The Gaurdian trees, are better known as the spirit forms of Cosmo, Hertia, and Tara. They are the source of energy and life for Seedrtia and without these trees, the planet would never be. There are 3 Gaudian Trees that can be identified as they are the biggets and the only trees to blossom all year round. Cosmo takes for form of a pink Blossoming tree. Hertia takes the form of a pale blue blossoming tree, and Tara takes the form of a Violet blossoming tress. Hertia, Cosmo, and Tara's immortal spirits and locked in the roots and can only be seen by physic, but can be heard by everyone. Mia The Seedrian, Tara's daughter. Is the only seedrian on the planet to have genes of all three Seedrians, when she dies, her immortal spirit is locked into a white and blue blossoming tree, bigger than the others. Basicly, Mia was born to be part of the Gaurdian Trees. Since Mia is part angel, she has the most energy in this form.