Jkirk Federations Database Mainframe, Colonization Report: Buthua.

In an Attempt to Colonize on a planet named Buthua, Joshua the Hedgehog sent Himself and a Fleet of 65 Airships. 2 Hours Later, The Airships come within a 175,000 Mile Radius from Buthra, and Scan the Planet.

Airship Computer: Planet Status, Polluted. Possible Hostile Reaction when entering the Planet's Atmosphere.

Joshua: Can you Detect where the Planetery Defenses are?

Airship Computer: Scanning........... Scan Complete. Defenses are 6 Satelites.

Joshua: I want to see what they do. Send in an Airship close to the planet's Atmosphere.

As a Airship comes into the Atmosphere, it is then Shot Down by the Planetery Defense's Heating Beams

Joshua: Oh God, thats Powerful. Fire at the Satelites!

The Remaining 64 Airships fire their Plasma Ray Cannons at the 6 Orbiting Satelites, Result is them being destroyed, but 5 Airships get destroyed from the Heating Rays. The Colonization Then Proceeds as Planned.

The Airships land in the Western Part of the Planet. As they Land, Joshua, some Engineers, and 3 Battations set foot on the Planet.

Joshua: *having a Gas Mask One* Sheesh, and i thought Alitair II was this bad. Now then, BEGIN MAKING A BASE.

The Engineers start constructing a Big Base, 1 Hour Later, the Base is Completed.

Joshua: There, Now that i have a foothold on this planet, i might want to find out the Cause of this Pollution....

Roleplay Section (This is where The People Respond to Jkirk's Actions)

???: *On deck of U-Boat XIII-B, looking threw binoculars in the sky* Something caused a mess up there.

???: Should I alert command, maybe it a was Dark Force Airship..?

???: Get on the radio, and submerge the ship I don't want it getting hit by any of the wreckage.

  • The men get into the sub, and submerege under the sea next to Western Buthua*
  • A R7-CQ Terminator Squadron start reconing some of Western Buthra*

R7-CQ #8,325: Scouting....

  • A small village lays in ruins in the distance*