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Desh The DemonHog is a Sonic Fan Character owned by User:Arekkusey, this character was originally created somewhere around 2013-2014 (And afterwards posted on this wiki.. then removed for various personal reasons and reuploaded lately, started a serious revamp on late 2020 - early 2021)

Appearance and clothing:

Desh has black fur and peach rosè skin;

A long vertical scar on his torso (from the time he got killed by Amelia) and an horizontal scar (yet again made by Amelia) at the height of the belly, making an upsidown cross; A "triangular" black mark on both cheeks going downwards.

Eyes: He formerly had red eyes, but after certain events, his right eye turned to yellow; He has 2 upsidown triangles under his eyes; His eyes veins are chafed most of the time.. so his eyes appear to be bloody alike; During the years, his eye's sclera slowly darkens, to the point where it becomes completly black;

He usually wears long coats (mainly on blody red or ultramarine blue tones), a pair of blue gloves with golden pentacles embroidered on their back (given to him as an Anniversary gift from his wife), black shoes, and his beloved blue neckerchief (given to him from his mother); He also has 2 little golden earrings on his left ear


[ WIP ]


- Ç'est la vie mon ami..



Desh was bornt in a small house in the hills, a few miles away from the city and just in front of the forest, where he grew up running up and down trees with his younger brother Raidon.

The little family lived peacefully and happily, until one day.. a blue hedgehog in a black coat came from apparently nowhere to their house, with the intention to kill them.. their father tried to fight him back to protect his family.. but the unknown hedgehog was too strong.. so while he tried to hold him back at the cost of his own life, their mother took her two sons into the forest.. in the desperate attempt of saving them.. but the misterious guy reached them in no time.. so she stepped in front of him.. in the desperate attempt of letting Desh and Raidon run away to safety..

The two of them ran trought the forest with the eyes filled with tears.. but once again, the blue hedgehog reached them. Desh stepped in front of his little brother while the guy was slowly approaching them, and he stopped in front of him.. he raised Desh's face and said: "Your father.. your mother.. they are gone.. and it's your fault little ones.. you didn't even try to protect them.. you two.. ran away.. and this will be a black, painfull scar, in your heart.. forever.. *he concluded while turning to leave* "They didn't do anything to you!" *Desh replied while clenching his fists* "You're just a monster.. and daddy taught me that those like you don't deserve life!.."

The guy stepped for a moment.. and before vanish in the depth of the forest, he replied "Heh.. we'll see again someday.. just, make sure you two can live long enought to see that day.."

Few days later, Desh left his childood house to take off on a jurney to grow up stronger.. and one day, avenge his parents..

[Adventure's beginning Arch] ( Kind of wip rn )

[Post Eternal Gloom Arch]

[Post Death Arch]

Relationships (Feel free to add your characters if you wish)

Family Members:

Rackler the Cat (Father, Deceased) 
Zephyrinne (Sephy) the Hedgehog (Mother, Deceased)

Raidon the Cat (Younger brother)

Amelia the Demon (Wife):

Hakai the Demon (Son):

Zennya the Demon (Daughter):

Friends and allies:

Iris the Cat:

Azalea the Lynx:

Enemies and rivals:


Counterparts (Other dimensions and timelines):

Chardon the Hedgehog ("Anti-Desh"):

Strengths and weaknesses


Chaos User: The ability to control and manipulate Chaos Emeralds' powers, both the positive and negative energy they can provide to the user, to cause Chaos Control and related special abilities. (Mostly beginning arc related, no longer relevant later on)

Cursed fiery heart / Hell fire's blessing:

Dark Arts:

[ --- ]:


Dizziness: Since an early age, Desh had a fear of great heights, although no one knew the reason; Over time, this fear slowly kinda faded away.. but sometimes, in moments of depression and sadness, it tends to manifest back.



Various Knowledges and skills:

Mechanics: Since younght, Desh loved to disassemble and play with engines and mechanical stuff, something his father was really good at and so he taught him about.

