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Esmerelda has gone by many different names and faces. She was born as a mobian Hare named Estelle, then died and her soul was adopted by a race a fire demons, known as Emberman, and given the name Zornelle, was killed again by her step brother and wandered as a ghost possessing mortal bodies and assuming their identities, before she was finally given a physical body of her own, and given a name and identity of her own, Esmerelda the Dark.


While much of her history remained a secret to her teammates, and to a degree even herself, her dark and mysterious path has come to light due to her adventures during the New Beginning Timeline. She was born as Estelle, a Mobian Hare to her two normal parents. Her parents divorced when she was young and she frequent trips between visiting them both. During one of the exchanges, both parents were busy working and were unable to watch Estelle, so a babysitter was hired to watch over her until her mother was able to come get her. The sitter was a college girl who smoked and one day she left her lighter out and Estelle found it. The child was mesmerized by the flames and went around setting multiple things on fire to help her new "friend" grow. Sadly, the house eventually caught fire due to the sitter's inattentiveness and Estelle passed away.

She found herself on the Highway of Souls, the pathway to the afterlife when she was stopped by a mysterious figure who introduced himself as Adawrath, an Emberman. He asked her how a child so young ended up in the afterlife and she explained what happened, asking if he could take her back to her parents. Adawrath explained that she could not see them anymore, which sent the girl into a crying fit. Unsure of what to do, he calmed her with his flames and asked if she wanted to have a life where she could play with her fire and no when would ever leave her again. She agrees and takes her to the Emberman Realm, taking her spirit and placing it in the body of his recently deceased daughter, Zornelle.

Still having the mind of a child, the new Zornelle did as a child would. Laugh, play, and ignore her newfound responsibilities as an Emberman. Even as she grew older and learned that she retained the power and skills of the original Zornelle, she never took a liking to the battle-hungry lifestyle of the Emberman and instead chose to dance her way through life. And Adawrath loved her regardless. This angered her stepbrother, Agon, who was jealous of his sister always being the favorite child, and now a stranger inherited her body and continued to live out her legacy and ignoring all of her responsibilities.

Agon decided that enough was enough and tricked Zornelle into going to the mortal world, claiming that he had finally found 'Estelle's' parents. Estelle is too excited to notice that he said 'parents' despite her father being long dead and fell for his ploy. He killed her and upon learning that her spirit continued to exist, stole her physical body so that she had no way to return home. After a year or so of wandering the earth, Zornelle learned she could possess bodies in her new form and had to so that she wouldn't fade from existence.

She came up with a plan to get back home and defeat Agon. She would capture and train powerful bodies and ambush him when he came back searching for the still wandering spirit of his blood-sister, the True Zornelle. She went through several bodies and finally settled on powerful, psychic-using assassin named Lynnea, who she later would learn is the mother of her adopted twin siblings, Rusty and Aynoa. Unfortunatly, Lynnea's will was too strong and Zornelle was forced to separate from her. She later would meet Rusty during his depressive stage and convinced him to share his body in exchange for her power. The deal was made, and Zornelle used his psychic link with his sister to co-possess Aynoa and she used them both to launch an attack on Agon.

After many failed attempts and struggles to get stronger, she is ripped from Rusty's body by Heather and given a new one so her soul doesn't fade away. She teams up with her new friends, takes on the name Esmerelda, and seeks out Agon one final time. She manages to beat him in battle, but his spirit escapes before she can destroy it. Finally, Esmerelda finds the original Zornelle and sends her back to the Emberman so that she may rejoin her father.



Esmerelda is a complex individual, who intentionally covers herself in a veil of mystery and seductive deceit. Of the New Beginning 6 members, she is the most anti-social one, openly against being in large crowds, people being in her personal bubble, and intimacy. She is quick to agitation and can be very snarky and rude in response to people and things that annoy her.

Despite her demonic heritage and anti-social tendencies, she is not all doom and gloom and is actually one of the most upbeat people in the group next to Aynoa and Jay. She is a practical jokester and loves annoying the other members of the group by creating possessed copies of their belongings such as shoes, combs, phones, etc., and bringing them to life as soon as one of her friends tries to pick them up. She is quirky, bizarre, and a tad unhinged.

