Gadjril Tron

Full Name :Gadjril Marvin Tron

Age: Unknown

Cackling like that crackle stuff which you eat and it crackles on your tongue...or something

P.O.O. (planet Of Origin): Mobius

Gender: Male

Species: Meerkat

Sexuality: Unknown

Alliance: Good

Ability Type: None

Personality: Over-amused. Has a twisted sense of humor

Likes: Jokes, Pranks, Science, Research, Revenge, Discovery

Dislikes: Unknown

Friends: Deisel, Tom Rynorak , E-107 Theta , Lizzie Daiton , the rest of Team Davrit Theme Song: Greatest show unearthed by Creature Feature

A Dalek Scientist

Gadjril Tron (Mostly just called Tron) is a disabled Meerkat who modified his all-purpose wheelchair into a fully functional Dalek shell, which was found in a crater. It is unknown what his age is and if he has any family; he was found with his disability as a child. All of his family record is a mystery-even his surname "Tron" is an uncertainty.

Although he can easily show himself, he prefers to stay inside his casing. Tron's sense of humor is completely muddled up, due to his love for over the top jokes, and he tends to snigger to himself when something bad happens. He is the sixth member of Team Davrit. In New Tarne City, Gadjril created a kind of army for the team in case anything gets too overwhelming- he called them the Gadjronians and Cybershells (See right).

Gadjronians and Cybershells

It may be a bit unoriginal, but at least it's not cheap. Right? RIGHT?!

Role in the Team

Gadjril Tron is the head of robotics repair and assistant medic. A rough, unfair fighter in a battlefield, he's the devious tactician in terms of firing at a cliff face and showering rocks on his foes. Even though he takes little consideration for his teammate's welfare most of the time he will always try to do his best at times of dire need.

Not much else can be said about him, since his awkward creepiness prevents most of any interaction.