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"Do you think that the world will be better?"

~Emily Akemi 

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Name:Emily Akemi



Hair:Black and Purple/Violet

Birthday:December 21

Voiced by:

Kana Hanazawa(Japanese)

Emily Neves(English)

Both voiced Kanade Angel Tachibana(


Love Interest: Sonic the hedgehog

Emily is a New Girl Adult female hedgehog who was Married Sonic


Emily is Flirty and Shy New Girl, But She After Met Sonic, She was in love with him

Emily's skills/powers are,Empathy,Telepathy,Mind Exchange,and Healing Factor.She is able to fight a little in a close combat.She has little skills with the bow and arrow and a sword.She has now magic abilities,due to the fact that her creator wants to have it back.

Her greatest weakness is being a cold-hearted and being a negative,unstable person.Her other weakness is caring too much for her family and friends,rather than herself,probably leading her to an almost death approach.


Likes and Dislikes

She likes:

Sonic's gives her a attention, Marrying, Live with him happily ever after, When her Children Wants a have a pets, When Her Children calls her a Gentle, and Caring, Mummy, Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mum.

She dislikes:

Losing her Family, Rude, Being a maid, Losing her Children and her husband.


Crystal Akemi:

Both sisters.Have a strong bond together.

Daniel Akemi:

Both dad and daughter.They both have good daughter and dad relationship.

Kukuri Akemi:

Both mom and daughter.Have a good mom and daughter relationship.

Kanade Takaramono:

Both childhood friends.Kanade was one of her few friends to help out taking care of Emily.Kanade now and then lives with Emily to take care of her along with Emily's family.


"You should spend your time on Mobius,making good moments with the person you cherish.You may never know you will die.Love that person forever,till you leave that person.Your greatest moments with your friends and family will stay with you when you leave.Afterall,it is your most precious treasure and gift."

Emily Akemi Sonic Boom

Emily first time Arrived to Sonic boom World.

She never Meet Sonic

Eric Akemi (Genderbend)



Sonic Riders

Emilia SATBK

Possible Death(s)




Angel Beats OP My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia w Romaji and English sub ~ Full Version ~ HD


ENGLISH "Brave Song" Angel Beats (AmaLee)



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