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"Yo, I'm Dash, Mobias' most resiliant reptile!" -Dash the Turtle " ダッシュ・ザ・タートル

Dashthe Turtle is created by Thesupernintendokid . Dash is a fast yet unintelligent turtle who strives to be a great hero.

Dash the Turtle
First appearance This wiki
Appearances Cartoon comics, SFC: Shorter Shorts
Biographical Overview
Age 15 years
Birthday June 25th
Birthplace Videra
Physical description
Species Ornate Box Turtle
Gender Male
Height 3'6" or 106.68 cm
Weight 75 lbs or 34 kg
Fur/feather/scale colour Seafoam Green
Eye colour Blue
Attire White gloves with grey wristbands, white socks, white shoes with orange and blue highlights and brown soles.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food Pizza
Likes Video Games, Running, Girls, Making bad puns and jokes
Dislikes Wasps, Heat, people with low self esteem, someone who outranks him in speed (in other words: Sonic)
Skills and powers Fighting skills, Swimmer, Being the Fastest Turtle in the world.
Theme Into the Wind by Crush 40

How Dash became Fast

When Dash was a little kid, he was an only child at the time, so he got more things than when he had two siblings. But that made his room messy when playing with all those goodies. One day after he played "the toy wars" his grandfather, said to him "If you keep gettin' your room messy you get the SPANKIN'! I'm counting to 5 minutes!". Dash didn't want that so every time he finished playing he cleaned up his room. Few days later he heard his grandfather say something about "decreasing the time" and Dash (being a little kid) thought it meant he was going to decrease the amount of time he had to clean up his room very day, so everyday he kept going faster and faster and faster, and soon after Dash was really fast from all the "chores", of course his speed also comes from training to be like sonic after being inspired by him, rigorous training to perfect himself and his speed that made him faster than any turtle by a long shot.

Dash becoming a hero                                                                  

Dash lived with his family and others in the poor desert town called Videra. One day a unknown figure was attacking the peaceful place. Dash was one the strongest fighter there, but even HE could not stop the being. Until the Blue Blur himself came to save everyone; he was not even strong enough to beat the unknown enemy. But with Dash's help they both defeated the figure known as Tobias The Hedgehog,a being created by Dr. Robotnik. Dash, seeing this as fate, set off on his journey of being a hero and to this very day, Dash has helped people in need as much as he can.


Shell Dash: Dash has the Shell Dash which allows him to hide in his shell, rev up and gain a burst of speed and bounce of walls. It works like a spin dash on the ground. It works like a homing attack if he uses it in the air.

Tail: His tail is like a weapon and can smash solid rock and is a whole, Dash can swing it around like its nothing.                                      

Speed: can run at fast speeds, his top recorded speed is 640 mph, although fast, he has poor stamina due to being a turtle and cant run for very long.

Durability: His shell is overly durable, able to survive over 16,400 newtons of force.

Drill up: a move where Dash has his tail forward and does a screw motion, and  well, you should know the results.

Parkour: can run up walls, ceilings and other things.

Breath/Swimming: Being a Turtle, Dash has the ability to hold his breath for an extensive amount of time, almost two days if he wanted. This allows him to stay underwater for a long time, his lungs also can withstand a lot of pressure, so he can swim to very deep depths.

Tornado spin: Dash spins in his shell so fast it causes a tornado to form causing him to move with it.

Assistance: In a team scenario, Dash can hide in his shell to be kicked by someone else as a projectile, and way of locomotion if someone where to ride upon his shell.


Dark Dash

Dark Dash

Dark Dash Is a manifestation of Dash inner hatred. This is due to Dash not being able to control chaos energy properly, rather the energy controls him under normal circumstances. This form has and continued to be in his body ever since Dash's encounter with the Chaos emeralds when he tried using them to go Super. Thankfully this form only appears when Dash is near vast amounts of chaos energy or when Dash is in extreme amounts of stress, and since Dash is such a happy and oblivious guy and is rarely around the chaos emeralds or any of the sort, Dark Dash is a rare occurrence. Dash will have no recollection of being Dark Dash once the transformation has either been over or neutralized.


  • Dark Dash's strength and attitude is very gruesome and sadistic in nature and there for he has a bloodlust and will kill anyone in his path (even his friends) in anyway that can please his needs.
  • Teleportation: he can teleport but distance is limited and after one teleport he wil have to wait awile so he can cool down
  • Blinding eyes: Dash can use his eyes to cause a flash in others eyes to make them blind for hours
  • Wings can extend (as seen in the picture), though most of the time they are pretty normal in size
  • His arms are also like elastic in which they can stretch.
  • Dark Dash's blood is actually mercury, so its best not to touch it (the "blood" from his eyes and mouth are simply drool and tears that happen to be dark red)

Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash

When Dash collects all 7 chaos emeralds he turns into Ultra Dash (technically speaking, this is the equivalent to super sonic). This form however can only happen if Dash has no negative chaos energy within his life force, in other words: If Dark Dash doesn't exist, this transformation can happen.


