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Jared the Fox (Jaredthefox92's persona.)
Picture of Jared the Fox (Jaredthefox92's persona.).


28 (bumped up a bit)






Lawful Good (allegedly.)

Ablity Type

Psychic Powers




Not Available


.Cyrus the fox (Biological son) .Ophelia the fox (Girlfriend and future wife.)


.Grief the fox (Anti-son)


.Ophelia the Fox (Girlfriend)

Jared Daniel, AKA Jared the Fox is the persona, (fursona?) of Jaredthefox92. He is often used as his old avatar before the creation of Grief the fox as Jaredthefox92's mascot.Jared the Fox often parodies the real version. However he also plays a minor role in Dimensional Wars as the biological father of Cyrus the fox, the prime cloned template to Wrath the fox, and the boyfriend of Ophelia the fox and future husband.


Jared the Fox appears as a green furred vulpine fox, (note that the green fur is really just something randomly chosen and it has no real meaning other than the fact that Jaredthefox92 likes the color green.) He has myopia and wears glasses, but he has grown quite accustomed to them and thus he doesn't mind wearing them. He likes to wear short pants and shorts that don't like long sleeves, even in the coldness of winter he appears to be quite accustomed to wearing very unbundled up clothing as the coldness doesn't seem to bother him as it does others.


Jared is an arrogant, self-righteous, and condescending jerk.However, he is also quite truthful and means well. Also he doesn't inherently hold any grudges against anyone unless for reasons above, relations turns sour between them. He is quite willing to forgive others should they speak to him about it peacefully, on the other hand though he never forgets what someone has done and will often remark about others past fallacies.

The fox seems to care a lot about his children and his wife, as with him agreeing to watch over and protect both Cyrus and Wrath even while Ophelia still is working as a super-villain.While the most knowledgeable on how to be a father, he has tried his best to look after the kids and protect them with his own powers. It is also known that Jared is an avid gamer and thus he often would play videogames with the children as well.

He also seems to possess a sort of dry and witty humor that he likes to use every so often, mostly revolving around puns. However on the internet he often uses internet memes to playfully jab at people who are his friends for fun, often reserving his dry humor for situations offline where he can carry the joke accross easily with expressions and gestures. However, due to his Autsm he sometimes 'doesn't see the forest through the trees' and often doesn't realize someone's else joke.

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