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Fidget at 15 years

Fidget the Hedgehog is a character created by Linkfang01 of deviantart.

Basic Information

Fidget is around 15 years old (which seems to be a common age for most heroes) and is a long eared hedgehog. He actually lives on a planet called Ruyinma which consists of sentiant animals and humans. Fidget is easy to scare and he generally will run away from a fight then confront it. However, with his friends Hex the cat and Rock the dire wolf, he is able to fight back with their support.

Although he is a hedgehog, he cannot run as fast as those on the planet Mobius. Fidget can run about 10mph. If he's really pushing himself he can run 20mph for a short distance.

Fidget's main diet conists of leafy vegetables. He'll occasionally drift away from this diet and eat pizza or something of the like when offered. He also lives in a ticket booth of an abandoned subway station in a city called Tera Peak City, located near one of Ruyinma's mountain ranges.


(Removed for right now. I'm re-working the story.)


Fidget doesn't have a whole lot of special abilities aside from curling into a spikey ball, which is a common trait shared amoung hedgehogs. He is rather lightweight due to his vegetable and fruit diet and is very athletic. Fidget is also a very capable swimmer.

Fun Fact

  1. Like all animals that live on Ruyinma, Fidget only has three fingers and a thumb.
  2. The Goggles are for swimming.
  3. Fidget has a pet mouse named Tilda. The mouse is not sentiant even though there is a humanoid variation.
  4. Although Mobius and Ruyinma share most of the same species of animals, those from Ruyinma are much taller. Fidget is about 5'0.

An older picture of Fidget. Dang those ears are LONG!