Harmony and Melody

Harmony (left) and Melody (right)

Harmony Poprock

Sex: Male (yes, MALE)

Species: Skunk

Description: Indigo skunk, with an indigo tuft of fur for head hair. Has white tummy fur, muzzle, and tail stripe, and magenta fur around the eye area and within the ears. He has blue eyes. His normal casual wear is a green vest and green shorts... though normally barefoot, he also occasionally wears sandals.

Super Form: Ultra Harmony (like Mystic Melody, it normally is powered by the Life Crystals, though occasinally Harmony uses Chaos Emeralds for it too). Like Melody's super form, his fur and eyes don't change color, but he dresses up like a Greco-Roman warrior, with a magic sword and a shield with a star emblazoned on it.

Voice Actor: TBD (anyone got an idea)

Theme Song: "Eagleheart" by Stratovarius

Harmony and his wife Melody are now the current rulers of the Musical Archipellago. And Harmony could not be more proud of his wife, since she is one of the most beautiful women in all of Mobius--they and the Freedom Fighters go a ways back.

Not much is known about Harmony, unlike Melody, but this doesn't bother him too much. He loves to let Melody have most of the limelight.

Harmony does have some martial arts skills (similar to Melody) and good with weapons. He does know some decent magic, but Melody has him beat in magic department. And like his lovely wife, Harmony also likes to sing from time to time.

One more "way past cool" fact about Harmony and Melody: They're partially immortal. They can stay young forever and don't die of natural causes. They can be killed, but only temporarily--the power of the Phoenix brings them back (and what a cool resurrection too!).


  • Melody, wife.
  • Duke Treble, father
  • Duchess Tango, mother.

Also, Harmony and Melody have nine children (these will be posted in due time).