She is also quite hungry for knowledge and can often be seen with a large book in her hands. When she is not making the other's lives miserable, she is very fond of reading and learning about the history and culture of ancient cities, particularly their dances. This is more apparent on dark, rainy days where she will snuggle up by the window surrounding herself with plushies and enjoying a cup of 'tea'. It is revealed by Recon that what is in her teacup isn't tea but is actually energy drinks, a habit she picked up from Aynoa.


Estelle the Hare

1. Estelle the Hare

She actually began her life as a Mobian named Estelle. Estelle was a sweet and ever curious child with unfortunate destructive tendencies. She has charcoal colored fur and her hair is cut into sharp bangs, is colored jet black on the right side and bone white on the left (ironically this is her natural hair color), and is tied back in a small ponytail. She wears simple black shoes, a black dress with white markings and a large bow tied around the waist, and stockings. Even as a young child, she had a distinct gothic style and often wore spiked bracelets and fingerless gloves.

Esmerelda in Zornelle's body

2. Zornelle the Emberman

After she died and her spirit was taken and placed in the body of the deceased Emberman, Zornelle, she sported the girl's former look. She had red fur with short jet black hair, with her bangs grown out on one side with an undercut on the other and a green horn on her left side. She wore a long white cut, a green crop top, and black leggings. She wore green, heeled sneakers with a double strap and spiked plates on top.

3. Wandering Emberman Spirit

As an Emberman spirit, she looks like a fiery, purple figure with a solid green mouth and irises. This ghastly form has few distinguishable features, aside from her long bangs and undercut she sported during her time as an Emberman.

Esmerelda with her current appearance

4. Esmerelda the Dark

Esmerelda's body was modeled by taking features from Heather and Aynoa and combining them with Esmerelda's ghostly spirit and some chi magic. The result was a creature with jet-black fur and white skin, with Heather's long hair sporting Aynoa's pink hair color. She is average height as Heather is very tall and Aynoa is pretty short. Her attire consists of a striped inky-purple and acid-green bodysuit with the legs removed, a white coat with orange cuffs and trims, and a pair of purple shoes with green heels, white soles and straps, and orange buckles and markings. She has a very 'Halloween-esque' style with elements of her childhood Gothic Lolita look.


Rusty the Porcupine and Aynoa the Porcupine: You could call Esmerelda the third twin, as she's like another sister to the porcupines. She spends a lot of time with them both and knows as much about the two of them as they themselves do. Due to her time possessing the two, she is able to join their telekinetic connection.

Agone the Emberman: Her Emberman step-brother. Agone never liked her, hating her for trying to replace his dead sister and for her lack of concern about the Emberman way of life. He is the one that killed her the second time, resulting in her wandering Mobius as a spirit. Esmerelda's whole goal during the NB Timeline is to find a body strong enough to defeat him and force him to take her back the Emberman realm. The two obviously were on bad terms and Esmerelda would eventually kill him out of hatred and revenge.

Zornelle the Emberman: Esmerelda was originally adopted to "replace" Zornelle after she passed away, and her spirit was placed in the late girl's body. After the events of New Beginnings, Esmerelda manages to find Zornelle's lost soul, but is too late to return it to the Emerberman Realm before it fades forever. In her brief apperances, Zornelle is depicted as a headstrong, yet caring older sister who comforts Ezzy and encourages her to live her own life. It is clear that if the two spent more time together, they would've formed a tight sisterly bond.

Lynnea the Porcupine: Rusty and Aynoa's mother, and also one of the first bodies Esmerelda ever possessed. She was the most powerful body Esmerelda ever bonded with and to day has been the only one to forcibly eject her through willpower alone. The two meet again towards the end of Esmerelda's quest to unscramble her memories and both come to terms with their shared history, as well as the fact that Esmerelda had been possessing her two children as well. Lynnea has since fought alongside Esmerelda in order to defeat her brother Agone.

Heather the Lynx: Esmerelda's other teammate and the leader of Team Hope. At first the two had a very rocky relationship when Heather mistakenly took Rusty for being possessed by a demon (he was, technically, but willingly so) and forced him out of her body. But after extensive time together, Heather began to accept Esmerelda as a friend and ally, though still somewhat cautious of her going rouge.