French Language: For how useless this could sound, is something he's father taught about.. to impress girls..

Cuisine: His mother was a pretty good cook, and always tried to teach her sons her knowledge and cooking secrets.

Weaponry and stuff:

Eternal Gloom: (Sword) (WIP)

運命の無限のサイクル (Endless cycle of fate): A Scyte that was "given" to Desh when he had just 2 years.. Desh only found aout bout it when he was 22 during a fight in hell.. where he had somewhat of a flashback and he summoned the scyte..

Lately, he asked his new friend Amelia to use the scyte on himself to kill him.. to both make him a demon (so that their hypotetical relationship would be possible) and seal the bond with the scyte.. to then find out from the mother that he didn't really need to "bond his sould with it" .. it would've happened anyway once he've died.. later on, he finds out that the Scyte is possessed or something, as it happens to appear here and there by her own will, or to talk to Desh (by his mind).. but he also seems to know various stuff about his destiny.. and happens to cause Desh flashbacks of moments/stuff he didn't actually live/know..

It also has the "power" to turn Desh's flames to a purplish-dark flame.. kind of a "cursed flame" .. (it's usage will be explained later on)

Chaos forms (early story arc):

Super Form: Just like.. well pretty much anyone that came in contact with the Chaos Emeralds I guess.. Desh can turn into Super Form just fine, with improved strenght and speed, and better control over the Emeralds' power, allowing him to use some related special moves and attacks.

Hyper Form: Yet, not entirely sure if this form will be included, as I'm not sure if it would actually take place in Desh's storyline.

Dark Form: Simply archived by channeling the dark energy in his body to archive this "form" which is mostly focused on enhancing strenght rather than speed, also brings more and more powerfull attack techniques.

Super Dark Form: (Yes, I am also including this one, as trivial as it could sound I did include this in Desh's story few times so I'm not leaving it behind) This form happens to be somewhat unstable on the early times it's used by Desh.. surrounds him with a visible obscure aura, gives a huge strenght and speed improvement but doesn't really leave much space to focus defence, making this state kind of dangerous for the user.

Chaos Form: This one form once happens at the beginning of Desh's story, combining Chaos Emerald's positive and negative energy to create a stable balance between the two energies (yin and yang), releasing and insane potential; The user is surrunded by a bluish aura, this is supposely Chaos Emeralds' (Not Super Emeralds) greatest obtainable potential, gives his user an insane step up but will also leave him/her with no energy reserves once its ended.

Main transformations:

Demonic Form: This form was initially caused by the reaction of the nearby chaos emeralds' negative power combined with the user's negative energy in a certain situation.. afterwards, Chaos Emeralds aren't required for it, as they only served as key to unlock it and as catalysts for it to take place the first time..

In this state, Desh's fur changes to a bloody red color, surrounded by a reddish aura similar to fire, his eyes turns completly black with red pupils.. all this negative energy at once leads to a complete loss of control.. everything and anyone becomes just a prey to haunt.. closest friends become obstacles to be erased..

This form also strains (?) his eyes, causing the veins to burst out blood after reverting to his normal form..

[ Later Arch ]: [ WIP ]

Twin Fires Form: A fire-based form that changes Desh's fur to an ultramarine blue, with magenta pupils; Although it's not frequently used, grants to Desh control over both Fiery red fire and Icy blue fire and enhances their power with a limited consuptiuon of energy from the user. (Still kinda wip)

(True) Demon Form: By executing a "blood sacrifice" (usually just cutting his wrist) Desh can change to its actual "Demon Form" , growing demon wings and gaining an enhanced physical strenght and even more developed senses.. (Still kinda wip)


Desh (16-02-21).jpg

A more recent design of desh from around age of 22 +1/2 ( Physical aging stopped after decease )


Unlike other Hedgehogs, when Desh performs (Positive) Chaos emerald related Transformations, his eyes turns blue rather than red.

Unlike his little brother, which loves those, Desh is allergic to Roses.

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