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Ghale the Bengal Tiger
First appearance N/A
Appearances The Promise
Biographical Overview
Name Ghale Laghari
Nicknames none
Age 23
Birthday October 19
Birthplace Rakshasa Village
Physical description
Species Bengal Tiger
Gender Male
Height 4'1
Weight 172 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour Orange and black.
Eye colour Gold
Attire tba
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food tba
Likes tba
Dislikes tba
Relatives tba
Friends tba
Neutral tba
Rivals tba
Enemies tba
Skills and powers tba
Theme tba

"The future might be uncertain, but if there's one thing I'm certain of it is that the people of Rakshasa will percerviere through anything."

Ghale is a young man hailing from the village of Rakshasa which is protected by a valley. He is a master hunter that was taught to wield the bow before he was taught to read.


12 The Bombay Royale - The River -Hope Street Recordings-