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Jamie is a Mobian cat who is extremly talented in Singing, Acting, Dancing and Drawing. She is also the best friend of Lantis the Fox, as the two are a lot alike even though Jamie isnt a super crazy girl like Lantis, but just like her she is fun-loving and very humorous. She can be very shy around new people, but is there for everyone..

Basic info

Name: Jamie

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Species: Cat/Mobian

Alingment: Good

Powers: ehhhh.. havent really thought of any yet =P, but she is very supportive and encouraging to others (As well as being quite fast)

Ability type: Speed

Theme song: Stand in the Rain (It's based on her opinion on Lantis at times)


Jamie, like I said, is very fun-loving and humorous like her best friend Lantis, she isnt as crazy as her best friend, but Jamie loves people with Lantis's fun-loving personality. She can be shy but will stand up for people, support them, encourage them, and be there for everyone, and they know that. (Unless their her rivals/enemies, why would she be nice to them?)