Full name:Eliza Kaitlyn Hilo

Age: 12

Likes: Grapes, music, hanging out with friends, helping her teachers, helping in her mother's bakery

Dislikes: Punks, getting cuts, getting sick during summer, evil, Dr. Eggman, overrated video games

Personality: Helpful, tomboy, girly (Sometimes)


Family: Shasha the hedgehog (Mother), Lynk the hedgehog (Father (Left home to find the chaos emeralds)), Aruby the hedgehog (Sister) Fayuga the hedgehog (Brother)

Friends: Charmy

Love interest: Tails (Secret crush)


Abitily type: None

Weapons: A silver dagger and a crossbow

Diamond usually taunts her foes to make them angry. She also fights with her dagger and crossbow.

Favorites & Choices

Favorite food: Grapes

Favorite color: Light blue

Favorite show: Victorious

Instrument of choice: Flute

Sport of choice: Soccer



Diamond always keeps up in her work, she gets good report cards, studies, and makes friends. When she is done with her work, she might just read a book or catch up on work she missed.

She is in a school band and she is a cheerleader for a football team.

Her mom's bakery

Her mother owns the "Cake village" bakery, Diamond helps her mom a lot with cooking, her family earns about 34 cents every hour.