


Dani prefers to wear a sage colored turtleneck sweater with blue jeans along with a pair of black and sage sneakers. She doesn't have a tail due to it being a family trait and she has a scar on her left ear that she was born with.

Hair Color: White.

Hair Style: Long Braid.

Skin Color: Black.

Eye Color: Brown.

Height: 4" 2'.

Weight: 110 Lbs.

Dani's Family

Roberta: Mother. Dani and her mother have a very close relationship and it's thanks to their love of gardening. They rarely fight and when they do, it's usually about small things.

Albert: Father. Dani is a total daddy's girl and whenever she has a problem, she usually goes to him for advice. Even if his advice sometimes leads to unforeseen situations.

Felicia: Older Sister. Dani's sister who works at a nightclub. It was thanks to her sister that Dani began writing songs and really wants to show her sister her work. Felicia cares for Dani and makes sure she always feels loved.

Jaden: Older Brother. Dani's older brother who is overseas at a boarding school. Dani rarely gets to see her brother except when he comes to visit but even so, he always sends her postcards and gifts to make sure she doesn't miss him.


Friends: Anna-Beth. A childhood friend and partner in mischief. The two are practically sisters and have been for many years. And, Arnold. Dani's friend from camp, he recently moved in next to her and the two have been known for causing trouble every now and then.

Rival: Flynn. The two are big rivals when it comes to playing golf. Every competition the two go back and forth trying to outdo each other.

Enemy: Razik. A bully from school who always makes fun of Dani and ruins her garden every chance he gets. Dani would like to get even but she doesn't want to do it in a way that would be obvious.


Abilities: Dani is an amazing gardener due to her experimenting and trying to figure out the best soil for each plant. Singing, Dani writes her own songs has been working on a demo album. And, Dani can swim very fast when in water due to a huge amount of training.

Special Ability: Dani can perform a dance and the effect of it is different each time. Ranging from small earthquakes to summoning rain.

Weaknesses: Dani is scared of ghosts due to an experience in a haunted house. Enclosed spaces because it makes hard for her to breathe. And she really can't stand extreme heat due to a bad trip to the beach.