For the same reason as with her appearance, her abilities have changed several times:

Estelle the Hare

  • Portal Creation: While she wouldn't know until she became an Emberman, Esmerelda's original body had the ability to make portals. Because this is her base ability, it has carried over through every transformation she's had. Using these portals, she is the only Emberman that can enter and leave the Dark Forest at will.

Zornelle (Reborn Emberman)

  • Emberman Physiology: After she died in the house fire as a child, her spirit was taken and placed in the body of a deceased Emberman named Zornelle. Due to the late girl's battle skill and power, Esmerelda retained many of her pyrokinetic abilities and power, making her a lethal adversary, though opting to live a care-free life instead.

Esmerelda (Current Form)

  • Elasticity: Since her artificial body is made of condensed magic energy and doesn't have a skeleton, she is able to bend, contort, and stretch herself in unnatural ways, a technique which she has been shown to use offensively and defensively. This gives her a bit of an edge against blunt, strike attacks, but makes her weaker to slash attacks since they can easily sever the magic holding her together.
  • Hex Magic: After being split from Rusty by Heather, she retained the magic half of her powers while Rusty got the fire half. This allows her to fire energy blasts, teleport short distances, hex spell casting, flight, and gives her mild-telekinetic abilities.
    • She also had other more magic-based abilities such as mind reading, phasing through solid surfaces, and summoning weaker Emberman spirits to do her bidding.

Fighting Style

She fights with a style that she created known as Harlequin. This style involves very little physical contact with foes, and instead focuses on manipulation, trickery, deceit, and mind games. She shares Rusty's mentality that there is no such thing as a clean fight and to do what you must to win.


  1. Devil's Kiss: A projectile that imbues the foe with a tiny sample of Emberman magic. This clouds their ability to understand the words they hear as well as the thoughts they think, making them more susceptible to being deceived and manipulated, almost as if they were bewitched by a succubus kiss.
  2. Demon Fang: She creates a large set of Emberman jaws from her hand, and engulfs the foe in it, slamming them on the floor, tossing them away, or chomping them with the teeth.
  3. Hex Boomerang: A spinning crescent made up of part of Esmerelda's body that spirals back towards her after being launched. This move's ability to always come back to her was inspired by the Binding Curse on Rusty's knife.
  4. Darkness Rising: Esmerelda surrounds herself in three rings of energy and rapidly spins them around herself, rising up into the air.
  5. Apparatus Acceleratum: Esmerelda rushes towards her foe, rapidly extending and retracting spikes of Emberman magic from her body, turning herself into a high velocity angry pincushion.


  • Because her body was made by Heather, who had very little knowledge in that particular area, Esmerelda's body is very unstable. The magic that holds it together is very weak and is prone to being broken by physical attacks. This renders Esmerelda almost useless in hand-to-hand combat, forcing her to take up the assassin/mage role of the group.
  • Emberman magic is very corruptive, and because she is not originally an Emberman, she is just as susceptible to it as any other Mobian. In fact, she might be more so considering she can actually hear the siren-like cries of other Emberman, which regular Mobian's cannot unless they are already bonded to an Emberman spirit.
  • For her to fight at her peak, she must be able to get inside her foe's head, manipulate them, and force them to act out of fear. Fighting levelheaded foe's forces her to be creative with how she fights, and this doesn't always work in her favor.



  • Emberman are just one of many types of demon living within a world parallel to Planet Destony. These demons bare many similarities to Mephiles and the spawn of Iblis and Dark Gaia, and it's presumed that they are all in the same 'family' of otherworldly creatures.
  • She is very Chaotic-Neutral. While her closest friends are all good natured, it is in her genetics to be bad. How far she's willing to go with this evil just depends on how she feels that day.
    • Her Emberman magic is extremely corruptive, which is why passive and good natured Emberman are almost nonexistent, and why it brings out the worst traits in its hosts, as seen in Rusty and Aynoa.
  • As a result of her spirit being in so many different places and bodies, she suffers from relapses of memories of people she formerly possessed. The fact that she occasionally uses Old English words is probably a result of her bonding with someone from that time period, which means her soul is quite old compared to regular Mobians.
  • He white coat is actually a living creature from the Dark Forest that can take the form of various articles of clothing (coats, belts, hats, etc.) It also assists her while flying as she can only use her hex magic either on herself or another object, but not at the same time. With the cloth spirit carrying her around, she is free to use her magic on the move.