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Real name: Frank Blazestrum

Nickname: Fury

Age: 15

Hobbies: Challenging Blade

Home: Grave Mountain

Occupation: Free roamer

Species: German Shepherd

Planet: Karlonia


Abandoned by his own parents, Fury sought refuge with the hedgehog tribe. Since he was not their kind, he was always discriminated against. He never had any friends and was always mistreated. Once he couldn't bare it any longer, he left the hedgehog tribe ad set out on his own. Even though he was homeless he still thought that it was better than being hated. He roamed free until he found one place that he could be alone. That was Grave Mountain. There he spent his life care free until someone came crashing into his house called Blade. Automatically he didn't like Blade. There was an obvious tension between the two. They were and still are always on ends. That time Blade crashed into his house Blade brought a little something with him. Fury, unaware of his fire attribute abilities, still charges at the robot. He and Blade are quickly defeated. They agree to stop fighting and make a truce. They worked together to defeat the robot and in the midst of battle when it seemed like they were going to lose, Fury's ability burst out from inside him. Now, Fury is skilled with his powers. The things that never seem to change are his occasional fights with Blade. They are still comrades and teammates. They work very well together and are a perfect combination in battle.


Mother: Lily Blazestrum

Father: Jason Blazestrum

Sister: Jenny Blazestrum


Fury has blue eyes and is reddish due to his fire attribute. His shoes are red, yellow, golden yellow, and green. Naturally, he doesn't have any quills since he is a German shephard. 


Fury is usually a hot head towards Blade, but he can be rather calm too. It doesn't happen often though since most of his power is fueled by rage. His fire might get out of control when he is filled with too  much anger.


Fury can summon fire at will. His gloves harness his anger or his constant output of fire into strength to destroy things like boulders or robots. When Fury is filled with too much anger he goes into nova mad. Nova mode is when Fury is just his anger run wild. Even though it is as powerful than Blade's Cosmos Form, it can't be controlled and has many weaknesses. Nova Mode is just Fury's body controlled by his anger. Fury has no control of what's going on therefore he feels no pain and doesn't dodge attacks even if fatal.


Xero the Bounty Hunter

Blade the Porcupine

Fire Arm the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Magma the lava creation


Blade the Porcupine

Flash the Bat 

Fire Arm the Hedgehog 

Thunder Punch the mongoose

Slash the Gator

Blue Jay the Blue Bird

Dan Style the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog


Xero the Bounty Hunter

Dr. Mecha the android scientist

Spike the Porcupine

Magma the lava creation

Nova the light creation

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