Jeremy Tanauki

=== Profile

Full Name: Jeremy Cliff Tanauki

Age: 13 (4th April)

P.O.O. (Planet of Origin): Zerga

Gender: Male

Race: Fox

Home: Tarne City

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alliance: Good

Ability Type: Flight

Likes: Anything technological, Lizzie (Love Interest), 3-D glasses

Dislikes: N/A

Personality: Open minded. He's mainly one for appearing and explaining things to other people

Close Friends: Lizzie, Gadjril Tron, Happy the Chao (His pet chao)


Jeremy is part of the "Brains" of Team Davrit, being the best at hacking into computers, manufacturing techno-stuffs, and downright knowing everything. The name "Nerd" will NOT be used to describe him because Team Davrit doesn't tolerate that.

Jeremy likes to don his 3-D glasses all the time to manipulate and study the structure of people, objects and nature to help him know more of the world. His already expanse knowledge allows him to find a solution to almost any problem or strategy (No matter how dangerous and life-threatening it might be), making him Tom's right hand strategist.

Although he is open to most people, he is in love with Lizzie Daiton. This forms the third "almost" couple of the Team: The first being JezxNia, then the bond Tom~x~Tina and now Jeremy~x-Lizzie. Lizzie doesn't know about this however and it is still unclear whether Lizzie has feelings for him too.