Debby and Kalin.


Debby and Kalin met each other one day,actually they literally ran into each other.Kalin was on his way to his dentist appointment and Debby was on her way to sign up to get into Mobious Arts.For info,see Mobious Arts.Their eyes met,but they ran off.The next week they met again at the local music shop.They introduced each other.But there was one problem,Kalin was a nerd,and,Debby was one of the popular girls.Despite that their love grew.When Debby recieved a letter telling her she got accepted into Mobious Arts,Kalin told her he did too.A few months later,during school,Debby ran into Hannah the Fox,the daugther of the school's founder.It was 1 hour later,when Debby walked in on Hannah cleaning Coffee off of Kalin's shirt,which Debby thought was flirting,after the problem was sloved.A rumor appeared and Debby broke up with Kalin.When Debby wanted him back and rejected her,she enlisted Hannah for help,their plan worked.Ever since,Debby and Kalin have been together.