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Dylan "Blade" Moonit
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Full Name

Dylan Notha Moonit, but prefers to go by his nickname of Blade








Chaotic Good


Blade uses an ancient sword known as Dragon Slave that has been passed down for generations


April 14th, so he's an Aries

Sexual Preference


Voice Actor

English: Vic Mignogna


Blade can be very blunt and harsh at times, but that's only when he's annoyed. Other times he's very warm and friendly. Despite this, he does have quite the hot-temper and a bit of a stubborn streak.



Blade wears a white polo shirt with grey skin-tight jeans and black sneakers with silver laces with the image of a crown on their soles. And under his hair is a headband with a royal diamond on it passed down to him from his father.


Hair Color: Blade’s hair is a silvery grey.

Hair Style: Blade wears his hair in a ponytail so the long length won’t get in his way.

Fur Color: Blade has black fur everywhere on his body except for his ears, hands and feet which are yellow.

Eye Color: Blade has gold colored eyes that turn burn when he’s serious or using Dragon Slave.

Height: Blade is four feet and three inches tall.

Weight: Blade weighs ninety nine and a half pounds.

He also has a scar on his chest in the shape of an x due to an accident from sword training when he was younger. He also has a small tattoo in the shape of a halo on his left arm, a gift from his husband.

Blade's Family

Markk: Blade's fox Husband. The two met on the first day of school after Blade had transferred in and after taking on a bully who was harassing Markk, and some hassle from Markk for it. They eventually grew close, fell in love, and so they eventually got married and ended up adopting a son together.

Queen Sophina: Blade's Mother and the reigning queen of the kingdom of the Daqx Islands. Despite wanting her son to become the next king, she respects Blade's decision to live his own life. She has been supportive of him almost every step of the way, the exception being when Blade first introduced Markk to them, but that was settled fairly fast.

King Francis: Blade's Father and the reigning king of the Daqx Archipelago who like his wife were originally not happy with Blade being with Markk, but after being bested by his son in a duel for honor, he grew to enjoy his son's companion and took a liking to him. He is supportive of Blade, but isn't afraid to voice his concerns regarding his son's choice.

And, Jake: Blade's adopted son who he chose to adopt because he wanted to experience what it was like to be a parent. Jake is precious to him and Blade hates seeing him sad or angry. Jake loves his dad to death, but can't help but annoy him by accident sometimes.


Friends: Jane, a close friend when he was in school and his former girlfriend. The two get along well despite how she annoys him with trivia quizzes.  Ashlynn, A friend and one of his sparring partners, the sparring between them usually leads to a win on Blade's part but he has to work to earn those wins. And, Mark-Ross, Blade's butler and closest confidant. Blade has nothing but respect for his servant and the feeling is mutual.

Rival: Miguel, The bully at school that brought Blade and his love together. Despite being on friendly terms now, there are still some feelings of hostility on Blade's side. But nonetheless, the two still compete in sports as a way to get along.


Abilities: Blade is an expert in handling a sword due to training since he was very young. He is also a very talented chef specializing in sweets and fish. Also, he is quite knowledgeable about chemicals, so much so that he created a lab to help him with experiments.

Special Ability: Blade can use the power of his soul to unlock his sword’s full power. This gives Blade the wings and horn of a dragon and he uses this power to cut things that you can’t normally cut.

Weaknesses: Blade is deathly scared of heights due to a prank Miguel played on him once. Accessing Dragon Slave’s full power requires a lot of soul power, so using too much leaves Blade weak. And finally, his sword is weak to enchantment, so a magic user can turn the tables on him easily.  

Image by Austin Bison.