About Jack

Name: Jack Garrison

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birth Place: Was created in an old base during the Robotkniks reign to use as a weapon to hunt down and kill Andy Nightlord.

Race: Coyote

Appearance: Black Hair,Grey Skin,Grey Eyes,Dark Brown Duster Coat,Black Outlaw Hat,Dark Grey Pants,Dark Brown Boots,

Powers: Controls the power to use ice after escaping a base facility.

Occupation: Outlaw, Protector of all innocent people, Spy and waiting and watching Andy Nightlord to kill him one day.


Jack Garrison is one the of deadliest people on Mobius. Jack was created in a old base during Robotkniks reign on Mobius to kill Andy Nightlord but broke out of its containment tube and became a free person. But Jack continues to hunt and watch Andy and waits for the day he must die because Jack does not believe that Andy should die. But thinking about not killing Andy someways electrocutes Jack. So Jacks life must focus on Andy first and just maybe Jack can finally have his own destiny.