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Eden is long forgotten and hidden location which is thought to be housing an ancient library. As of now, Eden is considered a myth although that doesn't stop historians or adventurers from finding the lost location. Although the location is unknown many who hunt for Eden suggest it's hidden in Soumerca yet the truth is still out there although old scriptures hint toward there.


(Since I'm the creator I do know where I want it to be.) Eden is located in a jungle in central Soumerca. It has yet to be found however and again, most people believe it to be a myth.


Eden is though to be holding the oldest library in the world. Also, a machine that appears to be sentient and alive is located in the library as well. The area holding the library is known as Grand Cradle and many powerful beings guard the place. This is so that the physically powerful are able to reach the end. Once at the end, the machine who's name is Pacem will grant the person who reaches it knowledge. Knowledge of everything in the universe, but this may be too much for some people. Also, some of the things one may learn are best not to be told.


Eden appears to be ruins of a lost civilization that is completely covered in greenery. Strangely enough, it also has the appearance of a Mesoamerican city such as Tenochtitlan with hanging gardens such as in the ancient civilization of Babylon.


Pacem is an Aegis Mobian who transformed his body into a large mechanical like being to protect Eden along with the Grand Cradle. Being one of the oldest Aegis Mobians, even before the purge, Pacem has extensive knowledge about many things.