  • Flying
  • Super speed (Unknown how fast)
  • Shell dash & tail are powered up from spikes on them.
  • Star Shot: The stars around Dash can be held by him and be thrown as fast as a missile.


Dash is usually very clumsy and usually doesn't know his own strength. Because of his stupidity he has a accidental habit of running, jumping etc. into walls, trees etc. His reckless behavior is mostly because of aloof carelessness to things around him, mainly due to him not wanting to do a lot of dirty work himself. He doesn't use good vocabulary either, often calling things "thingy" if he doesn't know what a certain subject or object is, as due to being poor growing up didn't get very much formal education. Even though he is a stupid guy, he does care for his friends and genuinely feels bad after awhile if he messes up. He rarely ever gets mad, the only thing that get's him a little upset is when people make fun of his Jester like spines(especially since he is the only one with spines in his family). This strife to always be happy will leave a lot of pent up anger, and will usually hide it with humor and jokes and him trying to entertain others, even when it's inappropriate timing. He is sometimes overprotective of his friends, that being said, when he can't help, the best thing he does is give vast amounts of optimism and genuine kindness. At times he can preform intelligent and philosophical thought and is willing to help even with small deeds.



Sam the rabbit (brother from another mother)

Static the Cat (girlfriend?)

Tobias The Hedgehog (but also kinda enemies)

Emily the Hedgehog (friend)

Macca the firefox (friend)

Judas the wolf (formally)

Paws the Wolf (friendly rival)

River the Echidna (Dash calls her "Female Dash")

Thunder Punch the mongoose (ally)

Sigma the Mink (friend)

Lex the Politoed (Dash: "WHY CANT I CATCH THIS FROG!?!")

Haiden The Hedgehog (friend)

Rage the Hedgehog (friendly rival)

Tesla The Hedgehog (friend he almost never sees)

Iron Minerzone The Zonian (ally)

Jonic Hikarikaze the Ookami (ally)

Red The Cheekwing (ally)

Captain Bird (who's this guy?)

Sonic Riders

Dash doesn't usually like to ride vehicles that much, but he never said he hated hover boards.

Extreme gear name: Toxic Splash

Dash's extreme gear, the Toxic Splash

Type of board: Hover Board

Type: Speed  


speed                                                                                  8


turn                                                                                      5

dash                                                                                    6

limit                                                                                     9

curve                                                                                   4

boost                                                                                   6

power                                                                                  4

level 1: Dash whacks people around him with his tail, slowing them down.

level 2: hits people with his Shell Dash instead and slows them down longer.

level 3: Dash jumps allowing him to get ahead

level 4: gets off his board and uses Shell Dash to get into the lead

level 5: gets off his board and runs for ultimate speed

Sonic and the Black Knight

Sir Cedric- Dash the turtle- sonic and black knight form artwork (c) SKF92

Name: Sir Cedric.

Sir Cedric (Dash's) sword the Spiked sword

Title: Knight of Water.

Weapon: Spiked sword


Cedric is a knight of unknown story, he just appeared with a sword and everyone excepted the fact he was a knight.

though due to this "fact" he now serves and protects what he can


"FINE! IF YOUR GOING THAT WAY *sigh* then I'll follow."

" *hmph* I may look slow, but you have no idea."


"So your the one who killed my mother, wait my mother isn't dead. Nevermind!"

"I may be stupid but I'm not an idiot"

Rank D: "Crap."

Rank C: "Well, can't get any worse."

Rank B: "Piece of Pizza!"

Rank A: "Slow and steady wins the race, or fast and reckless. WHATEVER!!!"

Rank S: "Who's the man? THIS GUY!!"


  • Dash's species being a Turtle was due the irony of turtles being slow.
  • Dash has a music player that he listens to, he listens to random music that no one would find pleasing to the ear..
  • Dash's sometimes (by fan art) make his tail look like Squirtle's tail.
  • he has Spheksophobia, the feat of wasps, only if it's the actual insect though.
  • he less than often picks his nose
  • Dash has a quirk with women as he hits on any girl, even the ones that show no interest in him at all (this is why he hits on most of his friends who are girls, and most that meet him for the first time run away)
  • He rarely ever gets mad at all, that is why Dark Dash is so rare to happen
  • Dash is the only member in his entire family that doesn't have hair
  • Dark Dash's origin was going to be possession from aliens, but was scrapped.
  • Earlier images of his final design gave him grey bracelets similarly to Amy Rose. It was however changed to grey wristbands later on.
  • Dash was originally created to be a Hedgehog, later changed to a Turtle to be more unique.
    • ​​​​​​​On top of this, his unintelligence was evolved overtime to be his defining trait to be a less cool/knockoff counterpart to Sonic.


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