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Estella and her chao Checkers

Estella or Este is a psychic rabbit from Kepithia


'Name:' Estella or Este

Age: 27

Species: Rabbit

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Usually quiet, social, intelligent, creative,

Likes: Helping others, her chao, cool days, supernatural stuff

Dislikes: Science, Disbelievers (Altough Kepithia is besed on the Supernatural so most Kepithians believe in the Supernatural), Being ignored, not making any money


Hair Colour: Violet

Hair Style: Long and wavy

Fur Colour: Violet (Same as hair), Dark tourquise, dark purple

Eye colour: Dark hot pink

Attire: Dark purple sleevles top, pink skirt, dark purple sandles, gold necklace and emerald necklace


Relatives: Uknown

Friends: Her chao, Bryce

Love Interest: None

Neutral: NA

Rivals: People who dont believe her or call her crazy

Enemies: NA

Chao: Checkers


Ability Type: Flight

Abilities: Physic, Flying with her ears, her mechanic skills

Super form(s): NA


Este makes a living on the streets and giving people psychic readings, she lives in a small apartment and has said on an occasion that her family had dissapeared one night - supposedly kidnaped by a gang or killed.

Dark Spirits

When looking through a telescope to see the stars (She likes 'em =P) she spotted Seedrita and immedietly got the image of the seedrians there going through terror because of the dark spirts, she also saw a young girl crying over the dead body of her mother. She immedietly went to Seedrita but nobody believed her, until it actually happened. Este decided she would help out where she could with her physic powers.

Other Info

thumb|300px|rightTHeme: Walking On Air by Kerli